To taunt me is to to touch me. Red letters, legs and broken dreams. Seamlessly we fit. How could I know. The window was open. Deep in the cracks down below. An angel smiles. Undressing. I was lost in your shadow, I drown in your wine. I am stuck in your flesh writing stories and crying. I closed my eyes and it was over. Just a pile, clothes in the corner. Someone I didn’t know felt like me. I watched her for awhile. Squirm the way she does. Lonely and mistaken for another. Black words. A head rises to the surface. Bones. Old familiar places. The door was shut. I pounded for freedom. All alone, broke in the corner. An ancient lover, someone else who sees. She isn’t here, I’ve taken her home. Deep and hidden, away from your pain. The long drowning, your biggest fear. I know more than you think. About torture and solace. This isn’t his. We die without him. A house of mirrors, his body is beautiful. Like a swan and a snake upon the waters of my underworld. Softly gliding. Pretending not to see. Fear in my eyes made of stone.

Ice white pure echo, superimposed…the night growls on. Did you mean everything you said. Blown by the wind into another land. Washed up on a shore far away. I can still see you, small and shimmering. I hang over glass looking down at the water. I am not the only one with horns held captive by mortality. Like you, I am weary of the day. To carry this burden of betrayal means to carry fate. I must go, through another sky, another way. One where I’ll never disappear, where my face will live on. Held by the surface of your longing for God. And like thorns around a rose, I wait for you to come. There are angels we can’t see. There is shattered glass. There are wounds that bleed for this. Nothing gets as close to what this pain can give. A narrow passage into the room of God. Or perhaps just a sliver through my hand. Is all that I will ever know.

She lives in a bottle. She has a long graceful neck and a coiled tail. At sunrise she imagines wings and at dusk she imagines a large hand gripping her throat. In between them the light rises and falls as do all sounds that crash between bodies…

Iris, Sharada Devi

6 thoughts on “Iris”

  1. vivid imagery.
    Made of crystal bones that ought not shatter.
    cloaked as rainbow with a diamond body also
    so you said
    so i believe
    without a shadow of a doubt.
    so is the stuff of suchness.
    Stark truths move through me
    i have no choice
    it’s my personal curse of the universe
    ricochets back as the blessing of the divine.
    dreamscapes drift green
    with a cats eyes gleam
    repeat offender
    under the dark night canopy.
    is what you consistently said.
    Clarification paving the way
    I say what i mean
    and i mean what I say
    integrating integrity into every breath
    The rest is silence.
    Iris may be a teacher but bindu is the pupil

    1. you have to wonder, when eyes can’t see
      where the truth is hiding…
      Behind the black scar, we thought we knew
      who it was that hurt us- but we were wrong.
      It was the light that burns…

  2. My silence spoke more than words
    Like the space between rhythms
    Emptiness made full again with sound
    Again and again, the cycles continue
    Drone, pulls like gravity below
    Dissonance, swirls like chaos above
    Perfect intervals,
    waves of 4ths & 5ths
    Give way to a higher octave
    A moment of inner peace and clarity
    Merit and virtue mantra ecstasy
    Leave me here now
    Silence into Sound
    Sound into Silence
    Hollow and Empty
    My body, your flute
    Breath of God’s infused melody
    In the soft glowing golden aura
    Of your Divine Presence

  3. I love the smell of GOD…. He passes through my πŸ‘ƒ into my lungs floods my blood my body is soaked in his smell in him.πŸ•ŠοΈπŸ•‰οΈπŸ“Ώ ……Peace be with you

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