IMG_0439The Rig Veda is all about devotion. Devotion is supreme and bhakti is unsurpassable. America is hopeless, I don’t know why I’m here, everyone’s so busy trying to figure it out, just one big intellectual trip- it’s so hopeless…🔷🔶🔷🔶 Chatral Rimpoche, a great enlightened being told Kalu Rimpoche- another great siddha- “dont go to America, its useless.” But he came anyway and he got sick and died. Whenever these beings come to America from India, Tibet, Nepal- they always get sick, even the karmapa. America is a toxic cesspool of astral evil and it makes spiritual people sick. Why am I here, it’s nauseating, gray, dull, superficial and hopeless. Sorry to be depressing but I’m so uninspired. The dullness and inertia, the lack of conviction- that dynamic unconquerable love just isn’t here. And even people who I’ve known from past lives who I know now, who were once in the Himalayas as nuns or monks or yogis- forgot all about that priceless freedom- being an “American” now and tied to their hopeless roles here, they’re so inert, complacent and trapped- it causes me a grief beyond words. Sure, we were born in America because we obviously had some worldly desire, some lofty aspiration, some lesson to learn and look what happened, everyone trapped in their tight little houses or their big suburban sprawl looking over bills and getting ready to make dinner “for the kids” OMG it’s so depressing. Did you know there is a story they tell the children in India- a story about a place underneath India where demons live and the devil runs it all, materialism abounds and everyone is suffering in the fires of desire. A place where nobody remembers god or cares at all and people kill each other just for fun. This place is called Patal Lok and it’s underneath India and this place is also known as yours truly, America. I hope you’re happy here, I hope we all got what we were dreaming of. I certainly didn’t, but then again who knows “oh, the tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Deceive ourselves maybe? Yes I think so- and it’s worse than staring at a broken toaster all day waiting for the bread that will never pop up. It’s not happening, the fire is fake, there is no devotion there is only deception and it’s wicked. Self deception, that you’re sincere and capable of achieving your aspirations when really, if you honestly put the pieces together you aren’t going anywhere but back in that car one more time to go buy more cereal or take your kid to school. Oh, I know, I get it, easy does it, don’t push too hard, one day at a time. I forgot the cult prescription of America, the brain washing that leaves your deeper heart dead, the allegiance to that American flag and all it implies is like signing your name in blood to a gang in east LA- you’re not getting out alive so don’t even try. We’ll beat the shit out of you one way or another- did you know that you have a SS number because America owns you and uses your physical being to trade in the bank? Yes, we are owned and sold as numbers -we are commodity cattle being had- we are not considered humans with any valid rights of soul at all. We are a number sold as a “soul” and I’m serious- look it up yourself- but I doubt you’d even care, you’re sold already- you bought it all and it’s just not enough for any of us- it’s stale, lackluster, monotonous drooling- and I feel for you because I know you’re deeply sad and so they’re even profiting off that deep American soulless, sadness- by selling books about- how to find your soul mate- how to stop over eating- how to get a better job- how to have a sexy marriage again- this is some morbid shit- we are so much better than the lie we buy in fear and tearless desperation as if there is no other way. I know, it feels choiceless- a trap, a prison, a heart numbing coffin called my comfy bed- and we can barely handle the golden light of the sun lest we remember our soul that the government owns. We certainly can’t make decisions for ourselves, we can barely order off a plastic menu, and do you know why GMO really exists? Not so much because they’re into making GMO foods- but no, this is modern America and they’re into creating GMO humans. This is the future and I hope you’re ready- you’ve seen it, the gray skinned, vacant eyed people with body sores and bad odors, extremely obese with freakish looking fat deposits hanging from their monstrous bodies- so toxic and with their genetic code so mutated that they are completely unkillable- and so in a way GMO superhumans -brain dead cockroach people that’s right- and you think buying organic is a waste of money -take a good look in the mirror- zombie in training- don’t become an American cockroach, please- things are bad enough already. And so this restructuring of our genetics through the food and in so many other ways is putting us to a dead stop spiritually. The earth is in a major transition- there is no ordinary predictable future for you or your children- our DNA is being repaired but when we eat the GMO- the DNA repair not only gets stopped- it gets altered and reversed- yes, the demons who run America are intent on sending us to a hell even lower than this one. A frequency and vibration so evil that even if you didn’t get hit, the world around you did and so too bad, the cannibals are coming. They say people start to eat other people only after about 7 days of no food- that’s how weak the flesh of zombies is- and so get ready- did you see the movie “the road” well, maybe you should. I would say watch it- since none of you believe me- maybe you think I’m like Cybel or Agnes of God- well yes and no. But it doesn’t even matter, I’m totally 100% dead on accurate and I’ve been yelling how the sky is falling because it really is. So writing me love letters, sending me songs- it’s nice, very sweet- but it’s not going to save you or free you from the coming war. The war is real and it’s coming. Knock knock knock on wood, what’s wrong with this toaster, this picture of my life? It’s called self deception and it’s an evil so far beyond GMO because you can’t see it, feel it, bite into it- it’s the American path, the way we were taught to live peacefully in “acceptance of ourselves- take it one day at a time.” Fuck that. I’m not stupid, it’s a slow kill, those thoughts are like rat poison, don’t eat the lie anymore it’s making you sick- so slowly you can’t even taste the bitterness of it anymore and all the GMO people with the pasty smiles on their fat gray alien bodies don’t even see you, they only see food. They’ll eat you alive like they’ll eat their dunkin donuts breakfast and they won’t even hear you screaming -they’ve got those earphones pushed into their ear holes so deep- being brainwashed by the demented harmonics of modern music. You know the music is all off. The sound of the earth is way out of tune- the resonance is clamoring and we’re on top just “doing our thing” a little bit of this a little bit of that. Om namah shivaya sitting dusty in the corner, our little kali statue is going to protect us and guide us. Right. Well I don’t think you get it, we are deceiving ourselves. Only our heroic, decisive actions will guide us, save us or bring us peace. America is no longer home of the brave, it is home of the living dead. Please wake from your slumber and get out of your coffin, take off your clothes and go outside. Let the sun shine into your naked heart and wake up. Devotion is the supreme power of god. You do not need to know anything -how to read or to write- you only need to act on your soul’s behalf, your soul who knows that America is not your home. This set up is temporary, what kind of example are you setting? Where are you and who are you looking at, what have you traded for your truth? Shine the light into your heart and may true devotion be awakened in you so that you stop pretending, deceiving, being a half ass wimp for god. It’s so depressing how the soul has grown so cold and the love so mechanical. Feed your heart, not your head. Nourish your soul, so ancient and far beyond this American lifetime, so that true devotion can cleanse you from the self deception that this hell realm is enough- because its not enough. And fantasizing it’s the “pure land because you’re so fucking pure” is the stupidest most unbelievable self deception trap of all. Headstands and backbends don’t count either- even if the room’s so hot you can’t breath- it’s exercise with a copywrite and that’s it. We can do better than stretch or play a harmonium while we look in the mirror at how famous we are- our love can be deeper, our heart flame can burn brighter and we shouldn’t be eating toast anyway! Stick with fruits and vegetables and lay off the bread. People eat too much because they’re depressed and their heart is hungry. Your soul is starving because deep inside you remember where you’ve come from- and here you are now in this hell realm that’s got billboards and commercials up in your face trying to make you hurt yourself, hate yourself just this once, just a little bit more, just another little bite of rat poison – NO, come back to who we were before this scam- in a place beyond a yoga class with a flexible tight assed teacher being enough- be natural and free and so perfectly divine- what that means is that mask, that armor, that outfit called persona- needs to come off. Devotion, when it’s pure will strip you naked of everything but your heart’s true flame- and you will stand unashamed before the one you love shining and free…🔷🔶🔷🔶IMG_0442becoming unattached to the fears of this world is the only way to clear your head. I don’t care if it’s against all odds, it’s your only hope. Your life is built around the constructs of fear and where there is fear there is only neediness and that is not love. Those in our lives that we claim to love only represent those aspects of ourself that are needy. We can’t even see our wife, husband or child- we only see the part of me that needs fixing, recreating- how can I get this right. So this thing we exchange for god devotion called familial love is really just us, self deceiving and circulating in the past called my karmic pains and we use others as a failing attempt to free ourselves from our own ego pain- and it’s infantile selfishness- yet we just cannot help it because we’re caught in self deception. Mystical devotion which is aimed at selflessness is our only salvation, no matter how long it takes for that arrow to hit the bullseye. This is it and all you’ve got as a ticket out of tragedy. We can only focus on one destination at a time that’s why we do flame gazing meditation. To train our mind and soothe our heart- that flame is your devotion and that candle is your heart. You can’t be in more than one place at a time. It’s true, I only have eyes for you and I’m coming home.


that’s devotion,
Sharada DeviIMG_0475

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  1. A longtime ago in India I went to have the Darshan of these very great tibetan yogi siddhas. They had just set up their camp after having escaped the chinese who ate their dogs plus raped and murdered 1.5 million of their people. I walked up the road for many miles being a young 23 year old barefoot american sadhu. When I got to the gate I saw a lama who looked like the Karmapa’s brother holding a white kata (a white scarf that tibetans offer as a blessing) He gave it to me and then some of the young monks took me to room. I was so taken in by the vibes of devotion and smiling happy faces of the people that when I got to the room- which was basically a little hovel in a tiny shack I started to cry. All I could do was say the mantra that my Lama kalu rinpoche had given me, the being that changed my life by telling me that I was indeed, the living compassionate white buddha. I wanted so much to be like these yogis who could fly and melt the snow around their naked bodies and live in high, virtually unreachable himalyan caves. They did all their miracles and received all their magical siddhis because of their faith and devotion to their guru who they saw as the living buddha.

    When you are in your ice cold cave with no food or heat, you make the inner fire with devotion to the red dakini in your tummy or you simply die. You needed the “tummo” power then and you need the “tummo” power now in America to burn away the demonic grossness that’s eating you alive the way the Chinese at those sweet little dogs.

    The yogis came to my room that day with sacred tantric teaching texts in their hands. Their presence was so powerful with their long, dragging on the floor, matted hair that they often would coil up in a turban on top of their heads as a symbolic way to honor their GURU on high. Anyway, before I left they took me to meet their guru who taught them the yoga of the inner heat I speak of. A young monk took me a long way from the village up on the hill, we then walked into this dirt floor hut and sat in front of “apo rimpoche.” He was very still, sitting in front of a large butter lamp, staring at the naked flame. There was nothing in the room but his seat and the large silver butter lamp with the golden heart flame slowly dancing. I GOT IT! Sharada Devi is right again. So listen up to your mother light and GET IT before you die, get eaten or go mad.
    Shanti prakashananda bhagavan das dharmasara

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