Invoking blue fire


Mount Shasta Retreat 7/28-8/2

In this retreat I will share with you my personal practices.

We will focus on the transformative power of samadhi by invoking the Goddess Kundalini who lives in our bodies as the creative force of God. We will practice listening to her, communicating with her and channeling her through various tantric and yogic practices.  

From morning until night we will worship her from the inside out. In our sleep she will come to us in dreams and she will speak to us there.  Our bodies will become the light that is made of her, not in our heads but in our hearts…we will see, feel and hear nothing but her- everywhere.  

Samadhi is necessary for transformation and overcoming karma.  It is achieved through tapas, devotion and the decent of grace. We are only separate because we have allowed ourselves to be for a very long time. So long, that we have forgotten the light that we come from at a cellular level. The Goddess Kundalini is capable of making us remember at a level so deep our dna is altered. 

So this is really all about the dissolution of misconception. This is all about realizing the truth of who we actually are. We are rainbow crystals. 

Our life purpose as humans is all about the activation of our halo.  Everything else we’re focused on is a temporary distraction.

Because earthly life is the Diamond Body Path and the way to ascend is through her blue fire.



(silence until lunch) 

5am- cold showers (for those willing) 

5:30-6 tea 

6-7 a.m. pranayama and mahamudra meditation 

7-7:30 tea/fruit 

7:30-9am kundalini yoga, chanting  and gong bath. 

9am-11am  – channeling the subconscious – creativity – writing, dream analysis, self portrait drawings etc

11:30-2:30 (silence ends) lunch break- lake swimming etc 

2:30 – 5pm – individual sharing and creative self expression- access to microphone and “stage area” included  *each person will be videotaped *videos will be beautifully edited and sent to you after the retreat. 

5:30 – 7pm – kitchari and tea

7pm- 8pm  – moon bathing, purification fire and chanting. Om Mani Padme Hum 

8-9pm – private time 

9pm silence, journaling, prayers to the sky – and bed. 

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4 thoughts on “Invoking blue fire”

  1. Last night I was reading an excerpt that I happened upon, and read about something that I had never heard of before, Laya Yoga.
    Laya Yoga was mentioned along with hatha yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, raja yoga, jnana yoga, japa yoga.
    I’ve heard of these others, as well as Kriya Yoga, but was completely unfamiliar with Laya Yoga.
    So of course I immediately googled, and read multiple explanations.
    Then it occurred to me that this is essentially what you are talking about

    dissolving into unification with the Divine

    Invoking blue fire


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