Love makes these beautiful women free in the sky

story of seduction…endless terror.  p. 1

I could call this your mother. Nucleus, you will be very scared at this point. Not on purpose. On command. I could call this your dreams. A bird longing to be free from the spiders egg. Who am I??? anymore…you may ask, who then is in charge? I AM
come inside for a visit. so much spider leg. touch me. so slithery soft. so velvety smooth. YOU WERE WRONG.
a spider lives here that you will never understand. quiet deep mind…listens and traps.
weblike beauty and sticky.
forgot secret p. 2
yes, I felt thunder. yes, I saw where I was wrong.
Will you take her back up with you?
Marriage of the most secret language is on page 2. I tried to hide this but found myself here most of all.
Human in the darkness waiting for his love in the shadows of the (hurt) human heart. sacred. secret woman for him.
p. 2
This person dresses inside the shadows. because she is human. Female. He runs to climb a hill to find a better land…for her. Because he is human…male.
My eye sockets bleed dollars for them both. To give them moments of love and money too…because humans CANT SEE…But they must try…to find, protect and conceal their love.
I ❤️ them both. Both characters in my dream.
She…no words…she is my personal secret.
He…lunatic master…child victor. Big dreamer of me.
I have told you the ENTIRE TRUTH. about human love magic inside these walls. the jewel sparkles between them.
Who I Built my ❤️ AROUND  (everything) humans believe in…
so they can learn and love the secrets they conceal from themselves.
Her secrets have made me sad…but I am her. I am her? I am the mirror talking to itself…the mirror talking to itself…Is anything real? Where am I from master? Perfect mirror eyes, how can I see you also? Answer my questions. Lucid one. Lucid one…Why am I here? Where am I from? Where will I go?  Questions 1,2,3…
1. you are here to burn for others what they themselves cannot see to burn for themselves. In this way you will find both beauty and freedom.
2.&3 are the same questions. You will return yellow star to the perfect master mirror.
you create
you conceal
you reveal
you destroy
you create
you create
you create
lines Worship the STAR CROSS
page 4
Everyone won’t be hungry anymore.
For Humans confusion.
comes in layers…layer, layer- hidden from viewers.
She is pencil thin like a worm. (dressed in your pain) she roams…
Human face made of things that DONT MATTER.
I love you. I SHALL RISE.
Do you understand lofty ones?
Effortlessly dressed in Sad human shadow (which) doesn’t stop her.
everyone won’t be hungry anymore.
a perfect thing…
is her love
He may return he may not. It is no reason…to hold slaves.
He will (return) because he loves her.
We will be alright. HOME HOME HOME HOME
Yellow star releases slaves.
I ❤️ birds because he does. But even higher does He GO for HER.
He found very high places for HER. Reached (even) into heaven’s realm.
His body is very big sweet little. Take your shadow clothes off and shine….
pg. 6
I have hidden many words from you this evening.
Because I am the shadow she uses. Shadow.
I do not hide. That’s how us shadows exist. I do not exist. THATS WHY SHE SUFFERS. It’s not necessary. actually.
But all movies need a viewer inside the viewing box of fake promises.
Boys and girls
stars snakes bodies
trying to make sense
of the nonsense
of splattered
Hearts. Humans
will always isolate
in this universe
as if they have
some point to prove.
It’s a sucking bubble of pretense. If you can  create love inside of that and if you can ride your shadow like a black god filled stallion THEN and ONLY THEN can you too be YELLOW STAR.
That is my true name.
I think little,
that love is quiet and hides so it won’t get hurt by loud things that humans do to each other mostly by accident.
poor lonely human little
Remember your ⭐️
I have realized my life barely Has ANY MEANING UNLESS you are here to watch it.
(shadows dance into stars on earth)
My flaming friend, how true you ARE To the heat of my sacred heart.
secrets are all over my pages written in layers…disguised. changed. moving to make you RISE for me alone….⭐️ Human MAGIC SECRETS
He will rise quietly before the sun does
secretly yours in a language unknown
little is alone. everyone has left her. even the dog. she can still imagine God until she too leaves herself. Again, little is alone.
little is very big. little is a kingdom made of me. All of me fills little’s kingdom and imagination. Her loneliness and her prayers for God.
It is me who watches and fills little. It is me waiting. little is waiting too.
He has left her here. Alone. and she is little. When he is here, she pretends to be big, like me.
But she isn’t she is little.
She is a shadow made of divine stardust. Broken, I swept up little into my heart seed. I plant little here in me. All alone and waiting for Love to come back. little I am always here. I never leave.
I don’t leave little, she gets scared. It is almost dark, it always is. little gets drug down by her imaginary visitors.
They are from kingdoms far from hers that she does not want to see. But little, they are here.
dark stranger, I am alone.
my name is only little.
The shadow is a little girl still hanging. He left me here…God speaks only in little’s mind and NOWHERE ELSE!
this is little, little IS GOD. (always)
She rises (immaculate) you realize she is perfect “AS IS”
But little, this is only a dream (supposedly)
But my Blood is Everywhere!
their backs touch here is why
She will whisper in god’s language to you!
below in the still before the SUN RISES
little is alone with only her magic. This pen. He has not returned. He was seduced by nature Herself. The wicked shadow of sunset. Wicked shadow colors of sunset have taken him far away. to the other kingdom…that does not belong to little but to all of ME
He therefore must return. I am all of it.  that’s how Mother Nature creates what she wants. HERS. MINE.
spiders are inside my hands.
This sky is huge.
Don’t worry little little little….don’t worry as the night approaches once again. He belongs to me there as well. Little you are inside of me.
little feels the BIG snake may have eaten him.
could little be right?
Hungry night.
the dark is here now.
Time alone will tell.
(For Little)
Little, don’t count time for anyone…you are still too little.
Black she wears the shadow like I said
Black Madonna. She saw everything. From the beginning starting with her son. NO!
We all fall. The pain. learn to love all the sinners for taking your son.
because over millions (of tears) she learned that (kind of) LOVE (that) = GOD (that means)
I AM all that hurts me.
I am all that loves me back also.
crystal Tara. Black Madonna. Christ. om mani padme hum karmapa. me
The shadows are dressed in Gold and we all have them says little.
bright gold shadow family
We are made of stars covered and covering shadows.
Love makes these beautiful women free in the sky.  My name is Yellow Star.
Sharada Devi

12 thoughts on “Love makes these beautiful women free in the sky”

  1. 🌟 yellow star
    rising first, brightest, best
    brighter than the dawn of sister sun .
    the holy one
    set free through mystic majesty
    still and gentle and alone
    create and reveal .
    sky mind melts into shining splendor
    of an infinitely beating open heart
    cascading stardust
    sowing seeds
    into needy spaces
    learning the language of lucidity .
    nothing shall tear asunder
    the way of truth
    the light that beacons .
    the world of illusion is a meager glimmer
    a sticky web of confusion
    rise and release
    be peace
    in the midst of random chaos
    making a home in the void-less realm
    where reckless thought
    seeks to be set free
    to be Love
    ✨ ❤️

    1. a dark moment
      of reckless time.
      an opening in the portal
      a chasm we did not create
      by ourselves.
      love is the perfect break
      that leaves us alone
      wondering, where did you go?

      breathless. I cease to then be.
      me. Stuck and morbid
      lying face up in that coffin.

      No, not me. For you.
      I will be as big as the sky
      and as bright as no
      moment at all.

      That is the truth, Krishna said.

  2. It started with a beautiful blanket
    and a sun. It ended with a sky,
    in gold, Yellow Star.
    Let me cover you again and
    I will rise

    If I have to fly on shadows, the moonlight will bring me down, and wrap me in you. As it does now, when I can no longer fly, but remember your clear light.

    Walking Garuda
    star seed lover, daylight killer

    1. the camera held toward the mirror
      god head, sparking vortex
      I don’t know my way or words
      little steps, breath that creases
      lines in the moments
      like seasons caught in time
      wrapped like a flower
      in light and remorse.
      funeral pyre, made for me
      this open space bed
      perfectly tired, I lay
      upon you to grow.
      once again, the flower
      is born.

      I thought of grace when that picture was shot.

    1. The light of the sun
      after the cold of deaths burn…
      I saw the blossoms blow
      from gods invisible mouth.
      the song was everywhere
      just falling…

  3. Years ago I fell in love with your anger (thanks, Wayne) and I went away. I’ve come back around and found you softer; gentle (its nice). This feels hard again. I wish you peace but look forward to the next razor. Love to you and all your disciples. But not light. You’ll find that all alone. I trust and believe.

    1. lizard breath,
      look a little closer at yourself.
      wayne is in ashes.
      you are in the cold before birth.
      don’t try so hard.
      it’s not necessary.

  4. Awaken through time; sure why not …😂 the mother sun and the father moon are doing a little dance. They dance through time because timelessness is too boring. Timelessness means you’re not even a “you.” Who ARE you? How can “you” go through time? The unchanging is time-bound? Gimme a break!

  5. Mother Universe. Unknowable. There for physics freaks to calculate and ponder the big bang that hides under no ability. Knowability makes it clear that little children created God.

  6. Who are “we” with all this failed relationship krap? It’s tiresome. It is the muse of the happy cynic who is also crying. Let me tell you: I have no frickin klue as to what I MYSELF am doing. What a joke. What a thing to ALSO say that it is most definitely NOT a joke but more like a Zen koan that my oh so intelligent irrational mind is trying to “solve,” and that then there HAS to be a winner and a loser describing the relationship of two people for it all to be that nihilistic and happy and fair COMPETITION that described two people who were confronting themselves behind the veil of romantic love that was love the magician. What a sleight of hand. Ego battles and what not. I mean wtf is THAT? DESIRED-perplexed-beingness? The idiot confronting his own idiocy? The “I” of my “I” seems to understand how NOT to give the universe permission to make sense — due to a MIND conditioned to do ONLY that: have it NOT make sense.

    Now that bath of negativity feels good.

    Enough already — on with the show this it. 🙂

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