Light Worker Retreat w/ Sharada Devi 8/4-8/8

Om Jayanti Mangala Kali

Bhadra Kali Kapalinini

Durga Kshama Shiva Dhatri

Svadha Svaha Namostute 

There is only her. We are made from her seed and blood. There is only through. There is only light. 

I send you this invitation because when we invoke her, we become one with her.

She is the mother of us all who, when in her grace we are protected, lifted, vindicated and transformed. This retreat is about Her. How she is the root power of our being called Kundalini. How she is the source of love, peace and fulfillment. There will never be another way but by her grace. She is all form, all sound, all color. She is the Tao, the lifter of the veils. She is the beauty in all that you create. 

She is the mirror. I said to her, “Everything is for you.” And immediately she replied, “Everything is for you.” 

And I understood everything all at once and I was grateful for all my pain and suffering and how I was only imagining it was coming from the outside. This is her grace, her merciful way of teaching us to be more than just this little, often troubled human.

If we can love her deeply and understand this. Everything becomes divine. Through Krishna, Kali said,

“And when you see me in all, and see all in me. Then I never leave you and you never leave me. And when you, in this oneness of love, love me in all that you see. Where ever you may live, in truth you live in me.”

I send you this invitation because this is how I serve her. I serve you. This is how I love her. I love you. This is my devotion. You are Kali and we are one.

You honor my life with your presence.  It’s a humble offering. It’s real, it’s genuine. It’s just a few days of collective devotion to the Mother Light for the benefit of not only our lives but the lives of our ancestors who live through us. For the lives of all who are suffering right now. We are on earth to be the Light Workers. We are connected to each other due to karma and dharma. 

Om Kali Maha Kali Kalike Paremeshwari Sarva Ananda Kare Devi Narayani Namostute 

“I bow my head to the goddess Kali who brings everlasting happiness.”

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1 thought on “Light Worker Retreat w/ Sharada Devi 8/4-8/8”

  1. I would like to work with you Sharada. I live in the heart of Missouri. Do you have any online workshops or gatherings? Do you do one on one or group work?
    I am doing my work, I want to go deep and let go of blocks. I’m sure if you watched any of my videos, you can see easily where I’m at.

    Thank you Sharada,



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