crossing over the black moon

In a world, another world. After this one, past the line so hard to cross. I found myself. On the other side with the black moon looking back, I stood. I could not say goodbye to the things I carried and so I took them. Here, to the place no one ever goes. After this is over, is where I wait. Looking out beyond the things she can effect there is nothing. There is just a gripping fog. To cross the face of the moon you must become her. These are the rules. I have drawn a map of this journey. Most will resist the call to enter this realm to move beyond the allure. Most will trade every breath they have, give every drop of blood to avoid what must occur. I somehow was already inside, born within the gates of sorcery. It is a long story. Nobody believes me anyway. It’s inherent in the power of her seduction that we should stay inside the haze of her spell rather than embody what she does. In order to defeat this dark mirror that flashes we must become it.  That is only the beginning of hell. Hell because we did this. Hell because it is an impossible destination. However, I have gone and now, alone I stand on the other side looking back and forward. I can tell you in both pictures and words what such a destination appears to be. First, it is invisible. No one can touch you or find you no matter what you do. Second it is indescribable and unbelievable, meaning anything you say or do to be understood is useless. This curse indicates success, though it does not feel that way. At this point you may want to retreat back to familiar ground but the door behind you is locked for good. Don’t be afraid. For a long time you will be immobilized due to the vast emptiness that is not usual to humans. It is as if any movement at all makes no sense. You are powerless and far tinier than simply being small. You are nothing but the word nothing isn’t enough to say the truth anymore. Nothing is. Time will pass like you are floating and leaking and draining all at once. What is left of your body becomes foreign yet all you have is this. The things you brought that you could not let go of begin to evaporate as if you were a puddle. You can hold and contain nothing but this metaphysical fog. You realize this terrain is supernatural. You realize you were once merely a pixel that is now a dark drop of her face dissolving back into the essence that formed this moon realm. That there is a chaos so pure you have no defense. Words become spots then leave. Movements become blurs then spread. The center takes it all, a circle that never ceases is what you are inside. It is a drain moving into the void of the entire frame of experience including god. You should not be here. A human cannot know this and still exist. Yet you do. No one cares, you are now obsolete. You are now at the brink of unbreakable. Here there is a crossroads. I have told you very little since you do not truly care and so it does not really matter. This crossroads is where I wait, rather than leave. This is where I wait for you.  Very high up, higher than her I balance two polarized forces. You will not ever see me, you will have to do what I did to understand this precipice. Here I hold the secrets that are beyond mortal access. There will be a flash like a blinking of an eye. I am inside the speed of light. Here it is possible to enter the impossible. To exist between two opposing forces as the thing that no one ever saw as truly their own. I will be the exiled phantom and they will therefore call me the darkness of their lives. Behind the gravity that flung the gods from this very place I push and pull the streaming lights she disguises herself in as your desires and fears. Here there is dread of the unknown and danger of falling. Here there is nothing I can say to stop the fall. The world behind us is gone forever. Don’t look back. Here you will fall and you will never land. Because you will know this, you will lose your mind in order to survive. Once lost, the waiting begins. However nothing is coming. Nothing is going. Here I am miraculously unrecognizably recreated by the golden coil. Without any eggs to hatch. Without any mouths to feed….


it paralyzes me. I see her grab her throat in my head. The sky is red. My picture doesn’t matter. Diamonds fall from my mouth. Precious jewels fall to the dirt. Silence becomes me, treelike and still. He’s not crying, he has special powers to see dark snakes rising. The snake enter from below is all you need to know. He knows. One page could go on for eons. This, my story, is true…..(each dot is an eon btw)I am a demon teacher. Everyone knows it on the other side. All can come. It’s an open classroom. I am the demon teacher. It’s who I am. The ancestors will come and they will rise like a dark insurmountable wall. Do I need proof? Cats see in the dark. I am talking from the shadows. I am wearing the devil snake on my tail. Totally tame! Meow, meow, meow!  No one can change the truth. Even when they abandon me. I am never gone. Due to feline love from the stars. My mouth caught on fire. Dragon fierce. The devil came closer. I did not lose. How could I?  Have you seen Little lately? The enemy is everywhere on this paper! Haha. He is underneath the black moon always hunting, never free. There she is watching and waiting. From afar she appears as a red blotch, but it’s more. It’s her mouth. He feeds her blood kill. He can’t escape her. Not even in this picture. A wound covers my smile. I didn’t mean to draw this. The world is approaching and it’s big. Let me out. (of this night) I used to be a superhero. My hand doesn’t move as fast as my mind. My wings are not lifting me high enough. He is only half way here because she above is a ghost who has made you. 1/2 ghost, 1/2 boy. This is who I see before me. The implications of the ghost moon are far reaching. Higher than the god you thought of. Even you, superstar. He broke out of the blue place. The ghost boy next to me is laughing. The stars smash each other.  1) A thumb stepped on the world. Angrily he poked for his position. There wasn’t one, they lied. “Let me have something. Let me win! Respect, authority, fame.” 2) Pretty girls cannot stop the pain. 3) Somehow he knows this.  The neck holds wrath, his body pulses (from the 1,2,3 below)  Another She I saw lives at the end of a diamond shaped hallway. She also waits. There were corpses that rose from the dead the second her eyes touched their death.  There are lots of roses and bodies covered in the promise of death.  There you can go to her. Best to die first. If you don’t bring a promissory note, forget it. Gray river for you. Ghouls pop up, they are everywhere. I am a teacher that was taught in Hell. She is blood red. She lives in the middle of this moon. With a mouth that goes nowhere. She is supernatural. She emits noxious gases. You are here, dark moon. In the Gray Ghost world of ignoring fears and pushing them to the outside onto others. This is just the beginning. It’s bigger than I can write. (when crossing the black moon) you will be without a star or a candle or thought of a prayer. You don’t understand what it is. She is empty, euphoric, omniscient. Me, tipping over. The hair is a web, it’s invisible. “Nothing is in my soul” and she laughs. Are you sure now (you want this) sexy sexy $$$ (kills/devours man through his penis) their women go here, in the fog where they haunt the skies. She loves it. She considers their moaning music. I have been in the airplane of the dead and I saw the world below of gray twisted men and their willowy widow wives. She is behind them twisting their strings. There is a web. This web is not normal. The strands go back in time. There is one mommy of occult magic. She resides perfectly in the realm of human possibility. Humans spend their lives giving her blood. Black widow is her secret name. Penises deliver themselves to her. Bright penises she consumes. All happens within her creation while this spider woman who rules this world sits in the back (of the black moon invisible web) listening and waiting. Time does not effect her. My hands are too black. Nobody can break her spell. Nobody can break away from her magnetic sphere. Nobody can cross over the black moon and live to tell of it. I did this. How much sadness did I carry to do that? You must do it for others who are lost here. You can’t give your life anymore little people. I went there. I cried the tears for the people there. It’s not a nice place. To tell you what it is. You can’t come back alive. They don’t go because they can’t hear the crying of other hearts. I can hear it. This is why I did this and this is why I will be alone. (It isn’t an easy journey) because you will always believe she is your mother.  But you left the black moon world. “We cannot fear them.” (her seeds stored within us) little baby seeds we must kill them. Sad memories are all that is behind us. And even though the sun is shining- (after making it across the deathly black moon) the death of her mother is everywhere. She just sees “nothing.” She went over the moon world. Nobody goes here. There are others who will say they will be with you and they will be there for you, they won’t be. They will desert and betray you. You may think you did something wrong but you did not. It is a part of the journey. Don’t look back. Don’t give your life to her even if you love her. It’s only natural. You must lift your heads away from her. Her Face is everywhere. When you get to the top she will drop you and try to destroy you from the inside. Death will come. As dark as black could ever be. I saw everything. The sound of his wings (death) As the enemy approaches. The sound of death, the most beautiful sound you can imagine. His sound pulls you through the moon from below and when you hit the edge of the moon you know something about your soul but you can’t write it down. His power when he comes is equal to her seduction. She created the world of tears. Don’t give up. She is the mirror of the moon and she flashes everywhere.  How to survive the journey over the black moon. Inside many tears will fall. Move the shadows to go beyond even death. Move through her clouds as she casts them upon you. I remember a great god voice and he held my hand before I came to this world. “You won’t remember anything.” When he let go of my hand all he said is “you must go until you reach the end of time.” And I imagined that he would be there waiting because what else could I do? As the angel of death approaches the sound made his body. On the second the sound is heard- the same as blinking your eye- (one is death with eyes closed. With eyes opens) there he stands the voice I remember waiting for me. Could I ever reach him. Do you know how long it’s been? Humans have scars and sadness as they cross the moon. The difference is the exposure to light.  I want to pull the humans out. Do you know yearning? God must be somewhere but god isn’t here. I will appear as anything you need me to be. (Inside the moon) they get left to repeat patterns. It’s her place. She will decide for you. When you attempt escape she will fill you with torrents of suffering. She is me. The only friend. Because I know. To escape her you must become her. A condensed form and they will want you for the wrong reasons. You must cast them all away. At the intersection of sound- it’s what we saw, it’s what we wanted that we got. Hell vacation. When you go over the moon you must become her forever. It’s the only way. It’s the price you must pay. I am cursed to be her. Because I know. I can’t get to the end of time. Death wings death wings (as huge as the largest mountain you can imagine) the sound. “I do not want to fear you.” I said. Mother light is also her- flip side. Also inside. Death determines the side.  When you are her -once you cross her -you embody her supernatural darkness. You cast it. They all keep dying. I will therefore be called the darkness of their lives. This is the treachery of the moon and how to cross it. I became her not for the reasons she is her. She radiates what they want to ensnare them. I became her to free them. Love is eternal. That is what I learned. When you insist on being in darkness she will be there to give you what you want. Earth is where the heart is sent to grow. Baby born in hell, wake up! Baby must travel over the moon to reach the end of time. When the body dies, love goes eternal.  Sharada Devi


8 thoughts on “crossing over the black moon”

  1. No ordinary love*
    means i have to go through it all, and i will if you let me. you will because it is fate where we are.
    Where we need to be is all the way. The reality waiting is dunking my head, twisting my body in ephemeral spin. sparks from my heart, wings will be my way to wrap around you as night to day, as i get up after it all… i love you means every part of me… always. pain. is only a wrinkle in my smile. that you see

    to go beyond where it is important, not words but moving, me, to the loss of me. you. take my heart. i can’t take care of it myself- it needs you and so i give it.

    1. you really don’t give up. When others slip into obscurity and excuses you carry my world on your back. And you will be strong with a strength beyond visible. To cross the dark moon who only chooses some, is like being asked to lay down your life while still breathing. There is another name for the mountain who wears wings, whose magnificent body is formed from sound. Another name besides Death. This is the other half of the story. I have not said it all. Of course the silence is not quiet…

      1. I understand. Bigger than me. It is very sweet. And essential- without your vision beyond the moon, I couldn’t breathe and would get swallowed by the riptide. What I am saying is, through all the changes, you are speaking a song of silence, that I feel.

        And that I need as my body collapses and my heart gives way. Sunshine that remains, a smiling face after all.

        1. I would think bigger than you and also at the same time- only as big as you.

          the snake eating its tail
          wraps around the moon silently
          consuming the dead for new life.
          On the other side nothing eventually
          subsides into everything.

          The void therefore is a doorway
          the creator is therefore the killer.

          and besides and within the two lies
          the quest…how big can we become,
          is as big as we see that it’s bigger than
          we are, we think…and so there cannot be separation only digestion.

          assimilation and stretching.
          at first there will be a trail of dead skin gloves then later there will be a random white feather left here and there…

          the mystery involves serpents and birds-
          as well as trembling human hearts.

  2. Crossing lines, getting past, ether-real-ity. saying goodbye to the things i carry,
    that which strap itself to me like a barnacle that won’t be scraped off.
    Living in a clime of tides and fog and sand that clings. Some would say “Look at you in paradise ”
    and i say ” what do you know of my hell ? ”
    You say rules.
    when does the game fall away? the game that we agreed to play without rules.
    You say – ” the difference is the exposure to light ” .
    So soaring into endless nothing,
    is it staring into the treasure of a constant peace or a relentless imploding ego warring.
    Crashing into star clusters. Bursting and colliding with the vast soundless-ness of unimaginable volume .
    My love knows no bounds. So why does this world want to bash my face in?
    The easy journey was promised long ago.
    That purified concept brought me into an unanticipated alignment with a notion that was heretofore inconceivable . A beauty and elegant freshness, of such a soft and simple inscrutable comprehension.
    A cosmic riddle yet to be deciphered. The antithesis of dark void.
    You say ” Earth is where the heart is sent to grow ”
    sown am i
    nourish me please

  3. I crossed the face of the moon, and after I did not become her I thought: what the hell was up with that? I mean….REALLY.

    What was this Hades Pluto realm? Why did we feel tortured by everything these days? Where was the happiness? A slap in the face to a dweeb who deserved it? Was all we could understand just this Kali Yuga toughness, unrelenting yo the little cry babies who insisted on the good life but were secretly crying because they knew they ALMOST had something but just were not sure about it all…no…they came and they went. Just like all the rest. While that which remained was sitting there going: “Yo. You forget something? Schmuck I’ve been here the whole time. I’m YOU. I never was born I have no time but you keep getting DISTRACTED and guess what? Stay distracted. Do the journey of the dark. But I’m the you that never comes and goes and I’m there through all your effing breakthroughs, your ups, your downs, your clowns, your frowns. Let’s WENT.”

    Was it a realm that demanded our totality, and if it did, what did that have to with

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