He drug a stick wherever he went.
Drawing lines upon the earth,
inevitably caught.
She spoke with sweet surrender.
Spinning clouds inside their minds,
inexorably drawn.
This went on
because it always has.
Each prisoner, each key.
My sun day. My moon day.
Soft shapes, sharp angles.
Measurements and harmonies.
Beings from another planet,
left over pieces, fly away.
No more boxes, no more words
to trap me. Either upon this land or inside this mind. The ebb and flow of fire.
Is miraculous, though we still weep.
At his feet. Inside her swollen heart.
We still beg for freedom,
though the game is ours.
And it hurts, these moving pieces.
And it pulls, the lonely child.
And it won’t, disappear beneath the water.
In my sleep or below my breath.
These things I make, then let them break.
I say it isn’t real. I am not this.
Whoever they are, they are sticks
for the fire. She rises as voluptuous smoke,
he burns as he always does for her.
And the child just believes in the light
and wants to be warm.
We are trapped in this family.
I am only a seed, being planted in hearts.
Being burned deep in heads.
Diving into the flames, the little one knows
there is such a thing as immortal as the screen
that beckons with its beloved call.
A flower has no roots inside the floating song.
That is the pain that has no core but devours from the outside in. That is the tremor that has no source but shimmers from the inside out.
And all my words point to the glory. And all my actions point to the dead…
All my blood drains to the life that rises and smiles down upon the flesh.
Little flesh I love who feels the steam between us.
We were born to be wild and free. This is what I have dedicated my life to. Not to the preservation of religious rituals but the unshackling of the truth beyond self imposed boundaries. We are not prisoners of anyone’s box, even our own. No, it’s not easy. Yes, I feel alone in my conviction- because to me, everyone talks but no one makes the crazy move. The wild fox move. I can’t hear the wolf howling from anyone’s heart. Wolves howl to call to each other from far away. The moon draws them into the circle deep in the night. Then they become witches in a secret forest where only the stars know their true names. This is what I believe in and nothing else. Everything else is just theory.  Listen to the sounds of wind and water. Feel the magnetic pull of your spiritual ancestors and stop being afraid beneath the hands of your trainer. Wolves were not meant to be captive. Where freedom is found is an art however because we have to know what the trap really is. Then we have to stop treating ourselves how our captors have treated us and we need to stop playing victim and call out with all the power of our soul. Wild and forever free. We do know the truth that cannot ever be caught. Because we feel the pain of ignoring it’s call deep within our bodies. Civilization is all wrong. Grids and rules are not real, not really. There is something more that we can’t ignore, because it’s turning from a breeze into a tornado.
Sharada Devi

5 thoughts on “Escape”

  1. uh oh! you made my exclamation stand up straight. I don’t know, sometimes I feel like the effort is pointless- the effort to stand. Like I belong lying down, or sitting. But then something falls and a jolt pops me up. Really. And I am left alone, standing, and the earth is so far away, I have to reach it. Your gravity, I guess, or mine. Something to get lost in, because who cares, about the world or whatever. You are all I have, to be or wrap around. To keep me going. Not a choice, but something before that. Like we can’t be separated, just interrupted. So I will sing again, because I can, and because I still see you and feel, the beat and ache that pulls me out from black. I’m here beating, to see the quiet shine, and to feel, rest- the rest.

    1. Standing ungrounded? Or feeling like you can’t hold it down- to be the one standing is to become a leader not a follower.

      A tree with roots not a vine. Growing in both directions.

      Not a choice but a necessity to then fill your tree with effortless birds…

      You sound like a beautiful seed about to break through the earth toward the light of the sun.

      It’s inevitable with words such as these.
      Because once the seed knows, the seed grows!

      PS- this reply is line by line related to yours. The spring rain.

  2. Jupiter went retrograde
    And He is hiding His light
    Light to Darkness
    Darkness to Light
    Sound to Silence
    Silence to Sound
    Remover of the Shadow
    Exposed into the Light
    All that Truth in my Mantra
    Truth, a sound so loud
    Blaring from my trumpet
    Truth, it shook loose all the bad apples
    Still, must I eat rotten fruit
    From the Tree of Knowledge?
    Must I kill all my super heroes?
    Guru, Shaman, Prophet, Priest?
    I guess all I really have ever known
    Is my Self anyway…

  3. Nature. Nature is, as an untouched phenomenon IS. Nature is wild, and so is its ruthlessness. Alpha males, and alpha females. Hierarchical stuff that our own spirit tells us is ultimately only relatively real. But…Its caring and passion are part of our DNA; its survival instincts, its throwing aside of so-called civilised niceities that bury the wildness –its separate-looking at those “poor sods” out there in the rat race slogging it out at 6 am “every damn day” to show up for what (Jehova? The pledge of allegiance? Marx? Their nuclear family? Their pet turtle? Kali Ma? Heck, just pick something. You gotta have money. You gotta eat. You got a legacy. You owe. Etc….) has told them is right. Or what Wall Street has shown them is right. Pick one.

    But there IS a wide gulf between folks on their wildly divergent paths which which seems to say “I have no idea what you (whose ways are alien to me) are about and nor do I care.”


    Q: “what’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?
    A: “Don’t know, don’t care.”

    Nevermind. “We” are all in this “together.” Right? “We” who go about our lives. Ships passing in the day. Masks on so we can even function. We look at each other. Sometimes we smile. Other times we wear the mask that reveals nothing.

    This dream. This incomprehensible reality that we are constantly creating models of in our minds to make sense of: all this showing up as it shows up as it shows up as it shows up.

    Nature is not good or bad. Nature just is. What are we escaping from? The tortured, freaked out aspect of the psyche says “omg, help me–I am trapped. But I am smiling underneath my tears because” [fill in the blank]. I have a narrative I follow. Don’t we all?”


    No. We, you, I, all of the above, create the trap. Or the trap was already here. We just started up our engines and dove in. Voilà. Here we are. Wheeeeeeee!

    The trap is there, is here, because we need to find out that going somewhere else from where we are always takes us back to the realisation that even though it sure does not feel like home when it doesn’t feel like home, it always is. How can that be? Home has infinite disguises. But your feelings know…your nature has some idea.

    No matter how far away the trip takes us. It’s home. Air you can’t breathe. Home. Toxic chemicals. Home. Normalised psychosis (war). Home. Information. Misinformation. Agendas. Delusion. “I’m right and you’re wrong. You’re duped and I’m not.”

    What an endless broken record.

    There is beautiful music, however. Ah yes.

    How strange. How this internal logic shows up as making this all be true, simply because it shows up at all.

    Take NOTHING personally. Because your reality is yours, mine is mine, ours is ours, theirs is theirs, and so on and so forth. Ad infinitum.

    Your reality is yours to embrace. Be free, but then…note how you are not free, after you started out on your quest to be free. And then you’re going “WTF. This is not what I planned on.”

    You then proceed with your karma. The unexpected comes along and says: “how’s that freedom working out for you?”

    To be continued.

    Start with freedom and go from there. You’ll end up where you end up starting and ending; starting and ending; gathering clues; making changes. 🌈❤💜💚💙 Have faith in the darkness that is hiding the light.

  4. I have been dreaming a lot lately. Remembering my dreams, too. It’s been wonderful. I have been dreaming of animals. Most recently wolves. Some dreams I am in a pack of wolves (not sure if I am human or a wolf myself), and in one dream I am a lone wolf. I leave my pack. I don’t know why, but I just do. I am in the mountains when the winter is turning to spring. There is a lot of green all around me. Lots of sun. I am going somewhere…but do not know where. Awake, I ask my wolf self why did I leave the pack? I don’t have an answer.

    When I meditate I now go UP…and out and far away. Every time now for quite some time. I am here…in my body…but also UP …WAY UP “there” in the realm where I see earth WAY DOWN “there.” I can move back and forth. I mostly stay UP THERE. I lose track of sensation. This has been happening more and more (losing all sensation). I am not asleep. I am sure of this.

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