Magical Shadows

The only thing you have to know is how to change one thing into another. The thing you want from the thing that hurts you or turns you dark. That’s all I ever meant to say, or do. But the map depends upon how you read it. Just like the beauty depends upon what you see. How you became who you are. How you read this sentence. How two intersections meet.

After all this time, we’re still getting up. And trying, and getting softer and wider. Softer in forgiveness and wider in perspective. To turn one thing into another is tantra, and it is doable. The light is all pervading. Space is everywhere waiting to be held.  By you, changing as light changes. I just want to be as simple as possible and it isn’t easy…to shed the weight of the mistaken world. But this world is all we have as the form to cover time. Therefore, become magical with yourself- As the sky is magical with shadows.

Sharada Devi

4 thoughts on “Magical Shadows”

  1. Etched shadows
    framed in a dream

    unable to escape

    they wait for darkness to descend
    when they are free again

    unable to escape

    we see our shadows follow us
    and when they don’t
    we think we are free
    but the darkness resides within, curdling
    waiting for acknowledgement

    we long to hide away from that shadow side
    the only way to grow is meet it head on
    again and again, until the the taste is so

    meeting again and again
    until the pain in your stomach
    twists you nearly in half and
    your head feels so full it’s about to explode

    you think you could die
    that’s too easy

    but you don’t

    you come out

    on the other side

    to face life

    you’ll feel better

    then something else will happen
    but you will

    that you can do this

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