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I thought I could get by buying a cheap harmonium, but I was wrong. I had to send that one back and buy the one I should have bought in the first place. There is no trade for quality of sound. We are made of sound. Our life, environment, thoughts, actions, inactions, food -all of it give us our “sound quality” there’s no escaping that- and no one can bestow our quality upon us. This is about both creating and embodying the presence of sacred space in our life, in our existence. That’s going to determine the musical instrument we become. There’s no short cut, good deal or compromise either!

Creating sacred space both inside and out really depends on the music you’re playing. All around you, in your head and in your heart heart. Truly the song of God is everywhere always but it’s up to us to tune in to that space like a fine tuned radio receiver. It is about refinement and attunement. It’s also pretty important that we’re not uptight and uncomfortable in our own skin. Words aren’t enough. We must become the sacred space that is so fresh and alive- that we embody the most grounded form of unprecedented unpredictability! That’s where the song plays in its pure joy. That’s when the singer is the song and the movement of dance is simply the outpouring of that joy. This is the mystical union that requires nothing to be memorized, but only that you give up your rigid righteous role, the straight jacket of your self consciousness or just your general embarrassment. That you erase any notion in your head that -these sorts of crazy displays are not for you anymore, though it was fun while it lasted, until you “advanced” to the next holy level…because now you’re doing “deep tantra.”

Tantra IS the music the song and the dance. PERIOD. Any prayer book is designed to get you there via some hardcore structure. Religion is painful. You may imagine if you follow its rules and regulations perfectly that you’ll come out the other side- reborn and saintly. But that’s usually not the case. You might just dry up instead. It’s frustrating because we want some book to take us there, some sadhana to make us a saint. While anything you do to refine your capacity and output is a great thing- it’s not as easy as the 1.2.3 man might tell you. Just stay in line is the premise. I say – at a certain point you’re going to need to get out of line and start trusting yourself and your profound creativity! It’s a fine line to walk and that’s also part of tantra, the reality of the astral highwire! The two sides of human nature can’t be traded one for the other, the two must merge. THAT is the essence of tantra. Everything is effortlessly holy ONLY if you understand on the deepest level that you are holy through and through. Not Understand mentally – but from a deeper place of realization. That understanding is effected by everything you do ALL THE TIME. That’s why  I say OVER AND OVER – EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING- you have to work with what you have every second, every action- it’s a sacred second, it’s a sacred action. It’s all filling you with that clarity as a tantric practice. It’s forming a connection to everything that matters- its invisible- yet it’s magic overlays the visible. The only thing separating fact from fiction is what you’ve been fed or are feeding yourself in all realms of your being – and if you’re trying to compromise your truth, lying to oneself turns a human into a gray lump of a creature- it can’t be done if you would have any resonance with the music of your soul! Before we are form we are formless, that is a clue as to why we may suffer as we do. You know, we can eat less and lose body fat -but to lose the painful memories and misconceptions that are overloading our astral bodies is another matter altogether- but it’s just as real as being obese- your life depends on shedding the weight! And it also involves less- to make the space for digesting -it involves letting go of many dark parts we hold onto as some deranged sort of safety that we depend on to both define us and encase us. Insecurity that is born of self doubt leads to the defense of arrogance. While confidence that is born of courage leads to humility. To be real is to be Christlike. Create that sacred space inside and outside of you- and everything that matters will fall in line, the rest will fall away. Don’t cling to what clearly isn’t working, be wise. That’s why we are going back to Mount Shasta in August- it’s the wise way to make sense in a ridiculously fake world! To be REAL is the holiest thing you can do. I was thinking about that and what I “do” in this world. I came to the conclusion that I “do” me and what I have to offer is “me.” Not a kirtan or a written word- just the real “me” as razor edge close as I can be to myself, my truth. We don’t do, we be. That’s all it is. Live the “being of you” in however it manifests.  It is outside the reach of any defining structure. I do the Mount Shasta retreats to offer this communal refuge as a sacred space of five or six days to remember and to remind ourselves and each other what this life is really for.  My ultimate intention is to provide this for longer durations and to as many sincere people as possible. To create a long term communal sacred space to live the true life with the true people. For now we’ve just got this house and the few of us here working daily within our experience of the music of life. There is a mystical formless presence everywhere. It is the sound of a creative God. You must know that YOU are the source of music. YOU must know that you are the song that God sings – And dancing is the joy the body feels as the formless overflows from the pool of  our heart! Divine inspiration is just as important as breathing. You can’t live without it! I hope that’s how you feel. I hope you decide to come to Mount Shasta!
Sharada Devi
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*Mount Shasta Retreat Aug 5-11
$540 includes food and accommodations
$108 (nonrefundable) to sign up
balance due July 25 (also nonrefundable but can be applied to future retreats)

7 thoughts on “Divine Inspiration”

    1. Here’s a hall of famer (no lie):

      “Everything is effortlessly holy ONLY if you understand on the deepest level that you are holy through and through.” – Sharada Devi

      Love that quote. Wrote it down.

      1. Love contains all which is always being contained; which in turn, is what love is. And so and so forth.
        Love is that which contains the contained. Love is itself, container and contained — subject is object.

        And not only that.

        Love is NOT itself, too. Love is the deep separation between the ego and the world. The yearning to join, and to be joined.

        Tears of sorrow. Love is THAT too.


        That's love. It contains them.

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