Relentless flow

The times aren’t easy. There are things that happen that test our endurance and resolve. Things that get uncomfortable so that we remind ourselves why we are doing what we do. This is the grit of what it’s going to take to develop gravitas- this is the initiation into the reclamation of our power. This power lies deeper than any blood relative. This power emanates from our soul. However close we have come to that place where the yearning for oneness has made itself known will determine what we are willing to do or not do. What we are willing to sacrifice for what we believe in, which should be ultimately ourselves. Nobody can force you to stick with the plan, stay the course, endure. But endure you must if you are to attain the grace of Saturn.

Devotion to something larger than you is helpful so that you can see how your life does matter- that it’s an important and integral piece of the big puzzle. There are obstacles and hurdles which seem at times hard to get around or get over. But every time we go to the river I look at those rocks and see how the water has worn them away and reformed them. The relentless flow of the water having more power than the rock. Think about that, be like that. If your life has something within it that you know you can live for, then stay focused and be willing to stay the course until the situation is reshaped by your sheer relentless flow. Stay grounded and serene. Stay sharp like a hawk. Stay clean and neat. Stay simple and stay positive. Realize there’s a lot more going on inside and outside of you that can’t be seen and give it time to reformulate in your favor, because it will. That’s the universe’s way. Sharada Devi

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