for love is a mysterious God

When the water freezes
When the fire devours
When there is no place in between
but where I am…

This place that nothing makes,
but takes. Every piece I had.

I heard the other day that the butterfly feels like it’s dying right before it spreads its wings and flies into the light.

And no one knows how the butterfly knows what to do. If God’s purpose was to stop the flow and kill the flame we wouldn’t be here.

At all, because the only place is home however we feel the dread of dark cocoons and hail. The fire is drawn on the wings of this beauty…

Some call them angels and some call them butterflies. I call it you.

What does the doing. Is way beyond what is seen. Churning sea blue soul. Carry the light however it is born. Whether as ash or as snow.
There is only one looking.

Out upon us as the star we must follow….to find the child of God.

I have searched for the very ground upon which I stand. I have let other’s words fall from my lips. I have woven the stem of my drooping flower around a bamboo stick. I have spun in circles calling the goddess. I have hurt the unloved within me by allowing this to go on. I have somehow believed we could not be alone, you and I with the one. And so I broke out the mirror from under this floor and I stood looking down into every crack I could bare. The darkness seeped and the light magnified. This human majesty, what I thought was wrong. To make me act this way, turn from you. Never go. Luminous magnetic unknown friend. I am bound to your soul as the way. The hand held me up. The hand held me down. We walked hand in hand through the mist and the fog. We called the colors rainbows as every bridge we crossed. Within and between ourselves, me and you. If there isn’t a God, who cares but me. If there is a God who knows but me. If there is only love who feels but me, this anger and pain, this sublime disguise of the masses. Broken in pieces, love has spread itself thin. I look down and see the heavy heart that lies shattered. I look up and see fire rising from my wings. I look inside and I see you. Giving God to me. And so we go back to the beginning and what this all means, only you can say where you belong. Only I can let me in. Heart who is held by us all. I look everywhere for what I’ve lost…

for love is a mysterious God.  Sharada Devi

4 thoughts on “for love is a mysterious God”

  1. Snow on my Pain-

    Face in the window of my house, burning down, as your tears fall, slow, unfreezing and I’m to blame for the scene, you see

    Nothing left but ash and snow
    Night and light
    Death, breath, cold and god

    I am
    Picture of melted water
    The same for us,
    I see
    Inevitable embrace,
    Yours in mine..

    Let it fall, the pain melts, the brightness, an invisible constant. Movement on my face as you hold it, and it reveals your mystery. All the words that break. Babies, angels of demons, carriers of us all. One to another, flame to flame, the face is lit, the sound fades.

  2. roundabout nuances
    intentional velocity ending in an abstract corner
    inward passages leading to the path of gold
    timelessly etched screen of peacock hues
    gallery of permanent snow
    eyes of innocence fixed on indelible images
    robotic end to former wooden memories
    try as i might I make no impression
    empty promises that will not come to tears
    rude awakenings that strengthen the resolve
    quiet stillness that enhances the experience
    burning bridges with each keystroke
    making spontaneous choices that by their very nature bring me closer to the god of my being
    at the dimming of the day
    i stand alone

  3. As the night closed in she was no longer in silence. softly came a voice like a small wind that filled her senses with a gentle whisper. restored was she as an all pervading perception of reassurance took hold. Lo, I am with you always was planted in her mind. in her heart was sown calm. and yes, there is no place where God does not exist. and in that moment all was made clear. then in the light of day came a refreshed understanding that faith is imperative. that with faith, even mountains can be moved.nothing is impossible. she may plant a seed but then must come the letting go. do not cling to the fruit of your actions. doubt subsided and faith took it’s place and so the enlightenment was made full. and the way of the star shone brightly. and follow she did. 🌟

  4. My breath opened a bit as did my heart reading this. Truth is right now I feel the flood gates holding back waters that do not breech the wall. There is tense pushing. The waves descends. My throat feels round. I hear for my heartbeat. The breath is big and deep with notes of worry. And I feel my gut laugh and the corners of my mouth crack a smile knowing that worry comes out illusion. Alas I grasp. And I hide in the basement. It’s karma. I show up. And I am shown. All is revealed when I tune in. I can close my eyes anywhere I am rooted and go home to center. We visit this place and find calm measure. So much is measured. What are we even trying to do here? Let’s turn our Light inside out. Om

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