listening for the light

I was thinking in my mind
I have nothing left to say
just these ribbons…
that whip and tangle.
I have searched my head
for more to write,
but I fail and am empty
empty like a windy morning
before the sun has risen
but you hear,
the flapping of dark things
about to disappear
to the blue morning.
but I want you to hear
and to know
how it feels to be vivid
and as obscure
as the mixing, churning
bodies of time
overlapping and somehow
deeply in love.

I drown again and again
in my own heart.
Gasping for the wind that blows
over this ocean inside.

I will search the largest places I know
for the words to say I mean this.
The sky, the ocean.

Inside I have nothing but their thoughts.
To blow and to take the clouds and the waves.
that could describe the place we are
in their head.

But in their heart we must be still.
So still we are not ever found.
So that we can stay,
curled in clouds and water

just listening for the light.

Sharada Devi

10 thoughts on “listening for the light”

  1. The pain moves
    And sways,
    In my eye and down my face
    To a secret place,
    All my own.

    And somehow we share, the light that bonds us. It touches on the rest, putting it to rest. Like the leaf, falling, sure, all on it’s own in the big wind, finding its place, to hold.

    I want to say thank you, that you are my place to hold, but that’s because I am deeply connected, to you.

    1. Because when the wind becomes the ground,
      life and death make more sense.

      Life and death turn over the leaf like loves turns over the heart.

      Wind is a time traveler. Always bringing us eventually together again-

      One way or another.

      The ground is covered with leaves that have disappeared and the sky is filled with stars that fell from those trees ❀️

      (it’s only a matter of moments)

    1. One definitely disappears
      When disappearing into spaciousness


      So much of a disappearance being So
      That maybe that’s why a rural man once asked:
      “What are ya lookin for God for?
      He ain’t lost.”

      Aka *He She It* ain’t lost either!

      None of *Him Her It* is lost; but BECAUSE “I” is, boy does “I” feel LOST

      Because I search, I’m lost in the search, which is because I’m still here, which is because I’m searching to get lost, which is because I’m afraid of being here–
      I might as well be this dog chasing its tail round and round and round

      We know all about it
      This long strange trip
      That when coming down from is About as As funny
      As a frustrated and bored 😑 pout


      Just look out from those curious Eyes
      Listen for those sonics that pervade
      Those open Ears
      Bask in that Light.
      Night too.

      Your mind won’t disappear
      But it can rest while it works the day In sheer joy and bored for joy

      It’s all here.
      Can’t wait for Winter Solstice and Santa.

      No. Really!

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