Nourish The Goddess Within

The spiritual nourishment of the body, mind and heart is all we need to be happy, content and fearless. When the soul is fed, the light of the kundalini goddess rises and expands. It is in this way authentic breakthroughs in consciousness can occur and healing on all levels becomes inevitable.

Food is everything, food is love. Neem Karoli Baba said to “feed people.”

This takes the right food. This takes a group effort. This takes spiritual support.

Every body has divine spiritual capacity. What fulfills this capacity is the kundalini goddess that sleeps coiled at the base of the spine. When the time and circumstances are ripe, the energy awakens. By the grace of the Guru, that time could be now.

Whether your kundalini is already awakened or you aren’t sure. We are offering a retreat from 8/4-8/8 in Phoenix, Oregon (a few miles from Ashland- more details below) where you will learn the practices that ignite, nourish and invoke the kundalini goddess. These practices are accessible to all at whatever level you are at and include meditation, visualization, pranayama, grounding and elevating postures, mantra initiation, sound (naad) invocation, chanting and more.

Authentic spiritual community is a rare and precious thing. The screen can never replace the human touch, the transfer of light from eyes to eyes, from aura to aura. Nothing is more powerful or more needed today than the healing power of humans creating and growing together in the name of God.

Each person is rare and unique and will be treated accordingly. If you are not sure if your kundalini is awakened, that can be accessed should you decide to join us in this sacred and joyous community effort!

August 4- August 8

Phoenix, Oregon @ Mother Light Yoga.

Phoenix is just a few short miles to Ashland and only about an hour away from two major spiritual vortex’s in the USA – (Crater Lake and Mount Shasta)

In Ashland you can camp at Jackson Wellsprings which also is a hot springs and it is very affordable.

Ashland Commons is another place you can stay during the retreat. It’s a really cool hostel close to downtown and with a big kitchen you can use. .

The town of Ashland has tons of organic cafes and there is a great food co-op with a huge prepared food bar as well.

Ashland also has a really fun downtown which is right next to Lithia Park where you can zen walk in nature near the creek for miles!

If you have any questions or want to sign up : email

$216 retreat tuition. (does not include food or accommodations but some exceptions may apply)

$108 deposit to reserve your spot.

?a list of places to stay, camp, eat and so will be provided for those who sign up.

I hope to see you soon!

Om Mani Padme Hum ?


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