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  • So thought I’d post this- maybe it will reach someone or make someone realize these days we waste in our ruts and imaginings of our spiritual prowess are no joke.  Death is what we make of it now. How we can enter and face the ancient demons of our own making in the darkest of rooms.


The conditions of our death are mostly karmically determined. We like to think we can know or plan how that will be.

But lots can happen. Purification of the unconscious is done to help the light shine brighter at the end.

Imagining will not make it so. The path to a death that is meaningful and pure is about the way you face changes now.

For example, you said you weren’t ready to “go under my blade” (something like that) as if I have one and if so I have the power to use it on you. That not readiness- is what you’ll witness at the end. Better to go under death’s blade while still living instead of waiting until death. But one must know that from within and want it with all their heart- because this fear is what separates us from “God.”

But of course I can’t tell you these things. You must know them already. That’s where lifetimes come together like threads finally weaving.

Not to say it’s not going to create a huge mess. This is the plan. You cannot control anything. When push comes to shove it’s not such a pretty picture of om mani padme hum and Buddha’s on a cold winter day…it’s all hell breaking loose when the gate opens. So what you clean up and clear up now with courage and maturity depends on your alliances. Both on this earth and beyond. A couple trips to mount Shasta will not be enough- you think you were “opened” by that enough to make a trip back there again to reminisce? What’s the point? It’s all right in front of you but you avoid it- there’s a long road ahead. You need to know that. Plus time is running out.

“It’s best to die before you die so that when you die you don’t have to die.” That’s what the yogis say.

Everyone will need to know they require a teacher/guide sooner or later. (not a dead one either/ as that gets very delusional) And good luck not being misled by appearances, groupies and nice building.

I know you mean well- and think as much as you you feel.

A spiritual name is a goal not a declaration. It’s an aspiration not a claim. We must have the wisdom to see how little we know and realize. Not by words but by actions.

It’s hard. For everyone. That’s why we are still here. Pretending. It’s very terrifying to become real.

Love Sharada Devi

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  1. Please clarify purification of the unconscious .
    Is this achieved through the practice of meditation ?
    Is this what is called bodhichitta ?

    1. Psychological work will be needed.
      Bypassing is common. Nothing goes away.
      We must lift the darkness by understanding ourselves on a human level. Relationship issues, childhood issues- all of it are indications of karmic issues. You must go down and lift before the job can be completed.

      Everything I just wrote to Marty applies here as well.

      My words will not help you.

      Consciousness is effected by the physical presence- because the kundalini which is driving the primal light upward is effected by someone whose kundalini is more awakened. The energy resonates. Words are mostly useless. Just being near changes everything. Out of compassion I write and speak all the while knowing the truth that at a certain point people are going to have to wake up and make some big decisions about what their life means. It’s very horrifying believe me I know. Satsang is required. Sorry but it’s true and not in cyber space.

      That’s why Marty keeps talking about Mount Shasta and how it changed her life and all the other chanting groups etc just haven’t been the same- it’s the kundalini energy of the conductors that makes the difference and makes the magic real. And it takes a lot to raise the kundalini to the heart and beyond- so if you meet someone who has its a big deal. It’s a rare power.

      1. Psychological, meaning a conscious strategy and effort to make real behavioral or emotional change?
        After a long, concerted effort of adjustment, I have finally been able to change my sleep cycle.
        I have been experiencing and am affected by energy surrounding me for a while now.
        It’s like a vibrational field that I can see, hear and feel.
        There is also an ungrounded sensation. My face feels cold and tingling at times and then at other times warm and tingling. As if reality has shifted. At times, a strongly felt thought can increase the sensation in my face.
        Yesterday I watched , was interested in a kundalini workshop, it was extremely physical and vigorously intense. Is that the basis of all kundalini practice ?
        I was mostly drawn to the meditation portion and especially the gong. More vibration…

        I realize that cyber satsang is not the true ideal. But in this time of sheltering in place, I have found
        the opportunity to be part of a live stream practice has been beneficial.
        There is a daily kirtan- One hour of chanting the names of Krishna that has become very nourishing for me.

  2. I get all of what you shared.

    I do not have a living Guru.

    How does one die before one dies?

    Letting go of distractions (things and bad habits) one by one, having a daily practice, journaling and practicing self inquiry… making amends …. this is where I am and and I don’t know shit. I am not going anywhere.

    1. I understand.
      It’s a long process and you will eventually require a “living guru”

      Whatever that means to you. When you want it, it will appear.

      Consciousness is like stories on a building. Down low you often can’t see what’s right in front of your face. We make things what they are based on our perception which is based on our consciousness.

      As an example- there were many people who thought Neem Karoli Baba was just a crazy old man who abandoned his family.

      One must die before one dies to enter the kingdom of heaven or the pure land.

      It’s a long way down to the bottom of who you are and what baggage you’ve got waiting down there. Your astrological chart will be important to understand at some point for further objective self awareness. It’s an X-ray of your soul basically. The yogic sciences are incomplete standing alone. Which is why it’s ridiculous all these “yoga teachers” teaching the postures as if they are qualified- they are not yoga teachers- because the “yoga” must include Ayurveda and Jyotish- jyotish is the “science of light” meaning study of the stars. (Astrology) Ayurveda is the study of life and longevity and that correlates with the person’s astrological chart. The asanas are the means to integrate calm sooth and awaken the nadis most of all. Then meditation becomes life and can be complete.

      Everyone uses their very limited understanding to bypass their pain and fear. Mantra, asanas, extreme diets etc…it’s not going to effect the shadow and psychological inheritance enough to die while living. There needs to be a lot that comes together.

      It takes consistency. For example, had the experience you had in mount Shasta continue to happen as a way of life you might start moving the stagnant karma.

      But once or twice or 10 times isn’t going to cut it. It’s about how serious you are and how aware you are of what you’re actually up against. It takes an entire shift of lifestyle to be on that dharmic path and it’s really hard and satsang is essential.

      Everyone is either too weak, too fake or too ignorant- that’s why I stay put, practice what I preach and wait for a new wave of beings who realize what’s at stake. It’s not just your suffering, it’s everyones. Bodhichitta is the spontaneous desire to purify as I’ve described not for yourself but to ease the suffering of all sentient beings.

      That’s the path of the bodhisattva. And when you feel that level of compassion. Believe me, you’ll see the light and excuses will end.

  3. not going anywhere. here is where. What’s the POINT IS the point.
    Since Shasta it’s been non stop dying inside, like meeting Jesus falling from grace…only to go back. Death is a friend no fear attached… because God is my best friend. never waking alone she is all around and within. Light…shasta brough light…remember it is far away in the trees. It is the trees. remembering I kill and repent… dying now. dying again and again. It’s only the light and that IS THE POINT. OM MANI PADME HUM omommytakemehome over and over again. gone. bone. dead. gone gone done.
    thank you
    thank you
    bowing in grace
    at her feet
    now away i must go

  4. It was special.
    It was my first time doing any chanting so that alone was very educational but Sharada Devi really put so much into it and that’s why it was so powerful. The people that attended it were so cool too so in combination with the beautiful environment it was a magical retreat. I hope Bhagavan Das is all right….

    The original post is applicable to me too so thanks for posting it

    1. Thanks Brett!
      Your songs were very unique and fun!

      I hope that Bhagavan Das will be alright too. All we can do is send is our love and keep him deep in our hearts as we continue to chant the name of God. As we aspire to become pure vessels of the healing light…

      That’s why I hope also that people will see it’s important to come together and not use what has happened to him as a reason to stop. Because now it is even more of a reason to continue- to be strong and united in what we began…

      1. Beautiful. Deep vessels of healing light. ❤Always and always and always, and when we forget, we remember after we forget; and then we go on with said healing light. And so on and so forth. YES.

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