Pay the Piper

♦Well I don’t know what to say. I scare everybody away. I’m not wearing a costume, I’m not charging a price, but you’ll pay for the burden of sight on sight life. Life picks the wound to peel and infect, life burns the germs from between legs of flesh- it’s a heavy wish to be on top. Don’t you think you should be careful? And since we’re being so honest, filled to the brink with symbol and pus- let’s lick the bite -that’s what dogs do to heal. It works you know…

and you think you’ve trained me to talk nice or whatever but I don’t get trained and just when you think the leash fits the walker, be careful. It’s dirty and down low. The places I’ll take you – you know, since you love me so much. You see sex appeal is a weapon to use on the seeker who doesn’t actually listen but only sees the goal. The goal is me right? Well, you’ve been plugging your ears so I’ve been taking off the pieces one by one…

I was a dancer, a bad girl stripper remember? Yes, me, without a top, without a head and money coming out of my ears. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT!?” That’s what I would say prancing on stage, seducing the pole -in a G string and topless. Funny! what a liar I’ve been! I’m still kind of like that, I know. I’m honest like you…and such a contradiction. Such a menace to the lively man..


*There’s a pole and there’s a hole. None of us actually have much more than that to work with… hahahaha⚡️⚡️⚡️

Am I lying? not this time angel face. Put down your dollars and watch me light up. I’ll kick you while you’re down, bending over the chalice and you’ll thank me because I’m right and you’re wrong. Poor friends who think I’m crazy and rich friends who know I’ve struck gold down deep.Deeper than I ever let you go. It’s called money. BANG!

Pay the Piper.

Don’t be so serious. I’m joking! I just want your soul, not your bucks. And you don’t want god you just want to fuck. Right?? Hahaha⚡️⚡️⚡️

I’ve always been a coyote. A trickster. Mercury the God of quicksilver who easily flies between heaven and hell- and he’s totally welcome to party in both places. Tantra. Liberation. The real truth brothers and sisters. Pray a little deeper and a little harder and faster too- learn to move that body of yours….and then maybe you’ll get it…OH GOD! OH GOD! OHHHH GOD! YES!!!!! that’s right…bang bang bang

feeling squeamish because you thought all flying worms were harmless – and certain comments were wrong and certain loves unholy?
well, they’re not! You’re wrong and I’m right. Again. Hahahaha⚡️⚡️⚡️

I am a trouble causer, secretly churning your wet sticky places until you gasp and meet God once and for all. I get the job done. You can call me whatever name your little heart desires. I’ve got so many voices rivaling for supremacy, I love them all. Just the way I love all of you. I’m not a builder, I’m a breaker. You just don’t understand the way this works…I see you. You see me. We pretend to talk. THE END.

Understand? I love you so much because you accept the ghost in your glass – drink away- my soul comes in many flavors- hot or cold- and I know you’re thirsty. I’m a good saint. I’m a good sinner. I do so many things so well. Picking and choosing is the hardest part most days…you know how it is, should I or shouldn’t I -top or bottom-hit or miss- live or die- bite or bark-kiss or kill- it’s all so inspiring…

my pen writing on your vivid face. Time is my Lord. He walks with me, behind me he’s following ticking, ticking, counting every second. He’s got a knife on my back. He breaths down my neck, I can barely think – he’s so sexy….He tells me what to do and I love it! I’m his hostage and his whore. I’m his sacred moonlight and I’m his swallowing dove. I’m his last word standing. I’m his swan song.

I do everything for you and nobody loves me. Nobody loves me, it’s true- not like you do…and so I’m up all night unlocking doors and seeing through forbidden eyes. Eyes watching in stealth and subterfuge. The blind lie sleeping while I strip them. Take off your self for a minute and you’ll see the love I bring you- naked wrapped in scars. You’ll see the way I know you- spread like butter on burning thighs. What I’m saying is you won’t find a way to fight me really
because I am the peace that shatters peace.

And I know you’re afraid. And twice I’ve said, “this is your second chance” The cat arches her back because she knows what’s coming…diamond eyes see in every crevice and fold the reason you’re really here. And I keep a secret because I don’t want you to know I know but I do know…and the collision and the smashing and banging is the reason and the way to enlightenment. BANG!

Don’t believe me. Whatever. You’ll never be rid of me until you disappear. You made me so that someone would love you to death. And I will.
Til death do us part, isn’t that right?

love at first sight. love at first bite. love me all night. you’re wrong and I’m right. you don’t like to fight? then don’t be so uptight. your dark is my light. mother delight.

call me the drinker of life. call me the words you can’t say. call me the dark eater of earth. call me your catcher and I’ll call you my dream. it doesn’t matter what you call me
just call me…

your little love bunny,
Sharada Devi

26 thoughts on “Pay the Piper”

  1. Exactly. Clown costumes
    You’ve done it now; I am the piper, and there is a hurricane comin through this town- I’m dancin round.
    Who said anything about a goal
    I cried in my sleep, last night. Woke up to a soaked pillow, fell asleep exclaiming you

  2. U- turn
    crash and burn
    just when you thought you knew what she was all about
    that there’s nothing left to learn
    better look sharp
    cause the tables about to turn
    what’s that up ahead
    in the headlights glare
    your saving grace
    or your worst nightmare
    searing fever pitch howling through the night air
    land shark clothed in a furry disguise
    cunning wry smirk with lighting bolt eyes
    charismatic murmur soft in your ear
    then it’s off with your head
    ( so sorry my dear )
    either way it doesn’t matter
    cause the bleed is still red
    garlic garland ‘round your neck
    it’s the vampire’s bane
    why bother, there’s no place to hide
    it’s your pleasure or your pain
    caught again
    there is really no escape
    make no mistake
    you can never leave
    the cards have all been dealt
    and she’s got aces up her sleeve
    feeling you
    reeling you in
    don’t try to fight it
    it will always be the same
    you think that you’re the hunter
    but you’ve been captured by the game

    No regrets coyote

    🕸 ❤️ 🕸 ❤️ 🕸

    1. HOT MAMA!
      You’re on fire. Laughing flames lick
      the sky. Don’t pretend you don’t know
      what I’m up to! It’s FUN FUN FUN.

      The witch and the wizard
      The rose and the thorn
      nothing made sense
      until the PRICK was born!!!

      Get it?
      Funnier for the tears we swim in…

  3. There She goes again, destroying mind mesh thoughts, you never knew her because she is a floating lotus. She floats on the water of radioactive poison. The fish are dying, the bees are gone, we are all alone.

    You know the blame game, look out there, they did it to me. But she speaks god song, open free and no where to hide. Her face is a skull with long matted hair, tangled up in the blue sky of unending shameless bliss.

    Where do we go from here? Spot on Devi, your time has come. I always knew you where the holy one.

    She sings your song of pole and hole, AH, now drop down onto the ground and cry, because only your tears can wash away the pain.

    When KALI comes to call we are never ready. Her womb of time sends chills up our spine and she lets the river answer.

    Grandma Spider, we are all caught in your web of desire. There is grace and mercy in your wild hair. She spins the fate and the karma club is where we stand. Just let go and be. Then drop down into your heart and see.

    Then take the leap into unknowing, Like the the monkey god who goes like the wind, thunder body of mantra sound. Crash and burn and start again.

    Oh Ma, it’s only your breath, burning up the bone, deep into the hole we go.

    Sri Sharada Devi rules the world. She is MA. She is Mahamaya Adi Shakti, spinning out of her web, always with more to come until we learn to fly.

    Your true blue Sadhu loves you.
    Old dog baba bhagavan das

      Love is askew and
      you are priceless!

    1. “You think you’re the hunter
      but you’ve been captured by the game.”

      Sri Radhe, has mastered the madness
      I’m sure…LOVE AND BANG!!!😇

  4. In mental confusion and heart break surrender all and again and again and again back to the beginning, surrender infinitely to beginner’s mind. Have to do this in every moment. In a battlefield and the bloody corpses cover all the holiness all the clarity and direction.

    How will I ever get clean and pure again and find the way out of this cosmic mess?

    Wayward motherless child licking wounds and can’t stop! Where’s my mommy? Abandoned ship she did and you say she’s here and I can’t find her or feel her anywhere. I suck at this mothering thing. It’s an addiction and here you are loving all the broken fragments. Still can’t surrender completely and at night in deep sleep I howl for mommy.

    Worried that I need to fix something–that I’ve been a bad girl and fucked things up and forever stained and ruined from the suffering that dances all around. I created this mess.

    Will it ever make sense the senseless samsara swirling around and around?

    Today stay at home retreat and yet what to do within these hours? Carve dark silence and yet the whole universe is screaming save me help me fix me do something before it all comes to a final halt. The haunting voices crying out and yet I can’t even save myself from the confusion and longing and seeking outside. Please yes strip me bare greatest stripper of lies and wound healer I have nothing to offer you but a tray of lies and con games. See what a good girl I am. Now will you love me? I’m I pure yet? Am I doing it right?

    1. Bad Girl Megan didn’t kiss mommy goodbye
      She went out to play and then didn’t return
      then my little girl caught on fire
      but really she doesn’t want to burn!

      I told you not to worry!
      I got your heartbreak beat
      You’re adorable when you spiral..
      circles into the wind of -She-
      who blew you a kiss anyway…
      you’ll never really leave with
      anyone else but me-
      it’s true,
      love is an open hand
      that never closes…
      but you still can’t just
      do whatever you want!
      so then mommy says,
      “Do as I say, not as I do.”
      ps-are you still coming in mid October?

      1. And it is always you and forever you and yes, “do as you say, not as you do” ❤️ Radiate Divine and Holy Mother Light. Yes, your obedient and sometimes wayward daughter will be there mid October with bells on. My burns from playing with fire need your salve and holy elixir. Meow … Prrrr …

        Jai Jai Ma❤️

        1. Funny Tara Devi,
          you roll with the punches like
          a goddess supreme…and I know
          you won’t stop because you
          like getting spanked…
          it’s an addiction
          to the sweet fire
          of the romance
          that destroys the lover…

          and lucky for you that’s
          like my specialty!
          Hahahahaha BANG!

  5. You are a master surgeon with the the purist holy light hands and know just were to cut and your mantra of radical Mahakala love chants 24 /7 and you never let up beloved feminine Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara — all that is good and holy and pure I offer to you and all that is muck and slime and the dark age of Kali Yuga I offer to you for you eat all that is and has forever existed. Throw us into your fire as we know nothing of love and fail every moment and you bring us back and your breath is hot and ripe and fragrant and real. And you blow the drama conch and say, “Stay awake and stop playing small. Play real with me and don’t stop.” And in full prostration, say, “Thank you for keeping us on point, beloved goddess the keeper of pure dharma.”

  6. Sex sells
    Sex spells..
    Determined –
    Haunting tears
    Emporium of fears –
    Burn it up,
    Break out,
    And live
    The tree dancer.
    True romancer,
    Soaking up the moonbeams..
    That have once touched our hearts.
    Stroke of luck –
    The feels
    A real deal,
    Time to die,
    set you free..
    Like wildfire
    Like a killer bunny
    Like the coyotes –
    Like the lion
    SHE rides.
    Traveling through space
    And time –
    To take off that tight shoe..
    She waits.
    Be prepared
    For God
    For sex –
    Like the tree she planted by the river,
    Just be.
    Into forever.
    Picasso’s mess
    In divine arrangement.
    Stars squealing by
    A planet
    Behind the moon.
    Beyond the mind.
    Be on the dime.
    Om mani padme hum
    Free your soul.
    Dump it out.
    Love everyone.

    ::lick, lick::

    Abstinence was difficult for me, but when I practiced it; it may have been the most liberation and motivation I ever had..

    I love you all, all of you, your beautiful souls, and fiery heart minds.

    Have a beautiful NOW. See you forever.


    1. Thank you friend! There is a time for all
      things…and whatever you do, life is always
      becoming life one way or another…
      understand the holy bender before you seek
      to make amends with the sender.
      I mean, you can use your dick for whatever
      you want- energy management is the key.
      and channel the beam of light back where it
      came from…sex isn’t separate from God if you understand the field you’re playing in-
      and eat before you are eaten- and circulate
      Heaven back to the God between your eyes –
      who lives between your legs – and I know
      it’s a mystery but that’s what this is.
      God is This. Don’t waste it. Understand?

        1. I’ve went inside and all I can do is want to do is heal the earth. I’m over and tired of my selfish attitude towards whatever the f is going on in the life I refer to as mine.. I’m healed and everyone else is just sucking up the energy. People that will never help themselves.. Forever stuck making me stronger and stronger, till I break free – and get back to the earth. Just pray for her healing. The forests the animals. Time is cool and all but none of this would be possible with out her. I need to stop worrying about all this meaninglessness.. we need to heal the earth and stop the wars. Is nuclear termination some kind of complacent thing? where we all just go about our lives? it’s coming.. I need to get out of the box, and her box, and the puzzles and tricks – go back to the earth. I’m going to dedicate my life to her so my child has somewhere to thrive. Fuck the pipeline fuck the clowns fuck the politicians and fuck the military industrial complex. My soul has been scarred enough to know its time to make changes. It’s here now. Everyone’s getting fucked.

          1. YES! EVERYONE IS FUCKED- very perceptive.
            but sweet noble Paul, you are not healed
            because the earth is not healed. You
            go within to solve- not without.
            Learn to get fucked better- and find a way
            to play along. Be a GOOD BODHISATVA. Come and take the vow- and stop being confused.
            We can’t save the world because we can’t save ourselves – and your life is but a small picture of the Orgy or gang bang-
            that either plagues us, redeems us or simply turns us on enough – so that we can’t stop chasing the pain….it’s tricky and I’m
            no expert…I’m just a body with no head-
            but I’ll always love you anyway..
            you’re SO cute when you’re mad ⚡️❤️⚡️

  7. You,


    I see your face/
    You come to me, and I let you, flatten.
    You debased yourself so I could
    What a figure, we make

    Ribbons of red
    Melt into, none black
    Baby, galaxy, you-float, die to light, it flows out, the black garden, I breathe

    1. I thought you said autumnmen- autumn men.
      And I thought “yes, I see. Autumn men. Interesting…”
      Then I realized you only said Amen…

      Of course, God wouldn’t know the difference…
      You’re like the light when
      a match is first struck…

      just relief and the smell of fire..

      This LOVE you bring is like light
      without a body…
      which way do I go?
      where do I look?
      no directions. So I’m stunned like ice.
      it’s the fire love melting the
      rest of summer
      into autumn men…


      1. Nowhere
        U melt
        And when it is bright,
        hot white..
        The Golden Arrow takes your breath away

        U already smell it
        Autumn in
        Sparks out..

        1. You’re so funny my friend!
          I love the boy, the dark shadow man
          and the polka dot bikini!

          No identity. No claim to fame.
          I wouldn’t surrender either!

          1. No one in this sunroom will ask you to.
            We keep the darkman in the middle
            Where it is safe,


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