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  1. my plan is to return, in May, to the site where i was opened up. there has been nothing since then that has opened me up to the light within. i have chanted with others, shared moments, but nothing has come even close to what I experienced in mount shasta with you, Sharada Devi and Bhagavan Das. It was raw and real…and it is okay if that it will never happen again. I was there. it happened. I am open….forever….blooming…

  2. My father passed exactly one month ago. He was going to be 95 in April. Just ONE week prior to his death he had called me and was so excited that I was coming east for his birthday “party.” He was a TRUE Aries man. He was actually the leader of all Aries men. He was a pillar (and a royal pain in the ….) in the family and the community. There was nothing he could not do. Everyone knew him. It was said that you either loved or hated “Fred.” He always said what was on his mind and he never seemed to care about anyone’s opinions. He always said “oh…let them say and think what they will…that is just THEIR opinion, and what IS an opinion anyway?” “it is a view, or judgment, based not on knowledge or fact.” And he would go on…. He did, however, always worry and consider my MOTHER’s “opinion,” which kept him in line (so to speak). My mom passed two years ago which is what threw him into a typhoon. All I can say is that NONE of us (my older brothers and I) never had any clue how to cope with this ending. All the preparation (on ALL our parts) did not help us deal with the nearly four years of struggle at the end of their lives. It has been one of THE most sobering aspects of our lives. Do I fear death? I am not sure…as I am still recovering from this loss, and wondering about my own transition in light of it. I am okay. I do think the more we share about our experiences with death (pain) and uncertainty (fear), we may be better apt to cope, not only with our own selves, but each other.

  3. No matter how close to your’s
    Another’s steps have grown
    In the end there is one dance you’ll do alone
    ~ Jackson Browne

    1. Truth. It’s like the people that are dying in the hospital alone. I think it is freaking the family and friends more. I personally WANT to be alone when I die because I do not want people crying and shit…and I don’t want prayers. Just let me find my way in silence….
      I have this vision of my death. Not saying that it will happen this way, HOWEVER, I figure I will still be alone in old age (and that is perfectly fine). I see myself getting the sense of when it is time to go…I want to be outside (like the animals running off when they are ready), perhaps in the winter months when it is super cold. I will go out and sit in my favorite chair on my deck in RI looking out amongst the trees and field that back up to that house. My large Buddha statues will surround me. Maybe I will choose a time with a snowstorm. Silence will surround me. I see myself super cold but okay with it. I am tired….as I meditate on the masters, universe, my life, etc….I just breathe until I freeze. I also figure it will be days until someone finds me…so being in the outdoors will be easier. No mess. LOL. What can I say?

  4. Beautiful slow movement of the cello quintet by Franz Schubert. That’s not the main focus of this video, which is very beautiful, but one did notice it. Yes. This is simple and beautiful to witness this elderly man.

  5. We come into this world alone and we go out alone. Yet we consider creating a loving space for others, to be with others in aloneness while they do the same for US in mental and emotional support. We can give and receive love. ❤❤❤

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