evolutionary crossroads

The biggest illusion of all is that we think someone fills this hollow shell, that an entity inhabits this body and this entity is me. The truth is, we have no self, we are selfless consciousness. We construct karma upon the band of time and space so that we can demonstrate what is possible by expanding consciousness through the practice of dharma. We are not a separate being, but we have a history that begins in the bindu of now and moves backwards upon the stream of a starry, imprinted, threaded sound current made manifest as you- where all this information is recorded in the stars which form the individual symphony of your becoming- and this sound can be heard, fine tuned and interpreted through the sound current of your own authentic voice- which is the song of the stars, the proclamation of the gods that the child of god has been born and is you- commencing with your first newborn cry, or better said, will be you- once you break the karmic illusion of the imagined and suffering, solid self. Selfless hood is the merging of your emptiness with the compassion of the deity and vice versa.

Through the sound current of your authentic voice, you access and trigger the stars. Your authentic voice is the refinement and projection of your divine perfection as it suits your unique individuality based upon your past lives and where you come from- which determines where you might be headed and therefore, who you might actually become- where you receive protection of the gods, are imbued with possibility and realize inherent potential.

And for those of you who doubt or cannot see the significance of astrology, you are really losing out on a deepening of an intimate connection to all that you are- astrology is an ancient and profound- reflective, navigating science- in as far as the stars, their patterns and movements are the sign posts and map of everywhere you’ve been- and what you’ve been doing up until now. Your birth chart is the song of your soul made possible by time. And anyone interested in any sort of self discovery- meaning what’s my pattern, foundation, direction and inheritance based on my idea of my illusory self and the fulfillment of my dharma? Then a deeper understanding of this karma, dharma generating illusion called me- must be understood- and that’s why an understanding of your personal astrology- the ancient, yogic science  of sound and light revealed in time, is extremely important.

That being said, everything has led to now- has led to this moment and these words. It’s not all for nothing, it wasn’t just a coincidence that we banged heads, it’s not ever just another random occurrence.

Everything is created by magnetism and conductivity via the astrological factors- determining what and who you magnetize and when- the messages your subconscious mind is sending another is what magnetically pulls them to you. The more powerfully conductive individual is the one pulling the people, circumstances and conditions to themselves more rapidly and mysteriously in order to accomplish much, tie up loose ends, gather and pool resources, reestablish significant karmic bonds which leads to a clearing of the confusion that can occur during the grades of testing at the “evolutionary crossroads.”

Everyone- from that perspective, is a potential messenger and it’s important to pay attention to these messages and know when we are receiving one- What I’m saying is- there’s a lot going on beneath ordinary, every day supposed awareness- and it’s in that subtle energy fields that everything is either programmed or being programmed to occur- and for that reasons things are never just as they appear on the surface.

As your magnetism changes through spiritually transformative practices contingent upon the astrological transits that generate new encounters and experiences- you begin to lose interest in current relationships, situation, habits or past times- and that’s because you’re magnetism is pulling you in a different direction and therefore the old ways are no longer binding. The problems arise for you when you refuse to let go of these old patterns and people- and then the universal hands reach in and make your otherwise dull life into an absolute hell for you. This is god’s wrathful form of grace- believe it or not. You will always get a chance to answer the call for change compliantly- but when you don’t, circumstances tend to get much worse- and will continue to degenerate until you cooperate and make the evolutionary shift. Continued resistance to necessary growth at this point could possibly result in disease or sickness, an accident, fighting all the time, feeling a displaced sense of anxiety and paranoia or being paralyzed by every sort of addiction- until you finally can’t go on resisting and hit the bottom- realizing total helplessness and defeat- at which time, if you are getting wiser, you may be open to letting go of outworn clinging.

And it doesn’t have to be this way, these curses you are struck with are only because you aren’t listening- and seemingly valid excuses and your “personal story” don’t matter even a little bit- the only thing that matters is that the life current coarsing through your physical and astral body is transmuting energetically- due to the evolutionary movement of the stars and also due to cosmic collective conditions- and so you cannot go on like this resisting growth -without dire consequences.

Answers will not fall from the sky, courage doesn’t come and hold your baby hand- it is you that must do something, make a proclamation and make a change- not tomorrow, but today. Right now.

You think your thoughts don’t matter. You think I can’t hear your mind. You think you don’t travel astrally at night. You think we don’t talk in dreams within alternate dimensions. You think your house has walls and your body is encased in skin. You think it’s your little life, savings and family you’ve made- and it’s all contained, supervised, managed and maintained by you? Do you really think you’d be reading this if I wasn’t talking to you?

You are a hollow shell with stars inside. You get inhabited based on a number of things. Past life gurus, the gods that desire to enter you- as well as the ancestors who desperately call- and then there are the astral predators and alien parasites that drain our vitality- and the list goes on- and the reasons are many. Does it even matter why or how? Kind of, but not really- what matters is that you become more conscious of the things you’re tapping into on a daily basis- dead foods, dead screens, dead music, dead conversations, dead relationships – it all effects your consciousness-your new, bright life- it distorts your magnetism- holds you back from achieving based on your god given talents, abilities and gifts…

and because you’re still trying to establish a sense of fundamental boundaries in this illusion of separateness- you must become as solid as a rock or an old tree- before you can be as etheric as the rainbow or as subtle as the orchid. These dead things blur your vision and negate your personal, core power to a detrimental degree- yielding you either pretty much useless to yourself, or just plain self destructive- and so before you can blossom into selfless hood embodying the divinity- you must clear away the death in your life by you, yourself (whose non existent anyway) dying to the distortion you’re now living due to primal fear and worn out excuses- due to attachment to bad habits of body, speech and mind.

It all just depends on what you want out of this precious, fleeting human life- and so no need to get offended or defensive- there is no judgment here. Everything you are doing and not doing is leading you somewhere distinctive and absolutely. Every act and choice is a huge deal. Sacrifices matter. You sacrifice the lesser for the greater and you reduce karma. You fearfully cling to the lesser and reject the greater and you create more karma for everyone- including those you think you love. Your position, role and persona is transient and without substance. It is not who you are. Who you are will take more inquiry and this is why practices such as fasting and isolation, silence and prayer- are life changing -it’s because you finally get a glimpse of this dreaming passenger and when the undying crystal light of the mantra is revealed, you see with a clear vision that is eternally aware of you as you are- and yet not limited by anyone or thing. You become your own cherished mirror when your heart shines from your eyes not because you saw someone outside of you that you “love” but because you saw yourself from the inside and there is only one love my sweet dreamer.

Selfless compassion requires decisive behavior.

So it’s over and over again that you turn and and spark and ignite and align and adapt and refuel- and it’s never ending the letting go of nothing that you think is everything- and all you have- and the spaces in between where your character is built are the listening grounds- as these answers to your insecurity and questions are coming only in the in between and nowhere else- because that is only when you actually need these answers, when you’ve already bravely taken the leap of faith, made the required sacrifice, trusted in the care of the divine mother- and now the all knowing, all aware- universal hands must catch you- and certainly they will…

but you won’t know and you’ll find reasons to stay stuck- fear disguised as doubt, intertia disguised as a perverse sense of duty- and as long as you’re stubborn and arrogant- or lack devotion to the source of your liberation- you will remain asleep- constantly scheming, bargaining, and excusing your life away. Always a reason to remain hiding from the light, I know. And there are so many ways to deceive yourself in that regard. That’s why the world is the way that it is, nobody does anything but spin out- and it’s all for the same reasons you’re spinning out- who cares what the flavor is, it’s the same stifling, suffocating, stenching pile of shit excuses…

because who really loves god more than their own imagined security? Not really anyone- even though it’s the only trade that yields the priceless gold, the abundant riches of the gods and the crowning halo of the immaculate mother light.

It’s always been simple. The truth is the truth and nothing and nobody needs to change but you.

Sharada Devi ☀️


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19 thoughts on “evolutionary crossroads”

  1. Not two, not two ”First thought, best thought.” Trust your gut feelings, they don’t lie. Your mind is Maya, totally mad, spinning out in concepts and disinformation, which you greedily devour and get stuck in the hall of mirrors like a barking, rabid dog attacking only yourself. Stop chasing your tail and just shut up and sit still. Who dies?
    Fear is the doorway to fearlessness. Fear shows you what is missing and what you need to conquer this powerful predator demon called fear, you need the antithesis who is the embodiment of fearlessness, who is the wrathful, dark goddess of fearlessness, and it is she alone, who grants “the death of death” death who wears the face of fear, your greatest enemy, we bow to her who is the slayer of our defects and delusion, who is the grace that kills the demon named fear. Without knowing this demon of fear you will not know her, who is the destroyer of fear. Awaken to the lull of fear’s grasp and disguise and invoke the goddess now. Learn to tell the difference, who your real friends are. There is no such thing as spiritual, there is just seeing self deception as such and changing direction. The wisdom goddess dakinis hold the soma pot and give it to those who have real devotion and faith in the Guru. The Guru who points to the God in Us. Sri Sharada Devi knows everything because because the Dakinis whisper in her ear, and she will tell you if you can humble yourself enough to listen. I know because we have been on retreat for ten years, and she is never wrong. Do what she says and the little magic bird inside of you will tell you what to do. Trust your heart, we are really all made of light. The clear mother light is the gap between the thoughts. The monkey is everyone stupid. Its simple. Do the math.

    Sri Baba Bhagavan Das Dharmasara

  2. Dark, cold days are dwindling, the Sun of God is warming my soul singing within my heart calling for me in dulcet tones to welcome the season of renewal, give -in with joy to precious green let go of the cobwebs clouding the corners of cling and sing the solar gift of spring pulled out of the places of hiding into the light of alive dig in the dirt and know your true mother, feed from her giving grace the vibrant wellspring of vitality be the seed that plants the seed and patiently watch as you both grow into a new life, becoming one with the holy trinity of sun, water and fertile earth. Feel the real. What a blessing!

    🌱I am feeling so inspired lately, so much more alive and drawn to wanting to be invigorated and whole. A rite of spring fasting seems to be the perfect way to begin again. Sharada Devi , please tell more about spirulina and how to eat it, I have never used it before.

    1. Get the highest quality spirulina- not in plastic but in dark glass-the reason is it will contain heavy metals if you don’t-and possibly be radioactive/ and lose potency if not in the dark glass- and absorb plastics chemicals- low quality spirulina is dangerous to take- buy only best-
      Nutrex spirulina Pacifica is very safe, high quality and easy to find-

      Spirulina is extremely potent superfood high in protein and nutrients -it is the most complete balanced food source on earth- vitamins minerals protein and alkalanizing- chlorophyll -detoxifies the liver and soothes vata- packed with nutrition and no carbohydrates or fat

      Spirulina Fast-

      3-4 drinks per day- 24-32 oz each

      In high speed blender combine

      24-32 ounces room temp water-not ice cold

      2-3 heaping tbsp spirulina (can start w 1 and work your way up depending on detox symptoms-could cause stomach upset etc)

      Stevia to sweeten- and I use “nu naturals vanilla stevia” because all other stevia is gross and this brand is not gross- w alcohol or alcohol free- doesn’t matter to me-

      a good pinch of Celtic sea salt

      blend until frothy.

      Drink slowly and it’s making the fasting so much easier because spirulina takes away hunger pangs because it balances the blood sugar- it has no fat and no carbs about 4 grams of protein per tbsp and 20 calories level tbsp-

      You cannot go wrong with spirulina it will change your life and make your eyes very white…

      Hope that helps.
      PS- you can also have some ORGANIC miso broth at night- since miso is made from soy and all soy -but organic is gmo- only organic miso is safe to consume- or you can make homemade pottasium broth instead -recipes can be found online-

      1. salt to improve hydration? My friends have been on a “no-salt” thing. They eat veggies and drink carrot juice and kombucha, but that’s pretty much it. I am having fun !!!!!!!

      2. Yes, this helps a lot.
        I appreciate your taking the time and explaining in full detail.
        Thank you Sharada Devi!
        ps: i did not mean to take your blog in another direction.
        The question came as a result of the post – me being inspired to create change.
        The first part of my reply was flowing straight from my heart after reading your post.

    1. Please- everyone – keep comments remotely relevant to the blog material, otherwise what’s the point of me writing anything if comments on the current blog are just used to ask me questions about whatever- like spirulina or salt water- that subject matter was from a recent video- not this blog- totally unrelated thank you.

      No he did not.

        1. It’s ok sweet wayne- that’s why I mentioned it now because things tend to go off in whatever direction…and the spirulina was from a video- and I replied to Radhe about it -and I should have mentioned it then…☀️

      1. your inappropriate comment was deleted and you are no longer allowed to post on this site- and you wonder and whine why nobody likes you and thinks you’re stupid?

        It’s pretty obvious dude when all you do is bite the hand that feeds you.

  3. Thank you for your & Bhagavan Das’ words. They speak to me from another place and right to my soul. I would love a deeper perspective of my dharma and karma from you. Would you email me to set up?

        1. Really? Did you ask them where the records were sent? I was born in a tiny country town and I was able to get my records 20 something years later….and I’ve never heard the 10 year thing unless they sent them to some state or city records department???

          1. They told me to call vital records. Was on hold for awhile. I will try again tomorrow. I was born in DC

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