The Vision is manifesting. I have something else also in the works that will be such a happy blessing to us all! I can’t tell you now until it’s finalized, but since I know it’s meant to be, it’s only a matter of time. Please donate to help us fund this divine miracle. I cannot express in words, now that I am here, the peace and exhilarating wonder of this sacred land. The nurturing clear stillness of the pre-dawn hours and the soft shadowy mystery of the dusk. I have taken these pictures just yesterday and I want to share them with you.

Please donate as we are depending on the many arms of Avalokateshvara more than ever as we have a specific monetary deadline to reach within the next 10 days. Love, Sharada Devi

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There is a huge main house, a healing temple building with a large sauna you all can use, there’s a sweat lodge, a labyrinth….it’s just abundant with blessings! Love Sharada

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11 thoughts on “SADHANA FARM”

  1. I will donate some more, but have to wait a bit. Been helping my paralyzed neighbor and my friend whose house burned down. I love this property. Om mani padme hum. Love, Chandra Ma

  2. I recognize and feel the light within my heart,
    A small flickering light, a candle flame within my heart.
    I rest in this flame here there is a warmth and peace.
    In the stillness I find peace, with this peace there is a feeling.

    Directed by my will, of well being. From this feeling of well being,
    I sense the wisdom of the mother, nurturing growth of love.
    At first it is a kindness, a wish to do no harm, to all sentient
    beings and unfolds as the warmth of Love does grow.

    The light within my heart expands,
    And as I breathe the warmth, the Love begins to flow.
    Although my eyes are closed, I see and feel the presence,
    Of this God energy that ebbs and flows.

    I lift my gaze within myself and, illuminated by the infinite brilliant light of Love, I look upon the universe.


  3. From Jesse and his feline friend:
    I donated because you asked and I can. I’m pretty sure the blog and YouTube saved my life if not greatly inproved. SO how much more could something like this place help people. Much luv from me

  4. I heard it said
    it’s in the air
    we have entered the season of miracles
    I truly believe that it is SO
    A conscience of suchness filtering in
    ringing sweet
    like auric tinged silver chimes
    resonating to the very depths of this earthly vehicle that is us
    through longing and patient enduring
    what is dreamed becomes that which is actual
    poetic romance abides
    Happiness is the coming reunion
    body, mind and heart in unparalleled unison
    together again sown
    There’s a place for us
    I’ve heard it in a song
    cherished it, as a star fallen memory
    an anthem of the angels
    This will be, it has been written
    we are born to see this happen,
    playing out the role this lifetime has dealt
    assume graciously our essential task
    helping each other create the ideal
    God helps those who help each other
    at long last, welcome home

  5. I live in the star world still.
    Even though i have been here for many a year, not acclimated yet
    i make the best of what is best and what is true
    You my friends are here on a journey, just like me
    trying to find our way back home.
    It is not always an easy task, but persevere we must.
    And the time here presents many obstacles to overcome.
    We think we are alone, but that is not true.
    And while we are lost and engaged in that struggle,
    some look for things outside themselves to fill the time,
    thinking that there is a way out.
    when in truth, it is just an abstraction filling the void of emptiness
    there are some of us that understand that there can be a way out of this.
    We have been presented with an opportunity to take that way way out.
    Please help us that believe in truth to make a stand here in this lifetime.
    Please help us create a place in which to be the reality that we are born to be.
    The reason that we are here.
    What else is this life for?
    I know that there are a select few out there that hear what I am saying.
    You have shown your love and sincerity.
    You have once again heard the voice in the wilderness.
    I can only pray that this time around
    we may all know our calling and make real our destiny.

  6. Om Mani Padme Hum
    Om Mani Padme Hum

    Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu
    Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu
    May ALL beings everywhere be happy and free
    and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life
    contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom
    FOR ALL.

    Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

  7. ” Oh people, look around you
    The signs are everywhere
    You’ve left it for somebody other than you
    To be the one to care “

  8. some say they will, but they don’t. It’s so sad.
    some say they will, but they don’t it’s pathetic
    what is to become of this world
    when the ones who promise, drop away….

    I pray for the faithful.

    Come on… rise up.

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