getting saved

I write the words and it’s all about me. It’s my own demented inner world. I could never find a way to separate the wicked from the lofty, sexuality from spirituality or even me from you.
I’m a somewhat “non-functioning” human as I cannot exist, let alone thrive, in mundane reality-
nothing I experience is at face value, not you and not me. There are two sides to every story and I live in at least two worlds. Truthfully, sometimes I cannot remember if what happens at night while my body lies sleeping- was a dream or not. So being unable to block out the madness of what this is, I hear the words and I give a voice to something deep and primal- a mechanism of activity – you could say- that sees not good from bad- that only sees what transforms this into that.

Where the wicked and the lofty merge
and how I can define, embrace, and describe the places I find them- how powerful they are- and how valid each can be- minus the judgement and conditioning. I am not a prophet and I don’t claim to be the one who knows anything. I write down what I hear and I send it to you- it’s not channeling- it’s simply listening to the current we are being fed and that’s eating us. “It’s the zeitgeist of the moment” Bhagavan Das says.

We cannot go on “getting saved” ok?

Can’t you see that the shame, guilt and filth they have instilled in us through religion – that cause us to act out in fear and self loathing- this dirty thing called “desire” or sexual self expression- is the very shackles that keep us bound in servitude and self doubt?

Sexuality IS spirituality. That’s the answer for you. Become it.

And it’s not easy to deal with the chasm we face. It’s been so long that any of us are truly comfortable even being honest about how frustrated we are-how perverted our minds can be- our secret and forbidden fascinations-how our relationships fail- how he can’t kiss you really- and you won’t even look at the person you’re with as an extension of the ongoing issue that faces us. We don’t go deeply enough into ourselves- we don’t touch the center of our being. It’s complicated and it’s vital that we reclaim our fragments. This world is changing, we are being harnessed faster and tighter than ever. Stay warm, don’t get cold.

I only know what I’ve done and how I never question her voice in me. Ever. Because she knows in a way beyond sanity or reason…sure, she seems antagonistic at times and is intent on pushing buttons- but there’s something very true about her love and her sacrifice- which is, being hated by the tight and clenching fists of projection as the only possible chance to ever see your blue eyes shine or your brown eyes sparkle…

She has plenty to say and she’s wise. There is no shame in the body. There is no condemnation.
There is no way out but through. And maybe it looks and sounds scary or “evil” but it’s what we’ve done as creatures allowing ourselves to be controlled and subdued by religion up until now that has inculcated this dire misconception.

That’s why you’re still looking at pornography and it hurts, it’s not pretty. That’s why you still compulsively eat or over drink alcohol. Sexuality and how bad we are because of our “naughty” selves- is the reason we’re in bondage. You’re only human. It’s the gold that makes us pure…the alchemy that stirs our souls back together.
The fusion of emptiness and chaos.
A rocking inner peace that throws the world around you off kilter- but makes you the master of three worlds.

Don’t be misled…be the one who went crazy. This love of ours is crazy and wild. All knowing and perfectly innocent too. Not blind, but sees
in the dark with no boundaries based on illusion and proper behavior. Morality is etched in our hearts and nobody has to give us a rule book
on how to be loved by God in another or in ourselves. It’s our body and it’s not dirty-and when we see through this lie, we can breath again. We can be open to divine grace.

They’re idiots. Control freaks with big sexual problems- don’t let them be your guide….

Jesus cannot save you, he can only
bind you further- not because Jesus wasn’t a god man – but because of the religion he can’t be separated from. This is the time we are in-

It’s very difficult in our state of mind to really understand and embrace her love. For me, it seems she’s always trying to kill me- but I asked for it – and for her – it’s the results that matter- and how we arrive at those results-she’ll do almost anything to get you there. She never lets go once you call out to her- she’s horrifying and I’ve tried to leave her- but no, like a good mother, she’s always there….showing me there is nothing to fear…

And who is “she” anyway? Well, that changes. She’s the many faces of him. She changes to every circumstance. She’s everything really. And is the devil your friend? No. But you are giving power to that creation when you fear your dark places- like a taboo- and you’ll keep jacking off- headphones on, a screen in your face…it’s not you my dear friend, it’s the puppet’s floating shadow on your wall. And should you hate yourself for it? No. Understand your multidimensional being and work patiently and with love in every part that is burning. Don’t act out without awareness of what it is you’re buying into. Don’t define yourself by your mistakes or times of self abuse-you’re just working through this, that’s all.

She’ll never leave you and she’ll always show you how you’re giving your power away. Take back what you’ve disowned. I know it’s not easy- but it’s the only way to ever be free. My desire is for freedom at any cost. I can’t afford to be caged or controlled- manipulated or castrated. Tamed or subdued- neither can you.

This is our world, not theirs- and don’t you forget that. I am here for you always.

Curing or healing- what do we know-
we know everything- and we can do it. So rise and embrace the star of Venus. She led you all the way to me.

Shanti. Peace.
We will never be broken.
Sharada Devi

12 thoughts on “getting saved”

  1. She comes as a thunderbolt out of the blue sky, she hears your fears, she knows what you want even before you ask.
    We are here to be here, where are we in this body of flesh and bone. Do you let the love light shine from your heart out your eyes? For to be human is to be humble and to walk in faith. The road of life is short, so don,t waste time lost in the mirror of madness. Stand strong like an elephant and know where the muddy water hole is. The great grandmother knows, she has everything hidden on the shelf in the kitchen. We are one when we stand naked in the Sun like a child looking up at the only father. There is only once and only one, The return of the Goddess is here. She speaks to us in the wind through the trees. Can you hear HER now? She is not the voice on your stupid phone, electronic gibberish of demon talk to suck you into more sensation. Without the FEEL there is no deal, when heaven and earth are split apart. Find the simple way and pray with every move you make, the dance of Shiva has started, the demon sex dolls will not suck out your life force. Listen, listen to your heart, she lives inside of you, there is no where to go, because you are here. Slow down, take it easy and feel the breezy breath, put your ear to Mother nature and let her heal you from the cold hard machine of sensation. Your people are calling you, there bones are singing to you. Open your voice and sing, dance and wise up. Just meet HER over and over again and let HER save you from your mad monkey mind chattering away, watch out, there goes another day. Great Grandfather Deer Tail aka Bhagavan das

    1. if it is true that there is only Love
      (some say this is so)
      And this I may choose to believe
      until I know that thing
      (including myself)
      in my peeing and feeling
      Whatever that thing may be,
      Love is just that
      (a nice thought)
      Removed as it were
      from that place where
      rocks are hard and water is wet,
      (My heart hurts just from thinking about it)
      For understanding to fill that hunger
      We have to know the origin of that thing;
      Where it came from;
      To whom it belongs
      Without knowing
      there is no love,
      Don’t you see?

      Now any flower knows
      (and you can get this)
      That purple things are purple
      The same as
      Green things are just green;
      That’s enough and simple enough
      Nothing more needs to be said, really,
      No need to prove the Sun…..
      No understanding needed, just look,
      (of course),
      But on the other hand,
      Ask any artist where purple comes from
      And they will say
      From red and blue of course.

      So one just is
      And the other involves creation
      (and don’t they both belong?)
      Those things that are simply purple
      Those things that are busy being born
      From all the reds and blues……
      Isn’t our life just like that?

      Being born into a purple world and
      (at least some of us)
      To find the source of our colors,
      Separate the goats from the sheep as it were,
      Until we find stone blue hardness and
      The source of wet that is red, well,
      If this is you,
      Then Listen to me…..
      Draw a line in the sand and believe this is true;
      Beneath the purple knowing
      That would carry us so far away that we would not remember our breath,
      There is a blue beginning to your story
      And you must seek it out
      For this is who you are.
      But that is not all.
      This is not all of you so
      Look again, right now,
      Focus, dammit, and look deeper,
      You have to do this until you
      Feel the purple spewing
      And know beyond knowing
      That there is

      1. What can words say that you didn’t say already? You’re the last of your kind.
        Thank you for what can’t be written…

        red crow of course it’s you!

  2. to say i “get it” does not even come close
    to what i sense inside.
    if i were you and you were me
    (but yes, isn’t that the way it is)
    your words would come from my mouth
    because we have to say “something”
    so why not speak our truth
    what else is there to say?
    what do i want here?
    what do i want anywhere?
    a friend.
    just a simple man
    in a simple world
    letting go
    letting go
    letting go

    you presence here is appreciated

    here is one from a while back that is a response;
    evangelical pie in the sky
    is closer than a clever doctrine;
    i’ll have one piece, please…..
    blueberry with ice cream.

    it’s spiritually correct to feel sexy AND be holy;
    close the gap……
    there is no contradiction in tantra;
    the dancing and singing
    is the connection
    as much as anything else….
    singing you closer to the source
    of all movement;
    wait in your intellectual
    lookin’ like a
    “got it all figured out now” observer saint stance,
    and the fire grows cool;
    the heat moves on to find
    someone more interesting to dance with.

    with or without a partner
    sin is the distance between passion
    and your feet,so
    sing out;
    the world waits for your example, and
    you’ll understand why,

    1. You’re so right on.
      Would love to meet you
      someday- BD would too.
      My true friend and redeemer,
      you must know we stand as One.

      1. What can I offer you
        gentle wanderer in the night
        that would not rob you
        of the life giving journey

        How can I share the mystery
        when it is
        already woven
        into the dreads of your dark soul

        What soup so nourishing
        what song so sweet
        which shoe so comfortable
        that you would not
        run away in hysterical laughter
        heaving Sita Rams
        into the golden morning
        naked rain
        unspoken questions
        in your dust cloud

        Alone we move through life
        alone through each moment
        and it is only
        in the reflection
        of God’s mirror
        that briefly in passing
        may we rest
        in each other’s need
        by sharing
        the holy cup

        1. And this is a poet’s magic-
          soft eyes looking in the mirror.
          Can I say more without fogging this vision?
          Can I say thank you without breaking something true?
          I don’t think so. Thank you Red Crow!
          I knew it was you…

          1. I got to thinking that I did not respond adequately to your kind words. Yes, we are one. I get that. There is One, and that is our life and breath and faith and only hope. If it is in our destiny to meet, it will happen…we could not prevent it…..and if not….all of us already live in all of us, alive in our heart all the time….you/me/us are already known and love/d. It is the same root that feeds us all. We have uncovered the source. We have learned to allow THAT. (as much as we can) Tat Tvam Asi. It is a beautiful existence, AND…………
            oh, nevermind.
            Keep the soul food comin’, okay?
            Your truth feels just like home.
            I’ll do the same…..lots more to share.
            peace, friend. love to Mr. B.Das.
            p.s. (my partner’s name is Reverend Fox)


    it sounds like an interesting movie. read the story (link) and see what you can figure out. Apparently it has been banned from You-Tube because of the religious right. The folks that made the movie will not release it because they don’t want it to be a money grubbers tool. It might be that there are showings in the desert some place but I can’t quite grasp what is going on.

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