midnight in the forest of stars


There was a red spark and then the light fell, somewhere far, somewhere. I could hear you starlight, breathing for me, red fire. I held still for you, burn inside of me, burn until tomorrow. Red spark, I fell, felt the starlight breathing, my heart dragon swooning, yellow children, dirt covered in leaves. Beneath the trees, the trees I made for you to find me in. Alone, open slowly the jagged edge of her mystery light. I wanted to want you, I wanted naked light to fall from cold stars. Warm earth, the listening ear. Far down I heard you, the center of red, silver blue light. There is nobody else. There is the dark sword waiting, there is the paper tree in the shallow moonlight. There is the lonely rock I stand on reaching for a home in you. There is the cut of shadow too soft to hold, my searching hands. This is the top of the world, there is only this, everywhere calling. Midnight. Caught in midnight, a story too deep. The sharp rocks and the silent leaves that sit and listen. Help me find her, the warm dream. Midnight. Alone by silence and by her whisper that hooks. I’m hooked to you, the moon who could have been the sun, it’s too much, this walk we take into nothing. The tip of the red finger spoke from the hidden flame, I felt the morning but could not see her face. The voice said to me quietly, “Get down on the earth.” Lonely white fading bodies, midnight traveled through us and we knew, we were the thread of this echo through the madness of night. I want what you are, black turning white like a song turns to silence. Eyes, the sky. I was there. Everything I wanted was the halo that spun above you in the dark. I saw, I alone saw the halo flaming, red spark. A star that sat on your head, the blue light from nothing. A silver throne inside the skull of midnight. I found the ghosts that hid in me. It was dark and there were cats hiding everywhere in the trees. Wild dark cats with pouncing eyes, black knives that feel like feathers. Only silence, warm floors inside the forest sky, looking down. There is nobody here dream snake. Dark light holding moon shapes, sounds from thoughts that spun, souls that caught her like a wild heat. “I am you,” said the song that never stopped. I am the unseen flower, the glowing pearl. I am a spark that is only a name. You, my dark sword. Hide.

Torn from me, this hand I held still, this flower that makes war with the gods. Could you love a storm that rips the water from the earth and peels the flowers from the snake? Petals of serpent, I shed the skin of life to find you. Perfect, starlight. Falling moonlight. Crystal demon song, I sing to the angels. I sing inside, of you the me, the holder of ecstasy, the eyes of the watching ground. The trees along the lonely road. Nobody cares whose alone in this forest. Midnight, safely inside my shell. Hollow eternal
unbreakable wind, I have always been haunted by you. I found a ghost, beloved. White skin shines from the pile of death, burning. I said,
“Will you?” And answers don’t come until the next day and so I listen to my words leave like snake through the fallen shadow, rustling blue leaves, dark blue skies, blue crystal eye fire. It was more simple than a tear that remembers why we cry. I cry the name of night through you.
Light, I called you like you were made from forever, my forever. Forgetting myself like a dream that leaves my sadness in a lonely rose. A red rose, a red spark. My light, eyes of stone. Thorn of hearts, tangled bleeding pain inside this empty kiss,

all this means God.

I know you midnight. I know where the bridge is. I know how home crumbles. I know inside the fire that burns without any smoke or ash or evidence of us. I know words leave and you will too. Goodbye takes so long to say. Push my morning away, let me die on the dark road to nowhere, this sword has no handle, this heart has no raft. I drown in the wind beneath the scar of you, I die from the heartache of dry branches and leaves. Trees crowned by shadow, moon bound by him. Reaching into me looking for heaven when I was only a hollow cloud filled with yesterday. Reaching into me for the fire of death, who I kill to find you is everyone. There is no one, there is me counting breaths until I reach the depths of you. Mountain quiet shimmer. You whisper like a mountain far away, far and high. I’m headed home tomorrow, mountain crown. High on you. This is God, my warm dream of sunlight. Inside of midnight reaching into snakes and fire. What is love if finding is forgetting. Myself forever as the invisible kiss, flowers upon my lips. I can say no more.

She is a secret. I hope you find her.

God. Love. Everything I hid in the trees. You, kitten. It’s you. Soft purr of God. It doesn’t always have to hurt. My aching blade, this mess of bodies that cry I love you into the face of skin, I hope it’s not too late to die. Soul that leaves my eyes and flies to find you, it’s this song. It’s all a dream. It’s this death, a kiss of passion. It’s all her perfect heart, for you to find. The crack. The midnight crack of fate. Broken hearts are God.
Broken, I’m broken. You’re broken. We suffer to love the star, the sharp single star. A drop of red spark, blood song. Get down. Get inside of her earth and pound her to tears. Rain on me storm chaser. Thunder that brings thunder. Death that brings light. This is who we are,

midnight in the forest of stars.
Sharada Devi


3 thoughts on “midnight in the forest of stars”

  1. What can I say,
    the red stare: thunderous hoof beats
    Now is forever
    Moonlight coming for my throat
    To feel my heart
    I felt enlightened
    Enough to know what a tree was
    What you are- how simple, sweet and hot
    Secret kiss
    The echo felt
    For eternity,
    I promise
    That I can count on

    We book end
    The end and keep it in,
    Our hearts burning

    I see you, like a weight
    At the bottom of the ocean, rising higher
    Than I knew
    I am the storm you are the night, in the middle,
    Midnight is the star.
    We look for and
    To find,

    I will stay silent
    When I look at you, you hide- if I don’t, you will.
    I’m sorry when I’m not
    More careful,
    Because I’m not
    nice and I mean it

    for now, I know
    How to stay
    In the crack where we are
    Forever, broken, found and impossible.
    Om Mani Padme Hum

    1. dream catcher
      tree web caught
      white eyes seeing
      the velvet alone
      angel in flight
      only me,
      this falling
      bird feathers
      on the wind

  2. magnetic fire pull
    catch with no release
    burning peace
    spark snap
    soul combustion
    permanent etch
    no hand held
    breathing night
    under canopy starlight
    thick deep immeasurable
    dark liquid moon
    on the fringe
    to be

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