🕷💥⌛️First of all, I’m not trying to freak anybody out- just awaken ok😱 Don’t you know the reason that Ganesha has an elephant head is because Saturn simply looked at him due to Parvati’s insistance – and his boy head instantly fell off – CHOP! -which then had to be replaced with the most immediately available head-AND that just happened to be an elephant’s head- OM gam ganapataye namaha. This is the power of Saturn’s gaze👁 or “drishti” Did you think l meant some woman looked into your eyes?? It’s my gaze👁?? haha⚡️️⚡️️⚡️️and so you got all spooked?? It IS true though! Hahaha⚡️️⚡️️No, I meant Kali who is Saturn and she’ll ignore you forever- but when you won’t let up- she finally looks your way- and the shit HITS the fan, but you really did ask for it didn’t you🙏??? Kali is such an awesome goddess and get results like no other, lightening strikes! Hahaha⚡️️You’re like one of those horses who has to wear a blindfold just to exist, I know life’s rough for sensitive, dim witted horses…oh, yeah! Right, maybe I think it’s “me” who looked into your eyes- but it was!!! hahaha⚡️️and I had my big bad Kali costume on and it was Halloween and you were groveling, begging me to spank you ⚡️️Hahaha⚡️️⚡️️⚡️️ But you were!!! Haha⚡️️💋 the fun never ends! Sorry no such luck. I told you Kali was Saturn already- I actually warned you repeatedly and so did Bhagavan Das- try not to live in a fantasy world 100% of the time ok? I know life hurts and you get angry when your wet dreams aren’t real, but you can take it- take it like a good blindfolded horse until all the scary cars and mean highschool kids pass you by. God, I’m so creative and you’re so frightened like a little baby mouse just trying to get back in his hole with some moldy cheese and an ipad. Oh no, trust me- when Saturn moves you into mom’s house you are so fucked it’s not funny👿, jokes on you thinking mom is a person, just a saggy bitch with a stretched out mouse hole or tray of burnt cookies? Huh? 🔴BEEP!!! It’s a bad plan messing with the source of you. Respect women👑they’ll destroy you🔪 thanks to Saturn who I love so deeply. Saturn is so funny too😂- because you’ll do something because Saturn wanted you to- and so you’re left with no other option whatsoever -and then Saturn will be the one to punish you for doing it- even though you “had no choice.” Hahaha⚡️️⚡️️⚡️️ seems so sadistic too❤️…but who warned you??? “The Grateful Dead gypsy hustler selling LSD in the parking lot Sharada Devi” that’s who!!! BUT, I hate the Grateful Dead- so you’re wrong again!!! 🔴BEEP! Hahaha⚡️️⚡️️⚡️️⚡️️I ❤️ midnight games and short 🍄 trips, not dirty hippy group humps! Saturn is the chess player extraordinaire, not you. Saturn isn’t called the task master, the dark mistress Elvira, or Maha Kali for nothing! Karma is such a wicked bitch my friend- and it’s all your fault! Hahaha⚡️️⚡️️⚡️️Bend over and take it like a man🐭 I do, I did- and I still do- over and over- and that’s why I’m so great if you really must know.

Prices💲prices💲prices💲YES! scaredy cat🙀that’s Saturn’s realm of expertise, knowing just how much and how long to charge YOU for the crime. Neem Karoli Baba was the embodiment of a perfected Saturn which means he made things happen- HIS WAY, not yours mousy🐭. He owned everything and everybody and he would say so all the time- and so he could make things happen just by glancing in the direction of his desire, because he WAS SATURN. He’d look over there and say, “there should be a Hanuman Temple there.” and a rich💲 man would immediately do it no questions asked. He said, “all the money💲 in America is mine,” because IT WAS, he had anything he wanted, of course he didn’t care- like any good spiritual master he was effortless and flawlessly magical- and lived like a homeless person- house to house, town to town- he abandoned his wife and children and flew like the wind☄️ Are you going to judge the mysterious actions of Hanuman? Only the devotion of Hanuman to RAM can appease Saturn’s wrath and only Hanuman can save Sita, your soul. So I’d be careful when you start condemning the source of RAM in your fruitless life🍌 ok banana boy? The first time Neem Karoli Baba met Ram Das is when Bhagavan Das took him there. Bhagavan Das was only 20 and didn’t know how to deal with Ram Das’s materialism and neurosis or his lustful pretty boy crush on BD and so, Neem Karoli Baba- knowing everything about Ram Das at a glance- saw how fearful and materialistic Ram Das was and so he asked him, “how much money💲 do you have? Can I have it? What kind of car do you drive?” Ram Das was sure all Neem Karoli Baba wanted was his money💲 and he became very defensive and even more paranoid- 🤑your attachment and your values are a major problem- Ram Das had quite a conflict dealing with it- but once NKB started reading his mind, Ram Das realized he was out maneuvered and his mundane logical deductions about NKB served no purpose and so it was not to his advantage to cling to the idea that NKB only wanted his money💰 because Neem Karoli Baba didn’t function on your level of fear but he certainly knew how to trigger it and then laugh at you for reacting. Haha⚡️️Was that “cruel” 🐭 ???

You didn’t know him, Bhagavan Das knew him better, more intimately than ANY westerner. He was initiated as his actual son, not as his disciple -everyone is so jealous- and NKB ❤️loved BD best- Bhagavan Das lived with him for 6 years. Neem Karoli Baba is known in America due to Bhagavan Das alone and Neem Karoli Baba transmits through Bhagavan Das very directly unlike anyone else can manifest because NKB bestowed him with that siddhi. As a matter of fact, Neem Karoli Baba told BD that Ram Das was Bhagavan Das’s disciple and not his- he said to Bhagavan Das, “he is your student, not mine- you will teach him. He loves you more than he loves me.” (NKB obviously sensing that Ram Das was in love with BD- because he was) and BD said, “no please, I can’t help him, he’s crazy, I’m too young to be his guru and that’s why I brought him to you.” Then Neem Karoli Baba said, ” YOU are his guru and I will teach him THROUGH YOU.” Well you can see how that went, but those were the words of NKB and sorry if certain people still can’t deal with it…typical though, materialism and lust are really hard habits to break- plus wanting greatness- to BE THE GURU- have the Guru’s powers before your time isn’t how it works and karma’s a bitch, just like I said…..NKB was extremely abrupt, unpredictable and also very wrathful🗡🔪- plus if you got close enough- he would push every fear, anger, paranoia button you had🔴 BEEP. That’s what Saturn does because Saturn cares that you perfect your self- you’re too weak as it is- we all are- and so Saturn sets you up then trips you- its called learning the hard way- only because you don’t heed Kali’s warnings☠️, you don’t listen at all- and this is what it’s going to take. LEARNING THE HARD WAY. Whose Shiva? YOU? HAHAHA⚡️️⚡️️⚡️️⚡️️BEEP 🔴 try again. Kali is so merciful and Saturn is SO hard like Shiva the rock- another perfected manifestation of Saturn is the Karmapa, the name Karmapa actually means “father of karma,” they’re an extremely wealthy organization and you can only POSSIBLY see the Karmapa in a brief face to face personal meeting when he comes to America if you donate 💲100,000 dollars a year to their organization. So if you love him, are having problems- but don’t have the big bucks, too bad. THAT’S SATURN. What are you going to do about that, call him who is Avalokateshvara a hustler or a fake? You’re going to have to figure this out- that you understand nothing and so you ought to quit blaming others for your ignorance- just plain stupidity and it’s SO worn out. I am simply Mercury the messenger, the winged god who flies from heaven to hell partying with everyone and bringing their messages back to earth delivered straight to you💌. You’re no match for me anyway because I’m not a mouse🐭, I don’t need a blindfold just to survive because the sounds of life scare me, ooohhhh baby spiders🕷 don’t scare me, plumbers knocking on the front door don’t scare me, I’m not a slave to satan, I can control my emotions and therefore keep my greasy hands off my dick👹, I don’t need a mickey mouse nightlight in my bedroom🍼 Hahaha⚡️️⚡️️⚡️️ I’m not afraid of myself or my darkness AND even if I EVER am -because I’ve faced some pretty scary skeletons in my closet- I don’t need to wear a blindfold just to hide from myself. I’m happy with who I am whether you or anyone else is. Saturn is the flame and you are the candle- so you get whose winning right? It’s not going to be you🔴BEEP.

Another example: The story of Fatima was that BHADRA Kali as the Virgin Mary came to 3 children in 1917 and warned them for “God” Who is Saturn- she revealed 3 secrets or prophesies to them and gave them a message for the people on changes they needed to make or else these prophesies would come to pass. She came in a vision to these 3 children also called “the 3 seers” as a warning from a wrathful Saturn. Two of the prophesies have already come to pass because nobody listened to the warnings from Kali and performed the spiritual tapas required to avert disaster. The divine mother is so merciful always warning deaf ears just in case you might listen, but nobody EVER LISTENS and so IN WALKS SATURN THROWING GLANCES 👁-and bad shit goes down because everyone’s a lazy, complacent liar. It’s NOT Saturn’s fault, we do it to ourselves. And so, we are still waiting for the 3rd secret, the foretold prophesy to shake the world of men- the first two horrors have already befallen us- and this 3rd prophesy is kept hidden in a vault and nobody knows- but we were warned, so too bad for us! SATURN WARNS THROUGH BHADRA KALI AND THEN DELIVERS THROUGH A MORE WRATHFUL KALI -🌪🔪💣 a very deliberate and angry Kali. When Kali takes away the darkness of the outside world’s Dark Luminosity – she then grants inner world illumination💡 of that Dark Luminosity- such is her opulent magnificent mercy. It’s like if the message on the radio🆘 isn’t loud enough ok- let me TURN IT UP FOR YOU!!! That’s all it is. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW📢 🔴🔴🔴 ??? BEEP!!!⚡️️⚡️️⚡️️It’s basically turning the inside of you onto the outside of you- and that’s SCARY🎃-and your life becomes hell because you’re filled with hell already👻. Kali and Saturn and the great purifiers of lust, greed, selfishness, sloth and torpor. It’s divine providence really, merciful first aid for a suffering shrouded soul. So STOP being a 🐭. It’s nobody’s fault, nobody’s scam, nobody’s greed but YOURS🤑. When Saturn looks at you, when Kali finally pays attention- you’re so lucky it’s like winning the lotto for your soul😇. I always aspired to believed in you if you’d just stop being an idiot, that’s all. Kali is unknowable and yet she fills us with an eery knowing, an understanding of cause and effect that’s uncanny, and that’s why we get spooked- we get this feeling that we’re haunting ourselves and it’s creepy yet it’s also true. Let’s define the 8th day so we know where we stand inside and upon this black world of her as us, who cannot stop loving the only one who we know can redeem us🌟Her black starlit eyes go as deep and as far back as the beginning of time where we stand as immortal, no mouse, no spider, no men in black- only you as the imagined darkness upon the only thing real, my white horse🦄

and you thought she was a woman…
Sharada Devi 🌺

9 thoughts on “gaze👁”

  1. Wow, this is the last laugh folks. The 9th wave is coming, we surfers wait for the big one. So we can dance in the wind and feel the power of mother nature. She really loves her fish, she loves the humpback whales. They know more than stupid men do. So here we are and the ocean has been destroyed by the big dicks at fukashima. All life on earth is floating in the balance. As my Guru Neem Karoli Baba would always say,”What to do?” Breath in the fire of radioactivity and breath it out. Why? Because you now have no choice. The danger to all of life on earth is a very immediate threat, you may not have heard the news. The holy mother earth is our nourishing goddess and she is living and singing and speaking through the lotus lips of my Guru Sri Sri Sharada Devi. Listen up dick head before it’s too late. All life is holy, you were born in the light and you will die in the light. Where you go after that, I think you already heard what happens to people who run from the light….you better hurry up and find the captain who can show you how to purify your body boat and you better stick with something, someone for once in your life. The wind is picking up and I hear the tree singing, listen….. she lives in the green leaves. Raise your white sail and blow blow blow….live in the aliveness, the light of her humming death winds, and go for it with all your heart and soul. Please do. Remember the great mantra that I gave to Ram Das, “Be Here Now,” which means stop trying to figure it out in your head, you are the jewel, and the jewel is in the heart alone, majestically mounted within the lotus of this human body. Om Mani Padma Hum. Take refuge in the big toe of the Guru on top of your head. Let the white soma of blessings come into your empty body of light and guts and then have the courage to be the great bodhisattva Alvaloketeswara. You are one of his thousand hands, do your dharma, stop resisting, waiting, excusing. DO IT NOW. Holy mother of God, I love your son Jesus Alvaloketeswara, who is the great swan upon the ocean of compassion. Be with me now and at the hour of my death into you. Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee, blessed is the fruit of thy womb of mother light Jesus. So sit up straight, get your skeleton, who belongs to saturn, the spine of your back off the chair, stiff and perfectly poised like the buddha and breath in the holy name of god and breath out for all the suffering sentient beings lost at burger king and stuck in a big fat GMO body of stinking shit. The toilet bowl never lies, take a close look and even a closer whiff of yourself. You are what you eat mother fucker, eat god before god eats you.
    Love, baba bhagavan das


    The level of mistrust I have in myself is nearly pathetic.
    The only reason I’ve gotten this far is by the grace of god.
    So thank you for helping me remember.
    How it should be.

    The lessons you gift us are multifaceted and revolutionary.
    Theyre gifts for our hearts and bodies..
    ancient lost technology to help us transcend.
    To pass onto our children and even our next lives.
    Real love.

    Thank you gypsy hustler and shanti prakash.

    Om mani padme hum

      1. No. Nothing I’ve noticed in particular.. Just really focused on music school right now. Moved into a new place. Life. Do my mantra and fasts and breath work all the time teach my daughter. Lots of prayers for pachamama, and gratitude for all the beautiful times I’ve had before it all turns to dust.

  3. from nobody of Sri Sri Sharada Devi🙌🏻🙌🏻
    1: don’t take it so seriously, because your head’s probably up your ass
    2: know your hopelessness. Maybe it will spark a … no, you’re fucked, hahahaha
    3. Break-up with yourself and get with someone who knows you better, if you can get lucky
    4. Die. daily.

    1. a mystic AND a sage. Priceless💲❤️
      You really hear me…
      thank you.
      Such a 1 in a billion God lover⭐️
      Funny too.

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