Lord, the truth is blind


Lord, I’ve walked down every hall inside this night lit story. I am not who I thought I was inside these passages. I am not anyone I can find in the light without you. The haunted, I have become these echoes. And as I listen, to who is here, who might have been, the torments of who was. I am gripped by a fear without boundaries- for in my very own breath seeps the ending of me. Lord, within these walls I wander, crying out for you. The enticement of shadows. But that isn’t him. The seduction of cause, my effect has grown dim. My grave, my hand dug grave. This dirt beneath my fingernails because of you. I am not clean of this earth. I am in it. Looking for the phantom who has no face at all. Yearning for the body that slips outside of me. I fall. I fall. I thunder my own silence. From his eyes, he was not there. I am inside here. Using words to hunt my very own death. Who I shall kill. Who I love. I named him Eros. Roses fall on death. The word is God. Here we touch between secrets just to hear the sound of another. I am moving up the spiral toward the window up above. There is life here still, in my story. The lamb, who is the lost one should stop looking. There is a bottomless room where such sacrifices are made. To the bright snake known otherwise as the born one. I am not dead. I am a seed. In between I became confused and started to lose my way. But now I shall stop. He shall go. We will be done with the pain of redemption. The coffin door shall open and I shall rise as smoke winding into heaven. I come from fire, not ashes. And therefore hallways are not real. Lord, the truth is blind. Sharada Devi


10 thoughts on “Lord, the truth is blind”

  1. In the Beginning there was only Chaos, Night, Darkness, and the Abyss. Earth, the Air and Heaven did not exist. Black winged Night laid an egg in the infinite depths of Darkness, and from this, after many revolutions, sprang forth Love with his glittering golden wings, swift as the whirlwinds of the tempest. He mated in the deep Abyss with dark Chaos, winged like himself, and thus hatched forth our race, which was the first to see the Light. Light without Boundaries….Light, bright, lightness of BE ing. Things rising holy holy holy holy is this one Great Tree of Love and Light…. growing, blooming…

        1. You are so cool.
          I wonder how I can tell you how magical my sight is in your direction- I’ve always told you that
          You take me away.

  2. I can’t get the dirt off my hands either. The sky keeps falling. My eyes keep flooding: karmic heavy. It’s all good though: the shiva tears. I see the Light of flame. Mmm and when the rain hits the wick and it hisses dark: I chant in the wind and wet downpour. Mmm Yes, I want to cover my self in the ash. It must be sanctified. Leave it all. Go naga. But I am not there yet. Still so attached. Ahh it burns~ Saturn is heavy Prim rings all icey. Must be majestic so far out. Gone gone beyond gone. I wouldn’t even have a name out there, floating. Peace be with you. In here, out there, all and nothing: peace. Peace when you are thirsty & when you are dry, or wet and hung out mmm peace to the wicked tempting to restrain and flood the rivers with All of self leaving All of Self just to remain or be remains. I can’t remember. Moon is getting brighter I see you Om

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