flesh and soul

I’d rather see something real. I’d rather not see the front. I’d rather see the soul digging through your eyes. I’d rather see your rage and turmoil than all your niceties. I’d rather catch a glimpse that made me think you knew of what lies buried- beneath all they’ve taught you- how to be stoic and stuck, rigid and righteous, pretty and polite. I’d rather see something real, like maybe you know and accept the loss of what’s being taken with every fake day that gets lived once again in the clutches of the culture that created you. Any culture- business, yoga, family- I don’t care. You should have made you, from the inside out. Not from the outside in. Nobody is immune to this collective crisis of soul…

I see (human) tigers pacing cages, not knowing. I see (human) panicky birds wings being clipped. I see (human) little dogs in shock collars because they bark….I see what is hidden in our  bodies and I know something must be released. Not in a proper yoga class, not in a prayer pew, not in a self righteous prison of memorized ritual- but released in that jungle that terrifies every captive human on a collective level – this primitive beast is the ride to your only salvation and you cannot subjugate this primal force. It has morphed into your shadow- the one you fight- and despise. The one who won’t listen or obey. The one who ignores your whips and your whistles. It happens to us all, we must wake up to the howling heart and take action!
There is no peace upon this earth. “Freedom is not free” is what my little dog told me as we put up the fence in the back yard. His name is Wookie and he is a savage cave dog. I cannot stop him from his insane excitement and desire to run and shriek with joy…I can’t stop him inside of me either. When we try, is why we hurt. I  want you to know that I understand we are saturated in limitations due to the world today. I want you to also know we can do better for that little beast within. We can stand between two worlds and find relief. This takes creative effort and compassion from the depths of our souls.Our souls need food just like our bodies do. As I was writing this I head this song in my head. Which is strange because it’s an old song that I never even gave any attention to. So I read the lyrics and I get the message- I like this soulful cover and so it’s down below. When you hear a song in your head- out of the blue- never ignore it. It’s moon language- it’s your mother night talking from the depths- guiding you home to the immaculate truth.
I have talked to Chris in Mount Shasta and have found a way to do retreats there once again – he will allow retreats all year long- which wasn’t possible before. I would like to do one every season as an outlet and restart for each and every one of us. A different way to relate to the seasons within and to give life a richer meaning. I intend for it to be the basis for something nourishing to the soul. Please join me in this journey to bring the wild and free back to life in every day life. We are not caged humans. We are wild shooting stars! The soul doesn’t disguise anything, the mind only tries. But I’ve see into your eyes and I know as you know. So don’t  just keep reading in the background. Don’t just talk and meander. Come back to life in the flesh!
Sharada Devi
this is the song I heard-


6 thoughts on “flesh and soul”

  1. Let’s see each other for what we are. It’s up to me.
    If I accept myself, I think that will help. I look forward to seeing you, at Mt. Shasta!

  2. I am not a dog owner , now.
    But I can surely feel the sweel.

    I had myself a New Moon once
    and I called him such as well ,

    ‘Twas in the town of LA
    Which was where I used to dwell.
    And then I let loose New Moon
    But should have been me to be dispelled…
    He was tarried off to Sonoma lands
    Where I wished i was as well …

  3. The Now
    Contains all the Collected Rage
    From the Past
    Rage flies into the Future
    Which Itself QUICKLY becomes
    The Rageful Past
    It targets the weak
    NOT like the Fascists and Totalitarians Do.
    Not like that.
    Somewhere, Sometime, this life or Another
    They were Too Nice Too
    No, It just looks at Niceness
    And laughs

    Meanly at first

    But then


    The Change Changess Its Laugh
    Its Patient
    — Compassion–
    Coaxes its Student Named Rage
    To become like it: Compassionate

    It says
    “Flower children types (babies) end up bombing,”
    Bombing SOMETHING anyway…
    Don’t they?
    Nice people
    May slow down for the elderly
    Yeah for sure
    Who wouldn’t? Some nihilistic punk?

    Only in video games that become reality.

    But nice people
    Feel cheated
    Nice people


    Quiet Deaths

    Nobody told them

    Being Nice Wasn’t The Ticket

    The Ticket Is:

    This Is Always Real Life
    And You’re Going To Die Someday
    So Get With YOUR Own Reality
    That’s Yours and Yours ALONE
    And Treat That Puppy

    Hurry Up
    And Take
    Your Time. 🎻🎶🌈

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