Heal me. I love you.


How can I be in it and not mixed up in it without being cold. I can be watered warmed by the light. I guess I can breathe fire through the ice without getting enflamed, I can do anything…I know I can…


eat the lightest thing I can find. Listen to the brightest thing I can find, organize a rebellion from the inside. Occult. Listen to what’s hiding. I can bring you the future in my eyes, I can touch the final moment. Manipulate the light, lift up your arms. Use your hands wisely to find me. Dig, the throne is underneath, the power is behind the star. We aren’t going against the current, we are creating our own. Nobody else is needed to seed us. This isn’t a tattooed, body piercing rebellion. A hate the government rebellion. No, this is the symphony of deadly orchids. Do you understand that I hear this. And I become lighter with each passing breath, more lethal than before. To free the serpent underneath this earth. To use the fire wisely. I will make the sounds that birds do from high in this invisible tree. I will flow like the diamond that has become water, cutting through everything and as soft as a rainbow. Reach through me, there is no enemy. This is how I will take down this place. From the inside, and no one can stop me because they can’t find me. When you look- I am gone. When you see- I change. Strike the chords, my orchid blue dove. All is hidden in the writing and the silence is the source. I am a blade that is as a feather, a razor so sharp you can’t feel it tracing your skin. Blood quietly rises to the surface. That’s how I do what I do. Because it’s very soft on the inside, once fear knows it’s name. It’s very wild once sex has no shame. When the serpent grows wings. When the flower is it’s own sunlight. When light leaves my mouth and you know every color. Then the mask falls from the devil whose eyes, sparkle my diamond and flow through god’s heart. So, ok. The hidden is unveiled. The undressed have seen how they’re naked. The power is in the harmless invincibility of unconquerable self knowing. Non-conforming constant moving from this into that. I will go there, be there and then there. I will move nowhere into me like a flower moves the song into your heart, a silent sound that emanates from being pure, simple and center-less. The flower is everywhere, the orchid, the dove, snake fangs. Venom, night blooming fragrance. It’s in all things. I said I will find it, become it, change it, destroy it, create it, love it in the emptiness of my embrace beyond body. I accept to not accept any of this as my own. Without first, ripping the flesh from the dry bone. I am the water. I am the blood. Skin and earth cannot stop me from getting inside. Under your flesh, beneath all your dirt. I touch the unseeable and thereby give you the eyes to know me.


Occult means hidden. In my cult- means the seed is a virgin implanted with a spiraling star- that cuts open the womb- is the wound. Heal me. I love you. Sharada Devi


5 thoughts on “Heal me. I love you.”

  1. She moves if you let her
    Moves away if you don’t.

    I need her to come into my dry bones
    As they break apart.

    It’s not about me
    But it is because it has been.

    Don’t want to be a has-been
    My heart is new new. If you

    I pray to let it be. The fire coming up from me…
    What else can I say
    For the impossible hidden
    To stay.

    Snow falling. Tears behind.
    All is lost in your invisible light. Me.

    What you have done.

    So, letting the explosion that is creation, destroy.
    Give beautiful birth. Funny that…

    Best unexplained, you, you, dancing, moving like light. Transforming from what was

  2. the noise increasing all around
    those loud panic sounds that
    are on the ugly streets are making
    way to the once silent woods
    now there’s a starbucks down the
    way from my favorite tree
    there’s such little rest
    planes too join in taking
    flight with the ancient birds
    the song of metal empty vapid
    modern machine always humming
    no place to go but within
    and still those sounds
    echo and rattle
    in bones that long
    for liquid light of
    returning to the
    stars that are in
    your eyes

  3. Sitting silent
    On an ancient rock
    Carved out by time,
    Feet in the water.
    I saw you above the
    River, in the distance
    White head gleaming,
    Wings hypnotic and black
    Gracefully pumping
    Up and down.
    God was on your back
    And his light in your eyes.
    You swept by
    Just over my head
    You and the Great Spirit-
    Both who fly higher
    Than any other.
    My arms raised
    To honor you. Us. Me.
    Thankful for the blessing
    Spiraling around ,
    You came back…
    Tail as white as a lotus.
    I spiraled too ,
    Laying back on the rock
    Watching clocks in the sky
    Mirroring the water.
    A perfect circle.
    No beginning ,
    No end.
    Connections overlapping,
    Sideways eights.
    Feeding off the
    Vibration of the other.
    Everything and all
    Living for
    Fly, Woman…fly. 🦅

    1. You are such a writer!
      In your mystical heart paradise
      I long to always live…
      in your sweet dream of me,
      may I be the flower
      grown from your love.
      May I be what you carry…
      to God, my heart flower butterfly.
      You are like a velvet kitten
      that never stops purring…
      even when you hiss, you can’t
      be anything other than my
      sweetest love. ❤️

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