phurba of vajrakilaya

Sex is death and everyone wants to be god. This isn’t about pleasure or position. This is about pulling rank, getting fed and disappearing fast and hard. This isn’t a come on, this is a profound and sacred spiritual teaching. Everything I’ve ever said to you meant so much more than you’ve understood. I slipped the drug into the dark side of the moon. The unseen side of you knows the proposition. I see you in my reflection- otherwise I wouldn’t ever know what to say. There really aren’t too many interesting ways to approach the simple secrets. I entertain you as I entrain you and slowly the obvious grows…what do you think I want?

Well it’s not what you’re thinking. I have a vivid imagination and so I can say it in so many ways-how to twist the lid, unzip the bag, screw the thing together, get off at the right stop- how to do what you came to do- and if not now, eventually…the rope doesn’t get any looser and the devil doesn’t ever eat himself out of this one.

Don’t be afraid of my twin sister ok?

I never threaten or deceive -and I also never move against the wind. I won’t force you into position and I also won’t pull the trigger for you.
I won’t make this all about getting off and I could care less if you ever get on…I won’t help to create another limp cripple and I won’t be your slave until death do us part. There is a queen who lives on the other side of town but nobody knows she is royal but me. She keeps her crown in a box in the closet downstairs and she fixes things and sweeps the porch. You wouldn’t recognize her because you’re not looking for her and the saddest part is, she is your mother.

So you can fuck the ice all the way home- and you can swear at the car in front of you that never moves fast enough -and you can beat her ass with the best whip you’ve got -and you can hang him from the meat hook in the cellar -and you can write me a poem and then burn it in hell- and we can both see the story but be on different pages…

this is something you should know…

right before she died she hid the sacred words beneath a giant rock way up on the side of a smoky hill that overshadowed an empty valley- the valley where she lived -and it was a crevice in the once pure land -where nobody went because the air was too heavy with hungry ghosts…and she was very old and she thought, “One day he will find me here as the moon is turning- and when he hears the words and lifts the rock -I’ll come back again swooping down for his throat as a hungry black vulture with a red shiny face…and because he will understand the message in my shrouded words, he’ll recognize me this time around the sun- and the words will take a tangible form- and I will move my feminine shape into her formidable, achieving body -and I will inhale his heart and he will become the phurba of vajrakilaya -the king slayer of the coming doom -and I will overshadow him always as the one who gave direction- and he will carry my rock on his back -and I will be there always as a beautiful body of dreams whispering in his ear where to touch me next…

and the story doesn’t end here…

because after she foretold the prophecy she went to lay beneath the last tall tree as night was falling- to welcome her death as the next doorway to the endless sky…and just as she exhaled for the very last time, she heard the same song in the wind that blew through the valley on the day she was born -and someone was coming to take her away from the known and the knower…

” I wasn’t old anymore and he laid on top of me like a dark blanket -and I opened my eyes and the night was a glowing black onyx – a swirling velvet- a finally touchable god -countless stars were piercing -throbbing- diamond lights- dripping an indescribable bliss into my immortal body- and the fertile moon was a great pulsing pearl oozing in the fullness of our total embrace…dissolution and absolution…

love making is death…

then the story snapped-and the world retracted- and together we fled the coming dawn…into what is known as the last second before release…

And it’s always above us, what I’ve just said. And they’re always reaching for this…and that’s what tantra is. Sex is death -and death is her life becoming you.

So don’t beat around the bush.

Sharada Devi

11 thoughts on “phurba of vajrakilaya”

  1. Fade into black, and see the inner sky open before you. You are in fear of your own projections, it’s all a mind fuck baby. The only way out of the stinkin thinkin is the sound of the bell and your voice deep and loud calling out HER name. You see she has 11 heads and a million hands and she comes when you offer up your pain to win the game. There is only the way of hard and harder, just get up and bow down with all your heart and hit the ground. The mind is maya, she will never let you go to nirvana. You see it is a tantric trick. you have to flip it over and look at the other side of the mirror. That’s the black light she speaks to you in when the tone of your own voice is the answer. But you just keep gossiping with that demon inside your empty head. “What a shame….. they always want to start a fight ,”says the rolling stones. So pick up the crystal three bladed dagger and thrust it deep in your heart. Don’t die a sheep, be a lion. When Trungpa and all the big wigs were leaving Tibet for India, his Guru was walking towards China with the Phurba in his hand. You see what you are, here comes Grandma with the silver water vase of eternal life. All the hungry ghosts hold out there mouths for the drop of golden water. OH mommy take me home….HRIH. blip, flip take a dip and be born again. bodhi vajra Das is your golden child who came to save the world from unbearable suffering.
    jang chub dorje…….bodhi vajra born again in Goddess Tara’s Tear. bababear das

  2. This is very intriguing to me this concept ( proper word ? ) of the phurba of vajrakilaya.
    Unknown until just now.
    Thank you for sharing such things.
    Opening new doors,
    New rites of passage.
    I would like to understand this more fully.
    In my “mind” this just came out –
    🔰 – opaque mysteries that with right timing and skillful revealing may become translucent reality – 🔰

    On this life’s journey of uncovering that which lies dormant and hidden and fulfilling the goal of extermination of karmic debt and annihilation of ego traps. Perhaps previous life promises yet to be dealt with accurately. This one needs so much help and guidance on the way.
    Am I making sense?
    with gratitude,
    Sri Radhe

    1. It makes sense my sweet and sacred friend!
      We all need vajrakilaya and his phurba-
      to break the rock and free us⚡️⚡️⚡️☄☄☄
      poison into nectar. Tantra.

  3. Find the bottle in the bathroom
    It’s all in my nose
    Is this the darkness you speak of
    That hungry ghost walked right through the lock door
    Standing in the kitchen
    Now it’s the ghost of death
    Looking in my mirror
    Where did my face go, it’s a cloud of smoke
    A slow fog
    Fall into a dance
    Off the top floor
    A dance with the dark lord
    Dance all the way to the fork in the road
    Please, I beg the farmer, set it all on fire
    I fell down the waterfall back into the hole
    Don’t you think it’s over?
    The caterpillar couldn’t make it in time
    The leaves are dry and track marks are just line
    I blew my nose and bled through my eyes
    I can hear you walking
    Kill the twin that can never get enough

    1. I love you Marlee.
      Both of you❤️
      you can’t kill her.
      redemption through
      her love.
      find her eyes in the dusk,
      when the mirror blurs
      and God walks into
      the cracks that bleed.
      heart open eyes know.
      sink the sun until
      the moon can see.
      There is no evil,
      there is no good,
      there’s only you
      and me❤️🌹⚡️

      1. We love you too😊
        Standing on the balance beam
        Can we meet in the middle without falling into the pit of quicksand
        I bow to her
        Kissed and made up
        I forgive myself
        But like a rising tide when the moon is glowing
        Comes the guilt, shame
        Writing letters to her of all the thing I need to live with
        Of all the moments I want to forget
        But wanting is a joke and they stay for a reason so I tell her
        We both were burned in the fire
        The fire that transformed us
        I love her because she helped me find God
        I love her because she is God

    1. or maybe you mean flirting with death
      but of course, you need to flirt with one
      to ever become deep enough to love the other’s bedroom eyes…

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