kiss kiss kiss

You can’t touch me. I’m inside my fortress. You think I’m so loose and sloppy – like I told you all and everything my little whining heart can carry? Think again. I’ve got guard dogs that growl and a big draw bridge. I’ve got endless masks and a suit of steel. I’ve got everything to hide behind- my angst my horror- oh, it sounds so real. I’m a certain secret and no one gets inside unless of course I’ve frisked them, patted them down, X-rayed them, fed them my soup, taught them my alphabet, and hung them to dry…

then maybe I’ll tell you my name in the morning. However, it isn’t likely. I’m a night tripper and I do best in the pages unread. So before you get all confident with everything I said, remember- this sweetheart isn’t yet bled and so off with your useless monotone head!!!

Why are you such a wayward bitch?
Because somebody’s got to milk the cow. Why are you such a soft spoken flower? Because I fell really hard and hit my head.

It’s your lucky day. So take down the dream that’s hung over your bed, I’m nobody’s harlot, did you hear what I said? I don’t have a noose with me today l don’t have my cry baby eyes…I only have pancakes that I made with eyes shut, hot off the griddle for you.

And none of this matters when light strikes the dawn. We all knew the man child was headed our way. We all knew sister moonshine was sinking -and honestly, I’m just looking for someone coherent to talk to. That’s all this really is- fuzzy sounds between swollen ears, too much eye makeup, boom boom boy dolls and the bright morning star. I saw her and she was so brilliant just sitting stark in the sky- (but by me, unnoticed) I thought something might be wrong. So I grabbed her took and her home with me. I gave her everything. I hid her and protected her from bats and boys with furry balls. I think you know where this is headed…

basically you’re a predator the way a hamster might hunt a mouse- but you’re my prey the way a panther might wear a deer head to cover her
fangs…it’s funny how she spins it. I know. It’s wax on wax off- wax on wax off, ok karate kid?

So go find someone else’s shoulder to cry on…because it’s hunting season and I’m open for business. Chop chop chop.

From high in my fortress overlooking my salted sea it’s almost time to blow this fort down and let the mad dogs and wild dogs be…I love the way they fight back…the way they look at me…
tooth and claw and yellow eyes…it’s to the death we make amends and I’m not praying to Jesus this time…

short and sweet, maybe I’m too tall. Maybe you should crawl. Maybe you’re my wall. Maybe i might fall. Why don’t you ever call?
And that’s not all….
get back in your crib if you can’t take it my little baby doll.

I’m so crushed I’m like a flower someone stuck between the pages of a book waiting for it to dry….but my rain is eternal and I’ll always be wet, like a seal lying on a rock…or a girl swimming in a bikini…

it isn’t about my dynasty,
it’s about the way you left me hanging…it isn’t about getting the best of me- it’s about the way you bite…blood sucker.

mommy I’m home.

kiss kiss kiss
Sharada Devi

7 thoughts on “kiss kiss kiss”

  1. ChopChopChop-almost afraid to keep reading, because I want to hear the hooves
    it is hunting season.. I knew it. I just participated in a fall equinox ceremony to honor the balance that had been struck. fuck, i’m dead
    thank you

    1. You’re so divine Wayne.
      I love the way you say it,
      and every time you mean
      it too!
      how many times have we said I love you?
      I wonder what it means? The words just
      blur and the ax keeps falling…
      CHOP CHOP CHOP! ❤️⚡️

  2. Soup, soup, soup
    three days of steamy soup
    Vital broth simmering on the stove
    like a cauldron brew suited for the pekid pythoness
    The murky elixir guaranteed to heal what ails me
    Cleansing the body
    cleansing the soul
    who knows what tomorrow holds
    ” Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The shadow knows! ”
    The hunt is on and someone has pilfered my pistol
    no harm done it was only a prop loaded with blanks.
    i volunteer to milk the cows
    in fact i’m duty-bound
    it’s written in the contract that i signed
    before i put my glasses on and read the fine print
    ” Too late, too late it cannot be repealed.
    Your sentence has been passed and it cannot be repealed ”
    It’s all in the name you see.
    The name that has been hand-picked just for me
    i dare you to try and disagree
    The cows come home
    The weak ones flee.

  3. Re-wind re-wind
    mulling over in my mind
    ( oh no! not my mind! )
    i wish to take back the line about the pistol
    i invoke my woman’s prerogative to change my mind
    my addled mind foggy and muddled from 3 days of soup
    no guns to mar my pacifist status, please
    instead may i replace it with…
    The hunt is on.
    So come on let’s go ready or not
    ’cause there’s a flame that burns hotter than hot.

    1. No we cannot change it. No second guessing
      yourself anymore- I’m holding a big pistol right now and I still feel perfectly peaceful. EMBRACE THE CONTRADICTION
      no harm done!

      1. Aaawww… i knew it!
        i heard those very words inside my noggin.
        No second guessing , no second guessing …
        don’t mess with the flow
        “don’t think twice, it’s all right ”
        curses foiled again!
        no harm no foul.

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