erase the shadow from this mountain


Light illuminates the shadow.
Matter creates darkness and residue.
When we die, we drop body density and encounter our shadow- the lesser denseness,ย the etheric karmic darkness hidden from the light. Matter conceals and blocks by its very nature. Lightness reveals and dissipates by its force of anti- gravity. They say saints have no shadow- then they say that’s folklore, but we don’t know- unless we know. The rainbow body is the perfect glowing vehicle- karma-less- reflective grace of the presence of unimpeded light radiating from the human form. We’re fairly useless until we face the shadow. Now is better than later, but it hides itself just to keep existing…become a human orchid. The living Eros of devotional God light. Be fearless as death, the black grim reaper approaches. The black isn’t there, it’s only you caught in the game. Hide and seek, whose truly seeking. Christ said, “seek and you shall find.” So either you’re not really seeking…or you’re turning away from what you find. God hides in the shadow…but first you must muddle through that mirage of dark fears to reach the golden bindu in the center. The point of immortality, the tip of the ever-cutting blade. The infinity of the looping ache of grace. They call it all sorts of things from the circle of suffering to the Lila of divine play of the creator. I call it a call to war. Krishna did too. Demons must be devoured and digested with precise compassion. Destroy the darkness by the force of impeccable love.


Immaculate fierce- harmless angel. Angel is a way of saying, “get the angle that floats you.” It’s all dimensional- mathematic geometry- space- sound and how they clash inside the shadow. Be transparent, have nothing to hide. The Guru is simply from light to dark- shadowless. You will be deceived otherwise and it will hurt until you get inside the black and merge whatever this insanity is until the heaviness rains light through the crystal of your very own deified form. It takes a lot of tears to approach the white blind light. It’s takes an unblinking love stone. Anyway, we are driving through the desert and a huge black shadow is covering the face of a pale turquoise mountain…this cloud hangs in the sky completely unaware of its enigma. So I am thinking of entering the shadow in a way never seen, on my own. Without any crutch called God or Guru’s face to comfort what I’ll find as me. I have a giant open mouth. A huge flower am I seeking the water. I won’t therefore hide where the rain comes from. Rain sky, erase the shadow from this mountain. I am seeing clouds and shapes made of sun. There is no black, only lines that never needed to be there. Sharada Devi

3 thoughts on “erase the shadow from this mountain”

  1. Immaculate.
    I can see your shadow in your body as a divine being. Like if those fallen angels weren’t stone. But could lift there heads when their hearts had fallen. We couldn’t erase those lines. Of tears, accidentally made into years. I love you like my heart falls from you. I don’t know anything but my own misfortune and the light that shows it. Stepping into the white blind light is impossible without you.
    I always thought he said “the white-lined life”. Like the sun behind a cloud. You are immaculate. It falls away… like rain, and we will be there, as we are now, to hold it all and let it go, just immaculate. That’s all.

  2. When I look at you now I am reminded that it’s ok,
    Not to be something else, without a shadow,
    And the shadow comes out as fire sometimes, but if I’m not hiding, comes out as light

  3. Where is she going, i ask myself
    heading through the desert wild seeking secrets
    as only a quest for all things stark can reveal
    There is magic in the bold vaporous form
    that in a flash can disappear by a smooth wind
    Living as a human orchid, what an exquisite idea
    breathing out through every pore
    a sweet stillness
    effortless fragrant fragility
    untethered to thought or fear
    Putting all trust in truth
    i let go of any notion of control
    allowing the way of others to flow through me
    like a low hanging cloud filtering the tint of shadow
    casting out instead, an arc of rainbow light

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