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The alchemy of tantric transmutation is transforming emotional lead into energetic gold. We must weigh the balance of our lives between bondage and error versus grace and power. We are all addicted to movement.  That’s what karma is. Shakti facilitates indiscriminately. Bodhichitta determines the results of our actions. Who is doing this and why are you doing this? By physically withdrawing from samsara as much and as often as possible you are able to begin the process of spiritual withdrawal from materialistic/social insanity. And by understanding the necessity of this mental and emotional detoxification, you are able to endure the fires of purification whose flames reach deep physical places where the past has been stored- and you are able to hopefully greet the hardships of this temporary discomfort as a genuine blessing although disguised for a time as something that is working against what you may think you want.  The pain of this passage is that of withdrawal.  You get the darkness blessed out of you. Not all at once and not once and for all. This happens incrementally at any level of meditation.  But unlike any level of meditation, the discipline of a daily prolonged structure or a focused group or private retreat forces an inescapable entry, and eventual relationship, to the involuntary movements of passion, gradually transforming it into the voluntary movement of compassion.  The generator that drives the realm of desire is entered and transformed. By re-establishing the true purpose of your life -you are withdrawing from the narcotic of distraction, of movement, and are forced to relate to reality without samsaric buffer. It is the threshold that is being guarded by a great wisdom. Only those who really mean what they pray for will be allowed to cross the line that breaks all the rules. The rules must be broken astrally for grace to descend. Grace must be ridden. We fall from the horse but the white horse is always there…you should always get back up.

Sharada Devi

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      1. To me, it means that I must rewrite my karma.
        If the stars are the schematic that motivates the patterns of my behavior in this lifetime due to past life inadequacies, I must do whatever is necessary to break the cycle of repetition and become the catalyst that creates the origins of an altogether new constellation of being.
        Beyond supernova.
        That this one is not limited to the fragile confines of this body.
        That there are no limitations, ultimately.
        That I am only as dark as that which I am unwilling to get myself out from under.
        That the vibrational energy that appears to be outside my body is actually emanating from within my true nature which I have yet to tap into.
        That only by burning away that which does not serve transformation in this lifetime , will i ever be able to surpass the barrier of going beyond and pierce even the cosmic realms to merge with the infinite.

        1. you would need a good understanding of where you’ve been and where you need to go objectively speaking. (nodes of the moon)

          Most everyone tend to repeat the south node again and again due to the comfort of familiarity- some karma is unavoidable while other karma can be mitigated.

          Falling into past karmic patterns over and over makes life hell but that’s what happens. Until we get tired of our comfortable pit- it takes a long time- usually little by little…tantra was meant to speed things up in this day and age but people don’t get it unless their karma allows them to…it’s painful when we are right and when we are wrong. One pain purifies while the other obscures.
          Understanding the nodes of the moon in one’s chart is the most important thing.

          Talking is easy doing is nearly impossible.

          1. Rules being ancestral patterns.
            Only a solid connection to a genuine spiritual lineage will break the family lineage. And not because someone has a picture of a dead Guru up on their wall-
            but more than that.

            I’m sorry it’s true. I spent lifetimes searching and this lifetime too. I paid with my life pretty much twice (in this life) and even now I must still work with the darkness that is here…it is a bottomless darkness and well as a topless light….and only the Guru can give that grace.

            To know and to feel the devotion. Is protection.

          2. yes, talking is easy.
            and what I said it meant to me was obviously a far reaching aspiration…

            I don’t know what nodes of the moon means. So that is something I would like to understand.

            I guess my karma does not allow me to get how tantra works because to me, it’s like algebra,
            something I just can’t seem to comprehend.

          3. well it’s something you’ll need to catch, beyond the intellect.

            the heart knows the secret language.
            the beings carry it in their bodies.
            it’s a transmission that is timeless.
            lifetime to lifetime the seeds of before
            must be revived and grown to ripen.

            The proper conditions are essential
            and then combined with that the person must have the knowing to act. Opportunities get missed all the time.

            Our good karma brings us that which waters the good seed that ends the suffering.
            Our negative karma brings us that which waters the negative seed that creates more suffering.

            If you really want it, it will be yours,
            because you won’t give up and you will become fearless due to so much at stake and due to the love of the Bodhisattvas who watch us from the clouds.

            We put the clouds there. They simply sit atop the stars….

          4. When I was in my early 20’s , I was fascinated with Narada Muni . It was so entirely appealing to me to exist wandering timelessly through space , not subject to death or rebirth, playing the vina and chanting the name of Krishna eternally…
            The concept of God and devotion seemed so simple .

  1. Notice that beautiful psychological timeless realm whenever you notice you’re caught up in time serving. Time serving: for what???!! Time is money, among other things. 💙💚💛 Time is the past and the future. Time travel is very ordinary to worry and regret, who fly first class all the time for free.

      1. I meant notice the timeless realm as contrasted with time serving. Because time serving is empty: timelessness is present moment bliss. Yet I think we are on the same page?

  2. Chandra Ma: I like: “Timeless when ALL stimulus disappears…and you enter complete negation.” I will meditate on this as fully as possible in the moment as it happens.

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