If I wanted to turn you into a God I could- and I already have. You don’t even have to know what I’ve done -but as the myth unravels the ancient knower is seen. I could strike a match beneath you and you wouldn’t see the spark. But when the heat starts rising, you’ll know I’ve started a fire -because you’ll feel me inside of you burning. Burning Hot.

This is how it’s always been, this romance between us- smoldering and eventually going up in flames.

She’s sacred. She’s profane. She’s a vision without a name. I could cut her in pieces- and still I couldn’t stop her tail from thrashing -and throwing my body back into you. Headless you would find me tracking and purging your secret places- that place where you made me taste God…

but it doesn’t matter now that we’re finished. You’ll never stop me, I won’t be subdued.

A liar and a slave wanting more from this burn. I, the inferno, ravage the sleeping, and spend all of my nights sifting the embers.

See what I’ve done with this tongue licking fire, see how I’ve loved you when the lights have gone out. Don’t try to change her and make her
your woman. She’s a thief, a heartbreaker. She’s a vice and a grip. She’s boiling hot bodies down
-way down under-always your blood on her lips.

Blue God, she’s drinking your heart- until we get to the bottom of this.

So don’t turn away now, you can’t make smoke from ashes. Laughter and writhing, deep in her womb. Something got stuck -but I know you still love me…

When I think of you as ordinary, I can barely see your face-it was such a long time ago that I started calling you God.

You were just a little baby when you fell into my coiled arms…sucking the morning away…

I knew that heaven had sent me an angel wrapped in fresh skin and filled with fresh lust…
and I know it’s not much, but I’ll love you forever…

the only way that I can. Piece by piece.

Going slowly, winding, I uncover the sin. My God, you didn’t come here alone. And I pray that you’ll find me when I’m being good and not bad- but I’m forgetful-and restless- and I go either way. Deep in the sticks, it’s getting warm -and I’m ready- to burst into her last goodbye…

I have no head and my body lies open for you. I start fires, but I think I already told you…
I burn away Devils from Gods when they love me. I take Devils for a wild ride. I take Gods anyway they want me…

I nail Gods to my cross every night.

Do you remember me now? I doubt it.

But it doesn’t matter, because I’ve got you- and you’ll never put me out.

I am the sweet poison of desire.
I am the kiss of death.

Love Struck,
Sharada Devi

9 thoughts on “LOVE STRUCK”

  1. dude stop being sadistic and evil…come back to Jesus…its hurting you…its not good for anybody…i would just send this in an email but you requested that people stop emailing you personally…

    1. Shane,
      You see what you want to see. I never left
      Jesus. Christians Kill and hire whores in the alleys. Christians start wars in the name of Christ. Religion is the devil.
      And what is it you think I’m saying?
      own your sexuality- stop fearing her call. it’s the serpent fire
      and she is the mother of Jesus.
      No love lost and everybody wins.
      You just run from what you can’t control…

    1. I never hurt you and I never will.
      You misunderstand and I know you’re trying
      to harness the 8th house beast that haunts you. It’s hard but suppression, denial and the hell of duality won’t ever resolve the
      evil vs. saintly within you. Believe me, I’ve been there. You need to transmute-and create and give a voice to your whole being-

      You judge and misunderstood because you project upon me – and that’s ok. God is everywhere inside of us all- not just on good days but on bad days too.

      I’m not any more evil than I am a saint.
      Accept yourself and stop fearing.
      I am always on your side.

      1. im worried about my capacity to endure life with the issues that i have…i started drinking again…my foot is bothering me again…i gave my soul to the devil to experience heaven for a little while…and soon its gonna be time to pay the piper…and i want out but i cant leave…

        1. I know. I’ve been there. I really understand more than you know. Long ago, I was terrified of myself and the evil I felt lived within me. Two separate people. A war.
          It’s a hard road, you need help I told you that. You are going thru a very difficult time of transformation astrologically it’s a big deal. I told you we would help you. I am your friend. You are not like other people, and trying to mold yourself into who you think you should be will only cause more problems. I keep telling you this. You don’t have much of a choice – it’s only a matter of time… It’s ok to email me.

  2. If Jesus stood alone in a field of green
    would I recognize him?

    If I recognized him
    would I get close enough to smell his sweat
    and feel him tremble?

    If I got close enough to smell his earthy body
    would I kiss his lips?

    If I kissed his lips would I take his pain?

    If I accepted his pain, would my heart find wings?

    If my heart found wings, would I dance?

    or would I turn away
    looking for the perfect one
    who doesn’t stink?

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