Dream, orgasm. Sex magic. Is there really life on earth?


Deep wet
It’s not a dream
It’s only a dream
Bright eyes
It’s not love
it’s only a rock
on fire
take a breath
lonely sinner
It’s not worth the shine
the fall into nowhere but here.

I’m alone. Tonight. I loved you.
Dream. Death. A summer window.
Open upward. I’m lost inside.
Of you. Dream. You left me.
Without going anywhere.
At all. It’s all my fault.
Deep wet eyes.
Dream I flew on fire.
To you. It doesn’t matter.
If I’m not real. Star. It’s enough.
To be seen as anything at all. By you.
Dream. It’s not a dream.
It’s only a dream. No one loves me.
I do. Bright eyes. It’s not love.
It’s just wet and deep.
Take a breath. Fall. I’m sorry.
Love isn’t real. Stars bang.
They weren’t stars. They were rocks.
On fire. Falling to death, into no one.
But me. I’m here. All alone.
Looking up. While he points.
At his heart. “The Big Bang.”
He said. They called it. The God particle.

Black expanding things.

Death eyes. Hum.

The spreading of germs. Sperms.
Making babies. A blue pearl.
Just like God. Suffering incomplete.
That’s why.

You’re not here. You are here.

I’m a rock. Sadly aging. Flung.
From a center I can’t see. Nobody
can ever love me. I’m dead by then.
By the time you ever see me.

A hidden egg split and then departed.

I’ll be here. Dreaming. Of you. Dream. Deep wet space. I’m only human. I’m made of moving skies. He knew. She did not. Ever dream again. Without him. I don’t want to die. But shine. Shine like a star. Silver and free. I let you. Go into IT. Like I knew who I was. Like demons weren’t getting in. Leaving cosmic snake skins inside me. Like the light didn’t shatter. Like I didn’t matter. Leaving dark matter inside me. Like I wasn’t a religion or a theory. Like my skin was still soft. Four letter words like heartbreak, move stars to their final recluse of death. Up above. Alive and still smoky from a fire yet unseen. Shining. Beneath you. Under the sky made of mind. Breath. Clear. Light. Sex. Magic. Dark red hunter. Tongue of lost words. My empty abode made of flesh. Stone feels nothing. Hide heart. Flame body. Flash of ribbon. You didn’t love me. A dream in your bed. Is as big as a dream of the world. Outside. It’s obvious. World escape me. It’s all crucifixion. Hot love. Alone made of nothing but thought and tears. He said we could call it resurrection. At the time I agreed. But now I say no. We could call it an orgasm. God isn’t anything but a groan inside the deep wet dream, not a dream. Dream, orgasm. Us. And we could call an orgasm a shooting star. Not really God either. Get IT. But you don’t. I don’t. Dream. But remember slowly. As we fall…and the world watches. And we all go home crying. Why me? I love you. Love. Spark. Rain. Finally. Love. Never landing. I’m sorry. You went down and found nothing. Inside her but dreams. Dreams with eyes and faces. Searching.For the light of clear sorrow. We knew better. The suffering was incomplete and we came anyway. That’s why I wrote lonely sinner. Earlier. So many sighs. Unforeseen. Harmony that cannot be avoided. Discordant harmony even. Still God’s hand. No God. It’s ideas. Stemming and ancient. Breeding like germs. Love rocket. I remember everything. Every single dream. Beloved bright eyes. Silver dusk. Trace me. Shake the sky loose of lights. Dark and deep. Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me. Closer. Do you see what I see. Do you feel what I feel. Alone. Cold. Sleeping. Goodbye. Dream. Dreamer. It’s not you. It’s only you. Me. Red hunter. It’s me. Moonsky. There’s no moon. There’s only a big silver dream spinning the dreamer. Asleep. Wet and deep. Love. Steep. Down bright. Steps below, underneath. Show me your shadow. Dark lover. In the dark.

Sex magic.
Is there really life on earth?

Think of me. And I’ll be there. Casting spells and crying. Mourning. For us all. Lover of the deep. If only we could. Get IT in the hole. My atmosphere. I wish I felt something besides space, a hard knot, an impersonal flame formed into a deity. A deity who doesn’t care at all about this world. Why did you bring me here? Panting. Hot tongued tail. Headless, a loose sad form of burden. Bodiless, I think of only you. Just a thought of lust. Red power. Head body, dream pain grief rain loss shame hunger hell. Beside me laying in darkness. A kindhearted snake with a plan. Inconceivable. Unconscious. Axis. At last. Surreal I’m immortal. Dream deep wet eye socket. Look closer. Inside I left you alone. You didn’t notice the pain. Liar, it’s a dream. Dream get off of me. Love. Pull me deeper. Wet sky. Desperately falling light. Only lasted a moment. Orgasmic blasphemy. Turning on God.
Away from God, the buyer. Liar, God made the dream and sold it’s women to the sky behind the one we see. “Hide heart,” he said. God is a He.
Heart is a She. The sky further back is where pain starts and shoots it’s guts from. That’s what I was told. Explosion. Implosion especially. The sky we see was just made for the movie. Fake, clouded. Mind warp. You lost her. She was love. The hidden thing that tortures souls. Back. Deep wet beautiful death dream. Sexy mouth dreamer even. The whisper in your ear. I can say it because it’s me. You betray the secret tongue. I listened anyway. To you in morbid silence. You said nothing. And that’s how I feel too. Grave. Heavy bottom. Black and homeless. Searching mouths. Dreams open wide. “It’s not a holograph,” he said. “It is only a holograph in your mind. In your heart. It’s just one.” “Nice thought,” I said to myself. Keep trying, believing cold mind. My words are on deep fire. Always entering. My legion of exquisite dark. All consuming fusion. Subtle. Flesh. Quicksilver. Flash. My simple words. Gold hearted. Sounded. Intoned. Perfectly sonic. But broken badly. Incomplete suffering isn’t enough. Who became every secret embedded in her wet eyes. Me of the one. Is who. Secrets churn. Brightly hers. You didn’t see a thing. You saw everything. And did nothing but suck. Like a space tick still dreaming of blood. It’s sad. Beloved homebody. Lonely vampire, floating white. Inside such a darkness. We can’t know you’re white. Mysterious fringe. Enigma. All that wants me. Blood drinking God. Dipped in her gold. I am immortal. Untouchable. The womb-less wet slumber of enchantment and subjugation. The dream you enter is me. Once inside. Lonely bone body. You keep coming back. Still incomplete. For more. Give me more of me. Blank staring rock. Love less than deadly isn’t anything worth waking up for. Bright eyes. White light shock. It’s hard. It’s not soft. It’s faraway. It’s not mine.

Mother Lover where did you go?

Dream again. Sharada Devi


18 thoughts on “Dream, orgasm. Sex magic. Is there really life on earth?”

  1. Dream lover, love me then, love till the very end, love me in my mirror mind shards of volcano nights and early morning rahu light flooding my rahu brain and all gone out my neck. She always cuts her own head off and drinks her own blood in the river of light. Stop playing with her and she will stop herself from you and you will be true blue sadhu. But can you hold the power, or does the power hold you? Dakini wand of razor hook and flower, she hooks you in enchantment and ties you in her flower lasso. Oh Kurukulla
    open the door. hit the floor and feel the pain like gentle golden rain of the GURUDEVA nothing personal just a tear in the cloth of the dome. In that great getting up morning rising sun music man who loved the Irish rose and painted the town red. Pull the cosmic trigger mother light Devi. all the Mamos come with the the one eyed queen , holder of the mantric flame in the heart.
    Sharada Devi Das aka Bhagavan Das

    1. curl the river. move madly. mind blood.
      mingle. single drop. bladed eye. stop the storm. we flow. inside the velvet vessel.
      curl the river, rings of blue. understood.
      underwater. swim to me. dead fish, shiny
      morning scales, summer sun. roaming water
      eye junction. meet me again. the day was still and there was no tide. only the terror
      where she hides. bliss blood flood bath. bees buzz, or flies rise from every corner
      of my moment. of you. dropping light. dripping red and unknown to me. the buzz. hum. dead man sings his throat alive. river water. love I swallow. swim, magical heart.
      thirsty love. swim guru bones to me. Flip fish. his cold knowing eyes. past where I know you. the one who drains it all. into songs about rivers named after gods.
      love songs from the dark lord of night.
      under us, circling her love like stars.
      stars that don’t move, but float in OM AH HUM. Vajra Guru. Lightening my heart. The bright flower. Padme Siddhi Hum. May his magic awaken our red eye inside the black
      foot of God. Stone in the river. Love, of course never moves. That’s what we are. You.
      OM bright swallow. The river God he is.
      splashing sound in our unbelievable faces.
      Laughing like RAM☀️

  2. Oh God, help me 💔🤣… let me explain-
    (Warning: The first part of this is the beginning of the dream.
    It’s too late)

    “Come back” from out of nowhere
    Because I was
    standing in the sky,
    Streaking light, destined to say Thank you. with my last step, breath
    Seems so far away. But I’ll get back to that.

    Throbbing eternity
    could only be incomplete…
    Standing, beaming from the chest like Mighty Mouse,
    I struggled to understand the Incomplete suffering, but of course:
    The mouse can return to the hole or get eaten by the black mama cat,
    but is just a part
    of a show.
    out of,
    Compassion, Surrender, Loneliness, Gravity, Death,
    Ma of No

    One day, like today, you will see me
    standing still in the sky
    Blue until something less, like night.
    When I can swoop back
    Into the darkness that covers kings tut’s face, eternally entombed, for no one. That is the sadness. The It, of a mummy with no reason for unwrapping… A dream, dead. already with Closer than close ◼️…
    I let the dog inside
    And smell ancient secrets filling my lungs, to my heart and down, where I can’t go without Mother Earth Gravity.
    “Come back”

    “This could go on forever”. She said and I said nothing.
    “Goodbye” She said as I was lowered
    I get carried away
    I’m sorry says nothing and means it all.

    -Could I go back? No
    Back? I literally see a white horse walking away. That was there and now is gone. I don’t want to go back. Back where? The white horse is waiting and is a “hologram”
    Laughing! Aha Breath mist rainbow, self that is over.
    Or under. Laughing into heartbreak,
    I’m not going to ask a stupid question like “Who is the angel of death?”
    She doesn’t exist, for all I know
    and the one that is behind it already knows, more personally,
    It’s about the end hole, finally.
    No trumpets 🕊, for real, get it 💔🤣. Let me be a white angel, if I have to be…,

    1. did you dream about me. behind me. underneath me. inside me. our vast mind. my bright glowing shadow. a white angel. wings and signs. symbols of her love. lost high on the mountain’s peak. before you died and they lit you to heaven. sacred body on herbs and pillows laced with gold. snow. cold tears. flames much hotter than even the sun, tears that never froze. rainbows, I saw rainbows around corpses. we were the ones. watching death we were death. without you. you died. at the top of the mountain. ancient black shrine. I buried myself inside of your bones. who were hollow. sounds of me. you said you’d never leave. but your skin burned and the clothes turned to ash. saffron. gray ash. white shadow body floating. inside out, blue sky mind. I saw you but you were gone. swirling back in time. somewhere before I was born. after me. the tip of the stupa. pierced invisible places. my throat bled a stream of love. for a deathless you and never left my heart. but became a bird that took me everywhere. creating and remembering how death is the doer. who loves me. how much do you love me. you always laughed at such words that measure how high or how deep. it’s all everywhere and nowhere. that’s where we found death nesting. at the top of the mountain. in the ice and the snow. light and free and forever. the mystical bird of long journeys who never left to even say goodbye. rainbow slivers. we ate whatever was left of your body. and covered ourselves in your dust. nothing ever happens. it’s so funny. how fast everyone fades into colors filled with love when we know the secret of the caves. inside the cave. no mice but hungry vultures at the hole. yes. endless years of home. we knew it all. and forgot. and it doesn’t even matter. silver dream. eyes that go back that far…I saw you. there. dakinis fill those skies…

  3. How
    do I love you
    Like waves, tumbling- that’s all-
    Sound escapes

    See my red silent face,
    In black, me, gift of gold,

    ash to ash, bodies,
    Rub my heart, ash
    the sea,
    a dumb thrill but can I be gone? Seriously. I’m laughing because I’m losing air

    1. Yes.

      OM Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhi svaha

      OM Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhi svaha

      OM Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhisvaha.

      OM Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond

      OM Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond

      OM Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond

      OM what an Awakening. Enlightenment.

      Stainless. Swaha.

        1. game. loving emptiness. eternal seeing.
          where the one never goes to look. we aren’t here. we’re in another galaxy imagining peace.

  4. you felt my need and you appeared there or not
    What is this desire
    but the desire for the bonding further to the universe
    Its a sane maddness that comes and goes

    1. i pulled moons that stuck. together bonded.
      between us, velvet memory drown quietly now. waves on a mirror. i had you. made you
      make me. appear. disappear. desire to go back into the moon. alone. remembering you. insane never moving. this perfection.

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