for sunshine, for tears, for music or for you

Not a mental space.

Not done in cyber space.
Not a substitution.
Not a destination.
Not a big black door.
Not a ring that keeps on ringing.
Not a finger.
Not a toe.
Not another day.
Not somewhere far away.
Not way back then.
Not a memory on repeat.
Not an excuse.
Not a reason.
Not a justification.
Not a compromise.
Follow what you follow,
and mean it.
Stand for it, before it,
Touch it.
Words precede action.
Action is the force
that ends redundant thought,
You must see it to be it.
The person, the holy grail.
You must love what you love
in yourself, out there.
To feel what will become
you. To feel that breath
upon your face. To close your eyes
and know. To close the book and know.
To sit in the sun. And weep.
Cannot be in your head.
forever. Cannot be put off until
next year. Nothing matters more,
than grace. Grace is generated
in the humble, indomitable heart.
The heart that rides a wild horse
that no man or situation can stop.
Not when the horse is hungry, not when the heart is called to its kindred.
Not when the light is seeking its own.
Come together. Coalesce.
Truly get up! Sing out! Find your way!
Give everything to the Mother Fire.
Be a dancer, for real. Be a poet, for real.
Paint your face like a warrior, for real.
Get your feet wet. Get your hands dirty.
Crawl on your knees. Cry when you pray. Pray to be near the dearest of dear. Take the first real step to living the earthy dream of the mystic.
This is not something that Facebook can provide. This is something that takes communion and commitment. Don’t try to slip by, slip in. Get something for nothing. You are everything. Everything is everything. There is no replacement for the real thing- for sunshine, for tears, for music or for you. Sharada Devi

3 thoughts on “for sunshine, for tears, for music or for you”

  1. I don’t. Weep, that is. It takes too much time, to stop doing, all the things. 

    When there are no problems, the truth will shine in its brilliance. It’s funny, in a sad way. Which brings me to all my pain, my problems. I don’t know why, but it feels good to wonder. Like pouring something lighter than water, down my insides. I feel the little fire, not high enough to reach my heart. I feel my heart, not big enough to move much. What now- always ash at the end, and another shining, chance. For my little blue bird, that never flew, very far. Probably for my mother, and whoever I have loved since. Or my fear- falling, whatever it is.

    Lets make a fire- take time. Well, maybe I can’t wait, this time.

      1. “To a world we’ll not remember
        When we’re old and tired
        We’ll be blowing on the embers of a little fire
        We were the tallest person watching in Chesapeake
        You put me on your shoulders so I could see
        I was all covered in sound
        Ear plugs so it wasn’t loud
        Swallowed up by the crowd
        Didn’t know what they were singing about
        I can’t hardly wait
        For someone to replace
        It was hot in the arena
        Good men die like dogs
        My hero plays to no one, in a parking lot
        Even though there’s no one around
        He broke a leg and the house came down
        A smattering of applause
        A sliver moon and a cover song
        Oh sweet child of mine
        You’re always sorry for everything, never apologize
        Oh sweet child of mine
        Now you stand on the corner and hope you get recognized
        I was all covered in sound
        When you asked me to turn it down
        Didn’t even think it was loud
        Can you hear it now?“

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