prayer of the soul

The bleak cold of the raging violence.
The ice wash of another day.
The bare morning blade.
She stood not caring
for the pretty things
that used to hold her up.
Like a shield or a sword.

β€œI cannot protect you anymore.
I cannot fight you either.”

She stood looking out upon the battle field.
The quiet house, empty and afraid.
Her eyes were made of fire that had turned
to glass.
Her body was made of ancient
impenetrable rock.

She did not need any of the things
she had killed.
She did not need anyone looking inside.
Through the windows,
touching to find
where the great warrior had gone.

Her head was filled with wind and lightening.
Today was going to be silent,
surrendered again to the dead.

She did not bury anything.
She just stood and watched
it all, even her.
Disappear into the hidden place
she held,
like a secret deadly weapon.

A priceless gem.
An entity that never existed.
One about which great stories are told.

β€œIt is not all in my head.
It is also in my heart.
Where nothing ever leaves,
but becomes an artifact
left for the world to hold…

And even if they thought I was never here.
I made them change in ways as deep
as volcanoes. And even if they thought
I was worthless. I gave them my life…”

(And that is who she was,
every God forsaken morning.)

Sharada Devi

(listen to – prayer of the soul- Hanuman Chalisa sung by Sharada Devi)

16 thoughts on “prayer of the soul”

  1. Diamond, I see twinkle. It cuts me because I’m willing. Opens me, to a place that is comfortable,
    and secret. Quiet, as they say, which just makes me want to dive back to where nothing is said.

    1. like before the beginning?

      I wish I could.
      I keep trying
      to break out..
      or in.

      to get back to either before the beginning OR after the ending.

      Both would have the secrets…

    1. Thanks molly!
      I remember you used to write those stories and I would finish them…on Sunset Blvd…in that house where we took no prisoners…and you were really into Anne Rice and had a black plastic rat…and me and Ryder used to dance in the empty living room late at night although he was only a toddler…πŸ˜‚

  2. ~ I sing the body electric,
    The armies of those I love engirth me and I engirth them,
    They will not let me off till I go with them, respond to them,
    And discorrupt them, and charge them full with the charge of the soul ~
    πŸ¦‹ 🎢 ⚑️β™₯️ 🏹 🌟

  3. Like the fog,
    She couldn’t be captured.
    And like the fog,
    I could become immersed
    In her-
    A deep breath of
    Her velvet mist….
    I am there,
    Swallowing hard, born again-
    To die another day away.

  4. Hey Sharada, can I ask you a question? Sorry if this off topic. Are you familiar with the teacher Master Nan Huai Chin? He has some books that I am reading now that I have been pretty gripped by. And he has a student William/Bill Bodri who I learned about in which I will explain here. Master Nan is a Chan master who was like an “across tradition” master. I guess all masters are really but he was rare for our times coming out of China and being an expert in Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. I find Taoism to be a tradition I am drawn to but it seems more inaccessible than the Indian traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. The bottomlessness and heavy usage of paradox of Taoism resonate with me. A few weeks ago, on reddit I saw a post of someone who told be about Bill Bodri who studied with Master Nan at a retreat I think in the 90s. He told me about a book called Nyasa Yoga written by his friend Bill Bodri.

    I have been reading this Nyasa book (it looks like a compilation of Nei Gong, Tantra, etc practices to work with chi/prana to obtain the five bodies) in addition with Master Nan’s books Are you cool taking a look at them? Master Nan was not very well known in the West but he seems incredible. I have the pdfs of them that I can send if that is okay with you?

    1. Thanks for this info- but it would be better to send this type of subject matter through the contact page.

      Where do I know you from?

      Yes you can send the writings through the contact page. Thank you!
      Sharada Devi

  5. Before the beginnong?
    You were already there.
    After the ending?
    You were ALREADY there.

    Before a time
    After a time

    You always already were experiencing the experiencing that never stops experiencing.

    It just DON’T!

  6. Before the beginning?
    You were already there.

    After the ending?
    You were ALREADY there.

    Before a time
    After a time

    You always already were experiencing the experiencing that never stops experiencing.

    Who notes this experiencing?
    The past and the future as self.

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