Generation Of The Deity

“Generation Of The Deity” is the retention and circulation of the orgone energy. Tantra is the redirection of the orgasm from the genital region up the central channel of the spine and into the spiritualizing centers of the body- the heart, throat, forehead and the crown of the skull so that a genuine union can occur. Even tantric sexuality is about the learning to control the sexual flow and redirect it upwards to achieve union, not to learn to be more “sexually adept” leading to “better orgasms” or more pleasurable “sensual experiences.” No, that is a modern perversion of a sacred path that leads to enlightenment. Rather, tantra is the redirecting of the downward movement of the accumulated kundalini energy that normally is expended through ejaculation -and the conscious looping upward of this orgone force which then causes it to rise up through the body and into the skull- and it is this redirection of semen that is the fuel of divine union. The skull drinks the sexual fluids and transforms them into the ojas which in its subtle form becomes the soma that lends to long life and cosmic consciousness- not a consciousness that is absorbing everything unconsciously and subsequently reacting -but a consciousness based on the wisdom and proclivity of the deity- this is why when I say, “God is sex” I mean it- but not exactly as you might think- not a friction of body parts between two disconnected individuals that leads to ejaculation and more wasted life- because that’s not the “God” I mean- “a transient feeling of physical ecstasy that only ends in loss.” No, that’s not God-because something is always missing in those interactions- and you know it. You empty yourself or you open yourself- and the after effect is that you have not given and you have not received- you just emptied or sucked -being left vacuous and ignorant -it’s just gone, the ecstasy shot and fed into a condom or vacant hole. No love lost there for sure. What do you want, to be a breeding animal that can catch sperm in a bag and therefore not be responsible for your orgasm-orgone- life generating activity?

Sex is the most powerful magical force in existence, because it is God creating and destroying God -which is the essential functioning of orgone energy – the spark that creates all moving things -and there really isn’t anything else to do but embrace that reality -and that’s why if you look closely you will realize that all interactions are a subtle form of sexual intercourse- a mixing, blending, frictional and coalescing activity of the highest order. We are wasting time. Life is precious and we are almighty. This is one reason for celibacy – the controlling, preserving and redirecting of sexual fluids- and so if you are engaged in sexual activity and expect spiritually transformative results in this lifetime you better get in touch with what you’re doing- what’s going on in your head and body- and how you exploit and abuse your sexuality -this “fantasizing” this “letting him finish because I hate sex” you just don’t understand what you’re not harnessing and you’re ashamed of your body and afraid of the most potent power in the entire universe- the orgasm-which, as I said, is the essence of orgone energy- which is- “the omniscient possibility inherent in the orgasm when directed wisely.”

The deity is the orgasm actually – the refinement of the flash of release and the all encompassing perfection of the “tapping of the root”- ” I brought you here and I am God” realization- this is why we “have nowhere but here to go.” Existence is an orgasm and that’s it- period. And so in the orgasm that was created by the friction of opposites an eclipsing occurred and that’s the place where we are now- we are in “The Eclipsing Of God” looking for a name- that’s the enigma- the mystery of the soul, “who am I and why am I here?” You are the God who rubbed up against himself and you’re caught in the center of the “explosion” which is God- which is semen- which is the elixir of the heavens – which is the bliss of soma that courses through the body in tantric union and which is the essence of the mindstream of everything we create. And so basically creation “was getting off on itself” and broke away and started looking for the One that was lost- this masturabatory act has created this universe and split the One into two -and we think it’s someone else “out there” and we feel “attraction to the opposite” because we need answers -we need a place to put our creation of orgone energy – and we waste it in confusion and misspent fantasy- the “other One is within” and ultimately, tantric sexuality does not even involve another person – it’s only you and the axis of light – and so we must understand that we are here to find the “warmth” of our soul that was lost in the act of “looking outside” for the One -and we are experiencing the results of that act called “creation” So the male and female together can generate the perfection of the deity- and the individual alone can generate that same perfection.

Masturbation confuses the soul because there is no love streaming in on the final bang- there is no opposite spark on the axis to complete the eclipse and it causes a scrambling of cues within the astral body because of this and it weakens our immunity, our self confidence and it closes our heart to what this “union of the Gods in friction” really meant- it meant, “I love looking at you” and not from the outside- “I love turning you inside out and seeing what I’ve made. “Yes, this is the tantric generation of the deity because when we see the “other” as “the deity” we create and we merge with our own divinity. When we see the “other” as a “hot piece of ass” we miss the point entirely- and this mental constraint is what creates the “generation” of the demonic forces that keep us caught here in the bardo of earth creating destroying and recreating again that “original sin” of looking the other way and forgetting who we are in the name of the earth embedded ancestors. It’s a prism of light reflecting and fracturing over and over again- and although technically, we can do this forever because we do have forever- albeit in a daze of delusion- the suffering of confused yearning and the unbearable pain it creates is what’s causing all the bloodshed and fear on this planet- because this can’t be the One I was becoming?

And so the generation of the deity is the opposite of the generation of the earth embedded ancestral demon- and it will take everything I have been describing thus far and more to become the One who is the light of the rainbow and who is all compassionate- which means freedom from fear and the projections that fear creates. Fear is a great evil and is the source of all evil. Fear of death is at the core of any and all other seemingly less fears. Be aware of who you are and take command of this vessel. Until you begin to take this precious and precarious life seriously you are no more than a puppet, a slave, a primitive animal using its evil fear based mind to “survive” and it’s not living- its groping in ignorance and it’s being possessed by the inversion of the orgone energy backfiring inside of you, creating disease and chaos- because when this power isn’t masterfully directed, it’s a self destructive force- and that’s all it can ever be. We want to be self creative and that’s the idea of spiritual rebirth, baptism, and the generation of the life affirming deity. The body is a geometrical vortex- covered in the unreality of flesh, bones and blood- the only thing actually real about us is the math- the numbers never lie-and the fundamental idea is about getting those angles, ley lines, and “beams of calculated striking light” fine tuned, adjusted perfectly and aligned with our intention through skillfully mastering the basics.

The basics are what we do with our nine holes- eating- listening- speaking- looking- smelling- the genitals- what goes in and what goes out- who we are interacting with- and we purify the body in this way through various practices that cleanse and close the receptivity of these holes- and then we have the mind and the misuse of it- we cleanse and clarify through various forms of pranayama, meditations, mantra and visualization as well as other ritualized techniques that begin to create the light body of the deity in our astral body- and then we have the heart/emotions and what we do with that- constant tapas- surrender- devotion to the one who teaches us- trust at all costs, the welcoming and embracing of vulnerability and insecurity- the relinquishment of the shackles of pride and arrogance- and the purification of all heavy memories by purging the body of it’s trapped pockets and deposits of orgone energy gone awry- in the form of shame based secrets, physical ailments, self fulfilling prophesies- there are specific physical practices associated with the clearing of this body that are necessary to untie the astral knots that bind us emotionally, wreak havoc with our physicality, sabotage us and keep us imprisoned literally in a geometrical gridlock of self imposed isolation -not only from an intimate connection with another but actually with ourselves. How do we do this? That’s what a genuine spiritual lineage is for and that’s why you need a guide because you cannot cleanse the emotional body without devotion to another. And choose your teacher wisely because most don’t know anything but words.

So the generation of the deity is the way we build the rainbow body. We become the God and we therefore can create Gods out of others. But until we become the God we are generating the earth embedded ancestral demon and therefore we create demons everywhere and it’s called samsara- which is suffering. Nirvana is the cessation of suffering- and moksha is the liberation from attachment to either. The body of the deity is a body of bliss, unattached and eternally compassionate. The orgone energy is the breath God took during the orgasm that brought all of this into being. “Remember and love me again.”

We are working with prana, tejas and ojas and the balance of these three- these are the building blocks of our system- energetically- so basically prana is chi- the electrical air that circulates and blows and can dry things up- and it’s the vitality and movement of the etheric energy as well. Tejas is fire or the flames and heat that are created by the friction of tapas- transformation- kundalini purification- and it’s the brightness of the mind. Ojas is like the wood or the fuel we need as storage so the fire of tejas- being fueled by the winds of prana doesn’t burn out our nervous systems which need insulation- ojas is a primal energy of sexual reserve- the semen of the body that is used as fuel and that gives us that “glow” through spiritual practice- all three of these must be in a proper balance or severe irritations can occur. The prana is increased mostly through pranayama and living raw foods- the tejas through meditations,tapas, visualization and the ojas is increased primarily through eating certain foods as well as devotion- Bhakti- and the conservation of sexual fluids.

Soma, the elixir of God, is created by the subtle refinement of ojas- brought up the spine and into the brain through the sexual refining of the tantric spiritual practice- and this soma feeds the holy trinity of glands in our skull- the pineal, hypothalamus and pituitary- who are “the guardians and directors of everything multidimensional” and thus the expansion of our human potential that leads to the bliss of orgasmic awakening and bodhichitta.

This awakening at any level stimulates the gamma brain waves of three alchemical processes- initiation, communion and ascension- and through this awakening we attain the God we’ve been misfiring -instead of recreating the dulling slumber and soulless feeding of mundane unconscious sexual release. This spiritualizing, purifying and resultant conscious engagement of sexuality will bring you face to face with God. Isn’t that what you want, because isn’t God the only unbroken mirror? Isn’t that enlightenment?

The access to true identity is through sexual knowing.

I can only give you these basics concepts without actually writing a book- but at least I’ve said this much- and maybe you already know, but let me remind you, this isn’t a vague or abstract concept- this is the fundamental groundwork for the generation of the deity- the deity which consumes the blood of the raksha demon and stops the bloodshed of the blood sucking earth embedded anscestors. The deity that is the life affirming orgone energy of God – which is the essence of electricity- which is “God, the orgasm” which is the all healing, all powerful, magically generated entity of the true love experience of divinity that is aware of “only now.”

That is the ultimate reason for this birth, to know this in our bones and let go of flesh and blood…

“Only now” is maha mudra- and the practice of maha mudra is the direct path to maha siddhi- which is the accomplishment of the rainbow body.

This is who we are. This is why we are here. Nothing else matters but the tip of my tongue. The tip of my tongue which touches the edge of that endless black light and brings all the babies back home…

to the love that loves the love,
where only God is real.
Sharada Devi

5 thoughts on “Generation Of The Deity”

  1. Thank you, that was so nice & sweet. I have nothing to say but thank you. The way you put it together & expressed it was inspering. Have you ever considered writing a book?

    1. Thank you! Yes, writing books- that’s what I’ve been told and it’s coming- and everything and everyone is moving together…

  2. Kali is the only diety who sticks her tongue out, what is she saying? “You who can control your tongue control the world.” So stop talking, be silent and listen to the nada (subtle sound current) humming in your inner ear. Stop eating so much, food makes you stupid and if you can’t control your desires soon you could be reborn as a pig. All yogis and great female adepts of the tantric path fast. When the lower chakras are free of waste, the higher “pine cone” (pineal gland) in your brain becomes active and like a cosmic radio you pick up the ear-whispered teaching from the dakinis. All that Milsrepa did, (greatest saint in the world who attained full enlightenment) was use his human body to love his Guru with all his heart, and so he went up into the highest of mountains away from worldly people and he got quiet and he listened to the dakinis tell him what to do. His only food was green nettles that he would boil into a broth and drink and because of this, his entire body turned green and he become Green Tara the goddess of compassion who was born from the teardrop that fell from the eye of the Great Compassionate One, Om Namo Boddhisatvva Avalokatesvsra. Om Mani Padma Hum. So it’s all up to you to use this birth for all it’s worth. Get out of the matrix grid now, the demons are closing in on you. They are talking to you from your iphone and watching you from inside the worm hole of your flat screen. They are training you like a stupid dog in the tonal vibration that come out of the spiral light bulbs. They are rewiring your brain to get you on the train to Hell. Welcome aboard. You are spinning in the loop of desire, you think you are the one. Everyone thinks they are the one. The only way to root out this hard core selfish
    and deluded ego trip is get the demon bloodline out of your body and hook up with the spiritual bloodline of the ascended masters and bodhisattvas who are waiting to come in. In the meantime shut up and pray, the more empty you are from the tamasic foods, the better and more heartful will be your prayer. You need to cry, there is soma power in the tears. They will open your heart and the crystal clear light will come in. Listen up, for the time is now. Stop feeding your carnal eyes with the food of the of this world and look within. Open your one honest eye in the center of your forehead and hear the voice of the Goddess Guru, she is coming to you direct from central casting. She knows everthing because of her great compassion. She is the Mother Light in this time of darkness.

    Sri Baba Bhagavan das who is the servant of She Who Knows, who is the knower of the ages as the embodiment of the 10 wisdom goddesses who are One. Om Sri Maha Vidya.

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