everything changes

I will post new YouTube video links on the blog. This is called everything changes. I hope this video inspires and supports you wherever you find yourself. If so, please subscribe.

Love, Sharada Devi

6 thoughts on “everything changes”

  1. Dearest Sharada Devi,

    Thank you for your videos. They do help. Your voice is soothing and your teachings are good gentle reminders to get through my daily life, and the breathwork helps with the anxiety. I’m so happy to see you!!! You’ve been missed.


  2. Yes I will echo Kamala Devi you have been missed. It’s good to see and hear you on video again I am grateful for your seva

  3. Greatest Guru or self-centered scammer?
    Supportive sangha or corrupted cult?
    Sacred scriptures or false fairytales?
    Proper public servant or paid-off politician?
    Reputable reporter or perfidious press?
    Beneficial businessman or money making maniac?
    Loyal lover or cheating companion?

    In this Kali Yuga the lines are continually blurred. Let the light of this full moon flood every corner of the shadows in all of our minds…

    1. Lesson in Survival
      Spinning out on turns
      That gets you tough
      Guru books-the Bible
      Only a reminder
      That you’re just not good enough
      You need to believe in something
      Once I could in our love

      Black road
      Double yellow line
      Friends and kin
      Campers in the kitchen
      That’s fine sometimes
      But I know my needs
      My sweet tumbleweed
      I need more quiet times
      By a river flowing
      You and me
      Deep kisses
      And the sun going down

      Maybe it’s paranoia
      Maybe it’s sensitivity
      Your friends protect you
      Scrutinize me
      I get so damn timid
      Not at all the spirit
      That’s inside of me
      Oh baby I can’t seem to make it
      With you socially
      There’s this reef around me

      I’m looking way out at the ocean
      Love to see that green water in motion
      I’m going to get a boat
      And we can row it
      If you ever get the notion
      To be needed by me
      Fresh salmon frying
      And the tide rolling in

      I went to see a friend tonight
      Was very late when I walked in
      My talking as it rambled
      Revealed suspicious reasoning
      The visit seemed to darken him
      I came in as bright
      As a neon light
      And I burned out
      Right there before him

      I told him these things
      I’m telling you now
      Watched them buckle up
      In his brow
      When you dig down deep
      You lose good sleep
      And it makes you
      Heavy company
      I will always love you
      Hands alike
      Magnet and iron
      The souls…

      ~ Joni Mitchell


  4. Wonderful videos, Sharada Devi. You are on the path. You help people. Thank you. The gift is the life that people share.

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