Love is Power

The answer is love. The trick is also love. The mastery is love. Only love can never die. The most simple concept is the most complex. Profound in all its crevices and outlets. Complicated in all its misinterpretations. Being good, being nice- does not equal love. Behaving in a way to get the reaction that we want does not equal love. Being loving as a part of your persona- does not equal love. So the word gets thrown around but it’s meaningless because of how the mind twists it for security purposes and for a sense of self righteous self appreciation. Love is flawless in its execution and fearless in its demand. Love traces the edges of all that is true and pulls it to its center. This does not always feel comfortable or acceptable to you or others. It’s not so simple. But it is so simply wise. Like “kindness” what does it mean? To get a reaction that reinforces insincerity? Sometimes out of kindness and love in the deepest sense we get contrary results. Results that feel disruptive and discordant. It’s because of where the rivers meet, it’s because of the power of clarification. Holding true to the grit of love first of all means getting to the core of your being. Where true love resides and commands without effort. Nobody ever promised you good results immediately for being the love. Be the love. All the words I’ve just written point to the riddle and the need for selfless action for the sake of self. For the sake of all. The eyes of love see very big, the picture not just of now but of how did we come to now and where is now going. The pain of separation we experience and define as distance from God- all the yearning and devotion that is really so important is the beginning middle and end of purification. Purification is clarification. It is sharpening the lens of what love is. How do we get the strength, the conviction the know how? When love is in our veins, our skin and our bones? How do we get the insight and objectivity when love is in our breath and our tears? This is a place, love. We are on a journey. Our heart is the one who comes from this place. I get questions about “being loving, being kind” while the person stifles their true creative nature for the sake of group acceptance. When they get the benign response due to their “loving compliance” it only lasts for awhile- because behind it hiding are grief and fear and rage. Why? Love doesn’t ride in anyone’s mold to reach its destination. To act out of actual love and kindness can be risky when it’s true. It’s dangerous to really be that precise and that profound. No, for now love is an act often emerging from fear- fear of survival. So it’s not love. Love starts in you and for you – for everything you are- especially for how you are different. Especially for how you are true -genuinely you. It’s scary. If you read this fast you won’t know. If you see the significance of the depth of my words you will be befuddled. Where do I start? Why has my mind gone both wild and dull? The answer is clear. The answer is love. Love calls from afar, as the destination. No, there is no time and space after all I guess. But for now it’s real, but for now we have this heart who hears and knows how to follow the distant howl. But you have to listen, for real. We can arrive at love. It’s not far. Funny how we live as it if it. Imagining we have it- confused as to why the anger frustration and pain remain. Why can’t you fly? Why can’t you sing freely? Why can’t you just get up and go? Love will never block you, only your lie will. Love will set you up to feel the anguish soul deep. Because love is in your shadow pulling you toward the light.

*This is my evaluation of a chronic misinterpretation. Pretense cannot replace freedom. When love is real, you are not to be fucked with. Love is power.  ❤️Sharada Devi

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    1. Brett,
      Mount Shasta isn’t too far either.
      So you need to tell me you are coming!
      After everything you’ve been through,
      it’s important to make the commitment-

      to the search- to what you are.
      The support is the catapult that is needed.
      To commit to to the direction that calls from the deepest, is to commit to the source of your creativity. Nothing makes sense as clearly as when the heart is fed.

      The group with a purpose is the greatest, most creative love potion of all!

      So tell me you are coming❤️

  1. Love does not always tell us what we want to hear. To connect to this truth, this love, it reminds me of things you have talked about before. Removing distractions. There are too many distractions to even count. But when we can start with one little one, removing one distraction a day…it’s like chipping away at an enormous rock looking for the diamond inside. So, little by little, we chip away at these distractions, removing them. Maybe not so fun at first, but a weight is slowly lifting, as we do this, it turns into a kind of dedication, and strengthens us. We become more aware. Slowly, we start doing or saying things when WE want to, not because we have to or we are expected. Things begin to feel more peaceful, slowly, with each chip of the rock, we become more of ourselves getting to that diamond within. There is where the hunger starts…can we listen to the invitation of our own thirst…?

    1. Yes, to feed the soul that has been starved by cultural compliance takes an immaculate warrior of truth. A truth that burns away the lie and leaves only the cool Chandra Moon.

  2. Love is about being FULLY present. I constantly ask myself, “how present am I?” Sometimes not so much…but the more I notice my own presence or lack of presence, it brings me back to the present moment. Distractions limit me from Love. And Love really has to be in the present moment. It’s scary, because if I remove all my distractions, what then? Where is the light not supposed to shine? What do I do when I encounter fear and rage? Can I see that in myself? Can I accept this in myself? If I can’t, I will never be able to accept it in you either. So that is what separates us…. that non acceptance of what IS in the moment. Can I give you all of myself? Or is fear keeping me from that? It’s safer, I feel, sometimes. Because if I am truthful in all ways I may push people away and there is fear of NO love. But being truthful is the greatest gift I can give myself. THAT is TRUE love. There is not greater. And, I believe it will get me closer to that diamond I was talking about. It’s all unknown…and it’s scary…it makes me cry into my pillow, and that is okay. I am afraid NOT to separate because I am so used to it. There is a strength that is deep inside and I have to keep asking myself what am I going to do with that strength? It is a thirst that I am sometimes afraid to quench because I am afraid of how much power/strength I may truly have. Can I BE love? Can I remove the separation that has been ME my whole life? I have to just stay on the Godly (Love) path, chipping away at the big rock with the diamond inside. When I get to that diamond is when I have removed all the distractions that create the separation. I want to stay on this path. The Love Path.

    1. The high road, where we die road.
      The high road, where we cry road.
      The lonely way, the only way…
      To the peak of the diamond mountain
      we take one step at a time.

      And when we arrive, and when we look down,
      we see the whole world shining.

      That’s you, that’s in us all.
      Love pulling shadows to God.

      Be the one who hears
      the heart beat inside the cave
      along the way, where secrets dwell
      like little seeds. Secrets only known
      by souls who reach that far,
      into love, into the dark of beauty.

      And so life is the soul’s dream of
      an ocean so deep…where the ache of moon
      waves brings even the coldest back to life.

      Nothing is easy, yet it is effortless.
      When we are who we are with a fury!

      1. YES! I love this! It IS one step at a time. It’s really about taking that HIGH road…the Godly path…above the worldly way….the lonely way. YES! Don’t get stuck in the muck! Oooh…I like that….I see a bumper sticker. LOL.
        “life is the soul’s dream of an ocean so deep….” I love that….I am a swimmer…in the coldest of waters…that reaches me!!

  3. Where is love
    When you are disrespected?
    Better yet — where is it when you are respected?
    Love is no where to be found sometimes.
    Who is deprived? You? The other person? Why? You yourself don’t worry about the other. This may sound strange but the other is just your projection onto the other. You DON’T know the other and it’s none of your business where it’s none of your business.

    Stop looking outside and go inside. The Cosmic Play will change.

    But shhh…keep it quiet.

    Do YOUR thing. Do no harm.

    1. Patrick…TOTALLY! Stay in your own business. My mother used to say that to me ALL the time when I would get wound up about whatever someone was doing that I did not approve of or questioned. She would say “Marthann…MYOB!” It’s true! Looking at what someone ELSE is doing IS just another DISTRACTION. HOWEVER, it can happen…and at such times… I have to bring it back to myself…and ask myself “what is going on for me that I am giving this judgment so much energy?” And “why am I bothered in the slightest what someone else is doing?” Hmmm….unless it infringes on my space? (like cigarette smoking). It’s a PRACTICE and I have a feeling it will take the rest of my life to practice…since I have been doing it mostly for 60 years of my life! Well….maybe 50.

  4. Sharada Devi: LIFE is up!! In what life IS, in this space to BE in, at ANY given time” IS the answer to all our problems; because the problems and answers go together. You can’t have one without the other. I mean shit: what if all we had were ANSWERS? Answers to WHAT??!!
    My g-d–all you did was ask “WHAT UP P? !” And what do I do? I go on a frigging mini rant to hear myself talk!! (And for you guys too). Seriously: all just IS. And that is More than enough for me when I come out of ego and “resentment nursing.” When I MASSAGE that resentment…ooh how it feels so GOOD to resent!!!!*

    *Warning: super SUPER irony alert is now set at 100 percent. Abandon all literalism and do that at all costs, if you have not already caught on!

    How well you note, too (better with compassion for them) when somebody else is operating on some level or another — obvious or subtle –out of resentment and love deprivation. And compensating with ego power tripping.
    Find love. You ARE love. Find that which you are always ALREADY are, but can easily lose because of distractions. (I’m talking to you, Pat, in your PROJECTIONS!!).

    Chandra Ma: your mom had it going on when she gave you that excellent advice. Yeah. Stay in your own business! It’s important to sense things, when to know my business from another’s, when to know and sense vibrations. But if I’m looking for some kind of validation beyond the ones I needed to be building over the years but instead was looking for love in all the wrong places (mostly coming out of delusion and illusion) then I need to see as soon as possible how to get on the right path for myself. Deep down with a little help from our friends (that we start to trust) we start to get on that right path. It’s a very pristine, beautiful, powerful and loving path. There is nothing like it. And yeah: it is a practice. And yeah again: it’s for our whole lives. We’re LIFERS.

    1. Patrick,
      Yes, my mother had good advice. I think it came from Al-Anon. My father was an alcoholic until I was eight years old. In 1968 he had his last drink…and it was a doozy. In the “program” there are slogans “live and let live” (MYOB really). Before my mother went to Al-Anon, she was always trying to save my father – keep him from the booze. She learned that it was HIS business. SO…she no longer hid it or knocked doors down to stop him from drinking bottles of vodka. It was her changed behavior and staying in her own business, that led to my father’s sobriety. Well over a month after my mother’s first Al-Anon meeting, my father went to AA and a week later stopped all together. He never touched it again. He passed two months ago, just short of his 95th birthday. I learned a lot from living with an alcoholic. My childhood was miserable. I was alone. My brothers who are 10 and 12 years older than I, were gone near the end of his drinking. It was a volatile home life. I always think it is interesting how so many people assume that childhood is the blissful time of life. So often people refer to those years as being free. Not for me. It has and is still taking me time to remove the pain. It gets easier and with the recent deaths of both parents, it has been cathartic to say the least. I have cried rivers, and fallen over into the water…felt like I was drowning in my own sad lonely suffering. I am becoming lighter and lighter each day as I continue to recognize how painful life is…and that I can bear it. I felt so alone as a child, I learned how to be okay and survive and thrive….but that shadow is always there. I am writing a lot about it and have considered writing a book about it and how it has contributed to my spiritual growth. Anyway…I am just ranting on now….it was all about staying in my own business – I have no right to get into yours. If I do, that must mean I am avoiding something in my own life….hmm…time to take another look.

  5. Just a thought about Love and my mother….
    She finally started loving herself…which led to my father starting to love himself….by stopping the drinking. My mother’s Love for herself and my father may have looked mean to some…”how could she not break the door down to get your father away from all the booze?” It was a love that was hard…it HAD to be…for everyone’s sake (hers, my father’s, and my sake!).

  6. Chandra Ma. That was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. You have cried rivers. Your pain is coming out. I want to thank you for your share. I am going to bed soon because I have had a full day. One thought: our business is another’s if we are about helping them to find their way without controlling them. We let them and we let others, with trust, be here in the best way possible knowing it’s an imperfect world. We help each other. We heal and are healed. We love each other. How do we do it? In big ways and small ways and in medium size ways. I have learned so much about the codependent negative dance And narcissistic supply in the last year. It is a big subject. It has to do with how people get wrapped up in themselves because they didn’t get their supplies when they were little because their parents expected it from them because THEY didn’t get it from THEIR parents. There is a while world out there with all us humans hurting very badly. Alcoholism and addiction and abuse and selfishness and selflessness covering up selfishness: it’s a world we have to transform through healing and deep, going within, and lots of other things. You are a survivor. I am too. So many of us are.

    I just want to close for now and say that we learn to love ourselves. First. That we MATTER. That we take ourselves and we love ourselves and we give love to those in need. And we say “this is MY life,” as it fits into the context we want it to be in.

    I don’t give a fuck anymore, BECAUSE I’m starting to CARE more.

    Lots of love. Night 🌙

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