Light Worker Retreat

Divine Mother Kali is our true mother. I know how hard life can be, I understand the challenges. That is why I have made it affordable by doing it here. I have made it personal, this is my humble home and my temple to the Mother Light. I have opened my heart to this world and I trust that the blessed children of Mother Kali will hear me and come love her together. It is a divine formula, it is a calling you will have heard in your heart. It is a light you will have felt in your tears. She hears, she listens. She loves you dearly.

Kali Ma is the fire in your eyes. She is the sound of your breath. She is the thump of your heart. She is your creative genius, your inspiration and your refuge.

You will be happy if you put her first in your life.

You will live in grace if you surrender to her divine will.

Just put your love for her at the heart of your life and let all your troubles go.

You are chosen for more in this world. You are chosen by her love that works through you.

I am offering this retreat because nothing is as powerful as joining forces with others to create the collective atmosphere where healing breakthroughs and dramatic rises in consciousness can occur. This is for Light Workers who hear the calling.

Here at Mother Light Yoga in Phoenix, Oregon (a few miles from Ashland and not far from both Crater Lake and Mount Shasta should you make this a pilgrimage) we have a humble, yet intensely powerful Kali Temple. Supported by the presence of Hanuman/Neem Karoli Baba and Avalokateshvara/The Karmapa – We worship her as the sacred yantra – for the kundalini shakti to rise – so we can experience who we really are.

*8/4-8/8 $216 (food/lodging not included.)

*$108 to reserve space
*only a few spots left – send PayPal or questions to

Nearby you have the affordable option of camping at Jackson wellsprings which also offers mineral hot springs and pool.

or staying at Ashland Commons which is a really cool hostel with a nice kitchen.

The town of Ashland has so much to do and also so many great, healthy places to eat.

So I invite you to join us in a few weeks to enter this divine sanctuary in trust and devotion. To let everything that holds you back go. Because you are made from the Mother Light Love and nobody is more important than you! ❤️ Om Kali Mahakali!

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