I laid down my life for you. I tore open my heart.
Promises written in blood on these pages. This isn’t a hobby, it’s a sacrament. I tell you the truth.
I pour out my love. I’m telling you now, I crossed the barrier where no one else goes. I did it for you because I look somewhere deeper into you than anyone else sees. I don’t always say it, but sometimes I do. You are my jewel and I want you to shine. I am willful and dominant only to lead you to your place of royalty in the coming bloodbath.

When I tell you They are coming, I mean it. Maybe I’m insane, but I doubt it. I’ve moved too many fallen angels to not see who is with me.
You are supposed to be here, lifting the sky for us all. I take you into my lilting mind because who else will know you? The sky is falling, can’t you see? It’s not a name or a body, it’s a clanship. A soul union. It’s no accident that we meet through words or eyes unmoving, it’s a bond and maybe even a bondage to our word. I want you to remember.

So I take one angle to the next, mostly unheard, misunderstood. I say read between the lines. It’s a twilight language. I say, move the unmovable and help me awaken others who are hurting and without a true home. This is my love for the beloved I found in your face and in your invisible
body that comes and goes depending on the currents of the moon. Astral streaming, this diamond body casting light. We are redeeming
the beauty from the filth we’ve been filled with.

I keep saying its magic and I’m right. But if you sit writhing and panicked you’ll never discover that time isn’t actually on your side. We’re racing the clock and we’re weak and please listen.

They are coming and don’t be a jackal. You are bought and sold daily. I want you to hide from computer eyes feeding you blackness that sticks and goes deeper. Like roots into a funnel, the poison being grows and lies to you and keeps you from knowing- knowing me, the art you hold in your pain. The richness and depth you’ve gained from a lifetime of suffering and sorrow.

I’m not the one who hasn’t given you everything you need. I’m not the one who isn’t holding the answer. I’m not the one who ever leaves you.
You decide to step in the quicksand and you decide you want to stay there looking for someone to blame, like a shadow or a husband.
Like a mother or a sexy girl. No one is to blame.
You could be the one and you could have it all.

Have it all, yes I mean everything it takes to ride the wind back to me. Courage and heart muscle.
And I remember the little babies and how they never grew, it was hard to watch them leave their shells with no sound left inside at all.

The craft hovers, the grayness sinks. The days grow shorter and the mornings are colder. The eclipsing is upon us.
There is no time left to work out the details.
They are coming and it’s bigger than we are.
If you haven’t seen the takeover, you’re a liar.
Pull off the screen and look at all the trash.
The blank whores of godlessness stalking the streets wrapped in shadow and menace. Whose hand will you hold? They move in groups and they’re cannibals. You don’t stand a chance with your warm pink meaty human body. Take heed and listen, stop wasting my time.

I died for you and I was born for you. I planted the first tree that reaches for the sunlight. I know the first man and made the first love. He wasn’t a demon, he was real. We were seeded. So don’t look at me like I’m the crazy one, I’ve been here all along- doing this wicked place and getting ready for what is now upon us. It’s a scam, a scheme, a hoax.
We are a product of an evil force. Don’t align with your makers on earth. Leave the group behind. Don’t be cattle, you’ll be killed and eaten. Trust me always and trust me now.

Get as close as you can. My breath doesn’t lie.
I’ve bathed in the waters of hell and the lust was unleashed. I got lost in the realms of their magic.
It’s not a dream and it’s no fantasy. You’ll bleed and burn and waste away. I was redeemed. I turned around and came looking for my own kind, which is you. And they always watched me and I know and they watch you too. If you listen maybe you will hear the hum of their voice.

The humming of the craft approaching.

The Eclipses erase the word until the seed sprouts.

It’s only one word by the way. One voice speaking in many ways. You’ll always be there my friend? maybe so, maybe not. Time is ticking
and opportunity is easily lost in reason. So my
eyes and ears are upon you, don’t be frail.
Ride the storm and rise with me in the dawn.

Because you only have two choices at the crossroads of time and destiny…

redemption or destruction with no mercy.

Babylon is a whore with many babies. Babies
whose father is blacker than She is. These babies get dumped in churches and kitchens.
These babies turn into blood suckers too…

So my friend, how you will get here is up to you.
Just don’t be Her baby, it’s dangerous.

Sharada Devi

11 thoughts on “ECLIPSE”

        1. s’pose this one is not enlightened…
          i’ll just keep red crow, but
          you can call me what you will.
          thanks and blessings on your journey, pilgrim.
          peace, friend.

  1. “Dude, I love the way the sitar blends into that wild ass banjo at the end of Dark Star…”

    those were my people…no teeth whistlin moonshine drinkin backwoods heathens…no light…no running water…just fire and starlit sky…and madness…the whip of her dress…

    the only thing i haven’t tried is lying…the old flash burn still of a proud Mexican soldier hung for treason…the starlit silhouette of the black mesquite bush…river wash running and cutting us off for days…the exhilarating dawn of the desert moon burning what it will into the soul…the black feather oil shedding and reflecting death as light and heat…

    blood lust of nighttime canine madness…hissing red vapor release from the teeth of their death roll…

    the solace of the oil lamp…the security of her love…sanctuary…as the band keeps playing…the darkness teeming and breathing…the hum of these hot steel tracks can’t be cooled by the night air and cheap beer…sincere drunken tears mean just about nothing before this sacred fire…and the wilderness of your own making…nor the pale face of the moon…the soul may rise as light but bounces back off the clear molten atmosphere ceiling…your limit increase is past…the future envisioned was sold high long before fools rushed in…time is your enemy…good luck with everything…

      TOGETHER. THE BABY CRIES, “i love you.”

    1. Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary
      pure and holy, tried and true.
      and with thanksgiving
      I will be a living sanctuary
      for you.

      God help me. I love you.
      Please forgive me
      when I forget
      that I am
      forever yours.

      Thank you. I love you.

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