Pablo and everyone else,

You have to try harder.

You have to want something more for yourself.
Enough to put everything on the line for it.
That’s the beautiful human spirit in flight.
Remember that song we sang.
There has to be a burning unstoppable fire.
This is my reply a couple days ago to anonymous person. The problem/ answer is universal.
Dear …,
“The problem is where you are placing value and your priorities. I have so much I could say to you that would only help you if you actually took it to heart, changing isn’t easy for anyone. Right now you’re just afraid and I would be too if I were you- but the second this current problem with your father is over, you’ll forget it all and go right back to what you do. I am not interested in comforting anyone or giving bandaids away. My energy can only go toward someone who is on a serious endeavor to transform and expand into a more refined and evolved version of themselves.
Until that happens you will face different versions of the same dilemma until one day- one lifetime you’ll finally grow tired of yourself and only then can you realize where to direct your anger productively- and then you are in a place to be guided.
You are in a constant identity crisis, you aren’t ready to see that. You are very angry and unstable, this is about you not your father.
Do you really think you can get anything off the ground (like a music career) when you are so unstable and can’t even trust yourself?
That’s what I mean by bandaid. The help you need is much deeper and will take longer. What you are looking for today just to get through the mess you’ve created for yourself is not something worthy of my time.
You need to stop moving around. You need to get some spiritual guidance/discipline and face your pain. It will not be fun or entertaining, you can’t keep trying to escape- it doesn’t actually set you free- what is beneficial is not the same as what seems pleasurable. I hope you think deeply on my words-
Because any potential you have is being lost as you are wasting so much time running from nothing but your own shadow.”
Sharada Devi
Here is the song…

3 thoughts on “Faith”

  1. That makes stone cold sense. Bright and painful!
    BTW Pablo, I was in middle school, this is the only song my mom ever said she felt uncomfortable with me listening to!

  2. keep licking the wound
    until you eat away at your own bone
    rip the scab over and over again and again

    keep feeling the pain and tasting the dried blood
    until you believe that it happened
    analyzing to understand over and again

    until you are so tired


    just like trash
    a memory
    be discarded

    all that is

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