entirely taken

Only love is real. Remove lust from your vocabulary.

Love isn’t a word, it’s a space you enter and it consumes you.

Entirely taken.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this gap between us -is sucking our souls against our will-deep into another place-

a place that isn’t love at all.

it’s a dismal wasteland where the masses abide- a space of cold loneliness and brittle isolation with no hope in sight…just lust and domination and fucking mummies and plastic and poisonous perfumes and victoria secret polyester g-strings and condoms and vaseline.

It’s gross. It stinks.

You should get a colonic, take some probiotics, take off that dirty, disgusting g-string- pour out the shit perfume, unwrap your face- hold off on the reckless humping –

and most urgently-get a ticket out of town.

The Love Train is leaving soon…and I’m very concerned you won’t be on it.

Because, nobody will ever find completion or fulfillment looking for love through lust or materialism.

No woman will ever love you if what you value most of all is her ass in tight pants.

And no man will ever feel understood by a woman who tries to turn him into someone who is just like her.

The fundamental differences between mars and venus and the sun and the moon are vast and mysterious. Hence the attraction and magnetic pull. Together we need to merge the space that the tension creates- because the meeting of the two in tension- relieved by friction -is the creation of the Sun Fire and the Cool Soma of the Moon- it is divine Union.

Sex Gods only make Love madly. With no lust or fucking or manipulation to acquire anything from the act.

The problem is- one can’t exist without the other- as is the case with us- and so if both can’t exist and yet are existing -then this is the wounding gap, the chasm of our own undoing.

The place we don’t want to end up.

Because who can erase centuries of conditioning, domination and seduction-all totally unconscious and automatic -when you’re just a captive of the patriarch too?

The man who was bigger and meaner than you. The man who wrote your religion and beat your mother. The drunk man watching TV. The man who told you how useless you were.

The man who fucked you in the ass
-and you just can’t get over it- I understand.

but if you don’t turn around now -you’re well on your way into becoming him (if you aren’t already) so don’t be a stupid, angry dick puppet. Find the bravery to be soft sometimes and to stop needing to be the biggest, best and hardest -and be kind to yourself. Because nobody’s perfect.

You see, you might be a man- but the other bigger men than you-have trained you to be who you are – and to see what you see- they passed down their anger to you so you could continue to conquer, violate and objectify – needy, weak women-

and you want to stop I know -because everybody hurts –

but you have no idea how to be a man -or what that would mean if the program in your head was deleted. You would panic I’m sure- because then love would sweep over you like a wave -and you might see that her beautiful ocean is far more vast than what’s between her legs.

It’s only a body. We use it to love- express and experience-it was never meant to be a means to an end- because we all grow old, rot and die. No way around that -and no tight ass lasts forever.

Only Her love. The Immortal Queen-will satisfy us through the other- the One that we generate from within and magnetize to our very sacred beingness -by entering into her stream of consciousness- which is sex personified as a beauty beyond any -including appearance. Beauty so intoxicating that we are captured and bound by the seductive smolder of her red dance -that we beg to be her slave and to die in her bondage -and that’s love and that’s total devotion.

Women – you should be more.
Women- don’t settle for less.

And Men-
She also feels lost by the running from time -and who will help her if all she has or is- is her looks or her ass? And if she’s getting too old-

“it’s not his fault that he needs to look at porn
I’m not as pretty as I used to be…”

and she’s supposed to love you anyway? Or let it be? Or make excuses for you ? or hate herself? What would you say?

Grow up men
and women wake up.

You do not have to be an object. And you do not have to cower to his criticism.

I know you’re afraid that it’s too late and you won’t be able to find anyone else to love you-
given the current state of your ass or whatever-

but it’s a lie. You should love you.

No wonder all the women are dropping the men like flies and getting with each other. Why not? Women don’t stink. Women are more likely to connect to something else than just an ass or big breasts- or whatever your thing is-

We will go no further if we stop at the surface of every encounter calling it complete and fulfilling or “good enough”‘

You are a liar. Both of you.

Stop and think of how far you’ve come and what you’re going to do about this relationship disconnect- because you can’t separate and accept.

You have to move into it.

But before you do, ask yourself:
“Do I really want to?
“Is it worth it?”

I mean sometimes it’s just all wrong.

We thought it might work, but it’s not. We started together (kind of) on the same path but at the crossroads- we went separate ways. It’s not wrong, it’s just different karma. By you staying and doing this mind numbing dance, you’re only making it worse for your next time around, not better.

And I’m not man bashing
(over and over- I LOVE MEN)

because I think women are participants- and 100% responsible and just as guilty for what they are allowing and accepting as a marriage or as a relationship.

“But he’s monogamous”

Oh, lucky you, he sacrificed everything-
all the hot girls, nipples and asses to be with you for ever and ever?

What a saint.

What are you his cross to bare?

Monogamy isn’t something you think about or promise it just happens when the love is actually true.

When you’re actually moving closer to God by being with this person as opposed to moving further into the tangled karmic web of suffering and loss. Then it’s right. Otherwise, it’s not.

“All other’s are pale next to you. You are the only light in my world. I can’t see without you. You are the air that I breath. I can’t breath without you. You are my beating heart. I can’t live without you. There is only you. My God. My Goddess.”

So if you don’t feel this way and you’re just in some arrangement, compromise or business deal- get out now- man or woman- you don’t need it, life is short and sacred and we will meet again.

What we’ve been doing to ourselves and each other-and putting children in the middle- this isn’t love. It’s BS.

This is the bondage we have become.
Nobody is happy anymore.

If we give up now on our mission and why we’re here -and we can’t even figure out how to truly love another person -and we don’t make it our primary purpose in this life to aspire to absolute union with the divine in the eyes of another –

and we settle for-
“gratefulness that he’ll have me”
or -“at least she still fucks me twice a week”

you should for once, feel shame and remorse on who you have become and what violence you are engaged in.

Violence to you and to me. Because the act of sex is an act of domination and violence in the animal world. The males always dominate and hurt and bite and scar the females.

But since we’re humans trying to be something more than an animal -can’t you at least put some love and devotion into it?


She’s not an animal and neither are you.

At the same time, you aren’t drones wrapped in tight mormon underwear -just politely going through the motions of copulation.

If you cannot deify the One you love or the One you’re with- enough for that person to be all that you need in the most real sense of this journey-

Then get out now.
It’s not worth it.

The silent throb is deeper than her body can ever take you and deeper than he could ever go. It is a memory of who we knew before we came here. It is our bodies of light, beyond time, here now in this space, trying to find some solace in each other’s arms.

Sharada Devi

12 thoughts on “entirely taken”

  1. So many worlds, we live in the realm of desire, we call it the human world. Out of 7 billion people on the planet 258 billion are addicted to pornography. What are you looking to forget? We do everything to not be here now. Desire rules the world so what do you want really? There is little time left in the day, as our life goes up in flames.

    Porn land is the realm of the hungry ghosts. They are tormented by thirst and those hungry eyes. We feed through the eyes images of mom and dad fucking and in the burst of light we enter the womb.

    If we are to be born a man we push dad away and enter mom. If we are to be born a woman we push mom away and enter dad. Keep looking for them out there somewhere something to take away the basic pain. Drugs, overeating, hours on the internet surfing for a window to open in time to take away the nagging longing to be touched for real.

    Be a robot, fuck a plastic doll, put lipstick on the pig, hide the shame and end up in hell or the animal realm. Who knows what you will have for dinner. The hungry ghosts are everywhere, do not become one. Stop and reboot, turn off the page and surrender to the goddess of love.

    She waits for you inside your own heart, only one breath away to touch the sky and cry. Time is a river and its flowing fast, you don’t want to drop dead on a porn site. Where do you want to be when you drop dead? sometimes it goes that way.

    So the torture of the mom and dad trip keeps us all going, but what is the goal? To be a human being and use this day to purify our mind stream with uplifting images.

    The demons sneak in between the sheets when your mind is elsewhere, better take your iphone to bed and watch your favorite fantasy site to keep it up. So put an end to the hungry ghost realm and feed them. When you offer them food they can eat it, otherwise it turns to fire in there thin necks, it never makes its way to there obese fat stomachs.

    They lie on barren land with no water in sight. Nothing out here in the empty mall is for sale, just swipe your card and feel the rush.Change the content of your mindstream before it’s too late.

    For the angel of death has no mercy. Paper or plastic, better to bring your own bag.

    God bless the child who’s got his own. bhagavan das

  2. Only Love is Real
    is really where it’s at.
    i found this out today
    for sure
    what i THOUGHT i could count on
    is just a fallacy
    an empty bag of useless words
    strung together on a tether of fragmented lies and realized hopes and unfulfilled dreams and expectations…
    just when i thought i was so close to forgiveness and acceptance
    the TRUTH always comes gleaming through and setting me straight.
    the proof is in the pudding ( as they say )….
    Actions speak louder than words.

    And meat in the belly seems to be more seductive than sensitivity and kind consideration.

    i bow to You oh Lord of Light and Love
    and pray that You help me find the way
    on my journey to awakening

    Let me always be aware of truth
    and see the ways of false interpretation in all situations

    Please guide me and give me the strength to be true to my inner sincerity and goodness
    as it spills out of me in rays of unbridled reality and makes itself known to those who have ears
    to hear and eyes to see
    that which is more you than it is me
    and even while it is happening
    i am amazed to hear and see the effect it has on those as well as me

    Love can be subtle and it can be powerful
    and when it is real and present
    and accepted in truth
    with awareness and open receptivity
    in the most unlikely situations
    no one balks or hesitates to feel it’s all pervading revelation

    i can feel / sense when this happens
    Real Truth
    when it pours out of me with no thought of what is happening
    it just flows
    when it is done / spoken / received / understood / acknowledged
    it is so profound
    that i am in shock that it has actually occurred.
    that flash of lightening that is not coming from “me’
    but through me
    and reaching something in another being
    for just even that short span of conversation
    by chance
    is so amazing
    and brings me and i think the unsuspecting participant
    into a moment of supreme and divine union
    in a most unexpected way

    And i know then that God is present
    it is not me
    just truth
    and pure
    no strings attached

    1. Sri Radhe
      Men we are with won’t magically just stop
      abusing us. Not doing something practical about a serious problem is just spiritual
      bypassing and it’s fear based and will never change him -because he has to want to change- and he pushes until you’re done with him and then he makes whatever promise or gesture to pull you back -again and again-
      it’s a horrible habit, rut, dead end road.
      But I think you know this already.

      1. Yes, i do know that
        i can change no one
        change comes from within
        and only with a willing heart and true desire.
        No promises where even hinted at on that score.

        the first part of my post was directed to a situation of disappointment

        and the latter to an uplifting feeling that occurred today that there are some ( for a change ) that do see value to what this one may be or have to offer. That i am more than what i have been reduced to.
        That some other beings ( other than those to whom i usually relate ) can see me with more clarity
        and hear what i might say with appreciation and not depreciation.
        And the spilling out was so spontaneous and remarkable even to me.
        Like a breath of fresh air.
        Like an omen of trust in the inevitable unknown

        does that make sense?

        1. YES!!!! only when we’re reduced to ashes
          does it count. And who starts the fire is
          important too…be your own fire starter
          and strike the match of pure love.

          Everyone loves you. You just don’t know it
          because we’re all fake bodies with fake identities pretending we aren’t the love of God Herself. Which we are.

          So get the fire blazing! Love BURNS.

  3. I pray to her every night.
    Yet still nothing.
    I leave her flowers on her pillow to wake up to.
    I cook and clean and garden..

    I share with you how I pray.
    I share with you how I love.
    I share with you my everything.
    Sick Healthy Demented Lost Drugged Together Apart
    As my awareness grows my love grows and the more I can love the more I can receive pain
    So I pray, mantra, tapa..

    So many things written above have let a flood of truth into my being. Ive been messing up a lot. It might be too late.. If your lover or wife won’t let love into her heart I guess I’m doing it for myself and getting my daughter involved for a long hurt. I never want to talk about my relationship because the shaman taught me not to talk about others, Ive said too much already. I will ask Amma tomorrow what to do, in my heart she will deliver the answer.

    (on a side note I do account that my chart relays I’m a very sensitive person by nature so I’m trying to break out of this karmic prison, and trying not to receive the things said at me seriously, but we live in serious times and I’m far from perfect so its a project)

    Thank you so much for sharing the pure light you both carry.
    I feel my chest being split open and can barley type because of the tears.

    Om mani padme hum

    I’ve read the writing on the wall


    1. Sweetest Paul,
      You’re not talking about others you’re talking about your heart and who lives there and how you can let her be free to love you again- and the bird needs to sing and you need to say something- that’s the way home to her and I know you love her-
      sometimes things get piled up and best not to wait for too long to speak up and be direct- how you feel- clarify- it’s the only way sweet father and husband.

      1. Thank you sister! Best relationship advice ive gotten ever (I think).. I did what you said and so far everything is okay. I know we have some sort of demons from our past still haunting us. I’m not sure if it’s the ex girlfriend that died, or the young man that died.. Both from drugs.. The girl and her friend took advantage of my lonely heart and got me messed up on drugs we broke up and she died shortly after I met Gretchen .. The other was a young man in Texas who was sold some hard drugs by my other half and died overdose. So there’s that I’m thinking one or both are haunting us from the other side. I think the girl try’s to seduce my mind and body so that it distract me from the beauty in front of me all the time.

        Amma was perfection today.. Talia didn’t come, I went alone, and the solitude was good – everyone was too busy. People are mostly freaked out by my spirtual connection/devotion at my house, but I felt at home during darshan and got to dishes for a few hours before I left.

        I’m constantly defending why I devote so much time to the source and that me going to god shouldn’t affect anyone else’s relationship with god? That was a big thing Gretchen said she has a hard time going to god because it’s what I do? I’m having a hard time over standing what I’m doing here – I must be praying wrong? She said when I say; “you need to go to god.” She says it makes her not want to more..

        I don’t know, and I’m sorry to bother you with these insignificant trials .. Compared to Orlando or ww3 at our door steps my life seems so insignificant.. Thank you always for your swift replies and honesty and compassion. All my love sister. Thanks again.
        Only love is real.

        Om mani padme hum


        1. Dear Paul,

          GRETCHEN is perfection, not AMMA-do you understand me? Gretchen wants you to GO TO HER and stop saying go to God.
          It’s annoying. You’re always looking somewhere else and not at the perfection and
          Grace of Gretchen. She can take you there my friend as soon as you get out of your fantasy and jump into hers. Trust me I know what I’m saying. You are the one who needs to get real and I’m saying this to help you.

          Amma isn’t real. God isn’t real. Dead girlfriend isn’t real. GRETCHEN IS REAL.
          You better stop hurting and neglecting and
          Start making the precious moments count with your sublime goddess wife.

          You have wounded her by making everything and everyone else your dream – and not her.


          All my love.
          Do it.

          1. Thank you sister.
            I’m going to her now and forever.

            You’re right thank you.
            She is soo annoyed with me..
            I wasn’t sure how I was messing up..
            Now I see.. Im constantly getting in my way..
            More love.
            Thank you.

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