Gut instinct is the most primitive yet precisely accurate way to navigate any situation- It’s different than following your heart and not at all involved in paranoid or defensive mind sets. For example gut instinct is that there is basically an extremely sensitive and complex ball of nerves in the “gut” (thats why getting hit in the stomach hurts so bad) and this ball of nerves is always reading everything you encounter- environment, people, food choices etc- it’s a primitive power of perfect survival that we possess as humans and yet hardly anybody recognizes it’s intelligence or existence and uses it consciously to their advantage- we’ve got the third eye, the heart (which is what I call the second mouth) and we’ve got the “gut.” It is said that the akashic records are stored in the solar plexus/gut which holds all our personal history throughout time- the guru as a transcendent teacher is reachable through the doorway of the pineal gland/third eye and the experience of devotion, divine love and compassion is experienced through the heart cave/mouth. These three centers work in a synchronized tandem when we are in alignment (body speech and mind) and allow us perfect access to any information or guidance that we need. If you want to know what to eat you hold the food item up to your stomach and you “read” it and you get a positive or negative current- the body says yes I need that or no- and it’s not a taste/desire thing- it’s nutritionally/energetically based. If you hold a food to your stomach in front of me I can even see if it’s right for you- because there is a visible auric response that can be seen through the third eye- so while you use your inherent gut instinct to read the foods effect on you instinctively I am able to use the power of the “seer” pineal gland (the only way to accurately view anything is with the third eye and not the two obvious eyes- which through sight and appearance alone, you will be betrayed) and I can immediately see whether that food is right for you. There is a way to tune in and talk to any other body (physical or astral) and know what it needs- because guts communicate with one another as do hearts and third eyes. This is how I see and know you and who you truly are- all other interaction is tedious, untruthful and draining- not because anybody is consciously actually lying but because most everybody is hiding behind a mask and not at all authentic or tuned into their pain body and so I smile but also feel that pain radiating off of them and it hurts in more ways than one- so what I’m saying is that this thing called “communication” is a scam and a poison if you aren’t aware of its totality and what it really means. What exactly are we reacting to? Who are we really hearing? Words are cheap and come easy and disguise the interaction at a core level- if we could just get real we would probably just sit there and cry together- and after that was over we would sit in the relieving peace of soul based communion and experience a truthful and heartfelt connection- at which time I would be able to talk openly with you from a soul level and you wouldn’t be hungry or defensive- and I wouldn’t be sad or frustrated- because you hear me and we are in dharma as communion takes real communication- not habitual survivalist lying just to make it through the day – and we have no idea at that point what we need, what we feel, what we’re saying, what we know – nothing. Communication isn’t a heady thing it’s a tangible quest for union within and without. We should strive to perfect it if we are to overcome acting out through the myriad forms of addiction- where do we start? Where I always said, through the purification of your body. I’m not talking merely weight loss – I’m talking purification and rejuvenation that results in divine communion and alignment. We achieve this through various means depending on our nature and it is my commitment and vision that one day I will have the destined place to facilitate such healing work for others. It is the alchemical processes used by Socrates and Pythagoras and all the ancient greats before the world darkened to such a degree that everyone either left or forgot. However, we are in the time of The Harvest and the time of bearing fruits has come. The body must be prepared and developed through these means such as fasting, crystal attunement, water therapy, surrender to nature through absolute sacred immersion in her elements and exposure to the pure sun, air and water. Foods that are grown through holy mantra and consumed as an act of prayer-the geometry of the body and it’s electrical points/angles as reflected in the constellations and their movement- is of prime relevance as far as how each individual must develop- it is similar and yet specialized in each case- and it is these sorts of daily practices and intuitively strategic actions that were once just a normal way of life for many advanced cultures and yet, we’ve lost our way and wonder what’s wrong or what to do- we feel frustrated, disconnected, something is missing- well yes, something IS missing- we should pick up where we left off due to circumstances beyond our immediate control and we should becomes heroes like Hercules and complete these “labors”- because we are submerged in a dark stew of clutter and confusion called the augean stables- and since “God” IS COMMUNICATION- which IS COMMUNION-  and we aren’t getting it- we’ve lost the real means of that and so we make noise with our mouth- which isn’t really even necessary if we were in tune- because mental telepathy is an innate ability we all possess- and so for now we do it in our sleep while unconscious we dream and talk to one another. So we are only half alive at best is what I’m saying because we are not using our body instrument as the crystal temple of sound that it actually is. We DO KNOW what to do- it’s more a matter of clearing the space of our being- currently it’s as if a thousand stations are playing at once- we can’t hear, we can’t see- we can’t feel a thing because there is this evil clog that blocks the receiver and transmitter and its called Satan, Maya, Mara- call it what you want- it’s a big black face with a tongue sticking out licking you to death moment by moment and you don’t feel a thing in the clog but maybe the occasional orgasm of tongue or genital. No wonder everyone is so desperate for something- there is nothing nutritious or sustaining in the clog. Our home is in the spiraling stars, not in starbucks- and don’t think just because you don’t go to starbucks you don’t have your own little starbucks with another name- where you hook in and hook up- jacked up with nowhere to go but walmart – whatever walmart is in your life- don’t you understand that this artificial world is now only VARIOUS VERSIONS OF WALMART AND STARBUCKS. Nothing else is left. Everyone has to get that high somehow, somewhere because nobody will dive deep enough into the reality of the clog to reach that base membrane and squeeze that spongy angry liver out. The filters of body mind and heart are clogged and toxic until and unless we employ the heroic efforts of transmutation-being  “the alchemist” on planet earth is the only career we need- the only calling we have- the poison fills the sky, the water, the food and the heart’s of man- the electromagnetic demons traverse the airwaves casting disease upon us- and we haven’t seen anything yet- it’s going to take a few more years before it’s just common knowledge that WiFi and cell towers cause disease- “oh well, too late now” you’ll see. Guard yourself 24/7 and do the alchemy and reconnect against all odds to the voice of the motherlight who growls -and sings -and screams- and knows through the gut, the heart and the pineal gland- all effected by the state and condition of our body and it’s organs fluids and excrement. There is a way to feel see and know and it’s not through any means we’ve been taught by friends and relatives- schools and society. Stop participating- get a job where you can be alone and out of city and office- get a relationship that truly reflects your spiritual potential-  grow a garden and gaze at the spiral stars -not the screen at starbucks and take those earphones out- thats brainwashing, thats a demonic cult we’ve been inculcated into and we need some intervention to break the hold it’s magnetic and intoxicating leader has over us. Don’t be in Satan’s cult- there is no light at the end of that tunnel- and the message will never be clear and EVERY new iPhone “is so much better that last years” it’s so creepy this global devil serving cult that seems like it’s dedicated brain dead, soul chilled members are “the normal and functional- valuable and relevant- contributors to society” when really you’re just in line with the other terrified cattle not sure how you’ll die -or when- OR what that even means really- (dying aka transformation.) Start the alchemical furnace my friend, build the fire and burn burn burn until your gut, your pineal and your heart are clear, open, all knowing, all seeing and perfectly instinctual. Because the motherlight is nothing more than dzogchen- she is the first light that you see upon dying and she is the only true light- and once you turn away from her you enter the artificial, many colored nightmare lights of the bardo- the inbetween tunnel that ultimately spits you into a new womb- be it a pig, an angry woman or a hungry ghost- the possibilities are practically limitless-yet 99.9% of everyone turns away from her because she is the only true light and that’s just too “hard to take” because everyone “normal” is accustomed to the artificial lighting of this dream world and she horrifies them with her blinding spot light – like a scorpion being exposed to the light when you lift it’s rock- and it’s tail starts curling and thrashing and snapping -because the scorpion is content and feels safe in its moist darkened hole- don’t be a lowlife scorpion- don’t turn away from the motherlight at the greatest moment of truth and test of divine grit -be a mystical phoenix within this birth and body-and rise from the ashes of the alchemical fire -and become The One Voice that resonates and radiates and communicate through body speech and mind at optimal levels -and “know thyself” once and for all- for the good of all- because, like I said, we are living in the time of the prophesied ‘Harvest” and the mother ship is upon us- and the great ones are hovering just above the initiates head ready to pull you up – because we need to vacate the premises of this fake reality -and be born from the lotus- and be the bodhisattva -sending out wrathful and benevolent emanations of ourselves to be of the most benefit to all sentient beings. The truth never lies, be the truth- I don’t mean confess or hurt people with ” truthfulness” I mean the body, heart and diamond mind must be the grand projector of your personal, absolute, greatest potential at all times -so that you are a beacon of her light upon a darkened, satanic earth realm- where even her flowers and fruits still blossom and grow- because we are her flowers and fruits and we inherited her genuine light and our Star is out there waiting for us- as well as within- so do not fear the four alchemical stages of death- from the blackening or nigredo -to the whitening or albedo- to the yellowing or cutrinitas -to the reddening or rubero. The creation of this “fire bird” -The Magnum Opus- that we are -is the only dharma we will ever truly have. Many traditions describe the process depending on culture and times- but without a doubt, they all are saying the same thing- describing the same exacting task -and mapping out the destination through out all times- whether in abundance or shrouded in mystery and twilight language- the sounds of the crystal are being revealed -and it is up to us to receive and to act – because the tantric path of authentic light isn’t easy or effortless- the motherlight is the manifestation of the spectrum of light called the rainbow- which is where and how the information is stored within the crystal host- the treacherous journey is to turn the base lead into the blue/gold fire- This is the tantric path of alchemy which turns from left to right- then back again – eventually coagulating victoriously in “the middle”- and in the midst of this revival it is said that the Ascended Masters erase your name from one book and enter your name anew in another- and that’s when the “angels”- dakinis are heard singing your new name- and their tears of joy trickle down and cover the top of your head with a silvery sweet elixir that fills your body and being with Her Essence who is The Mother Light of “the heavenly realm”  at which time the dark face of Mara withdraws her lapping tongue- and your body and blood becomes shimmering and fragrant -and you are deified- in a new realm- in a new light. The time has come. You have been chosen to enter The Fire Of Blue Flames because long ago you vowed that you would-and we all heard you- and although you may have forgotten -because many have fallen away- but let me remind you, it’s time- and if you don’t believe me, go fast and pray -and ask the silence if my words are true-and you will be told- if you have the “ears” to hear that “it is true”  because I am a messenger -and I always deliver the goods -and this one is for you…

Sharada Devi

2 thoughts on “COMMUNION”

    She is the spacemama who cries out “Pick me up and take me with you!” She dwells inside the mind-brain and she gives us the key. Mystic mama is her name and when the crystal tears merge into the solar sun belly, the wrathful guru becomes a burning red HUM who rides on the dakini tiger and destroys the demons with a magical three sided dagger. She is a Terton, “the revealer of hidden mind treasure”

    The ancient Terton pulled the earth sky out of the solid rock where the “lotus born” put it because the wild monkey tibetans of that time were not ready yet to recieve the blessing dew “holy words written in twilight language” that dripped from the blind beggar who spins OM AH HUM VAJRA GURU PADMA SIDDHI HUM.

    Only miracles will work now. The demon only comes out, uprooted once and for all, when God The Guru says “PHAT!” and he commands the demons of darkness warping time and space, “Go back to eternity now!”

    Keep it simple like the God-In-Us says, for the time is late and death comes from above. Fear is the path, walk on in courage and be a warrior. Sharada Devi knows because she is eating the clear tiger light.

    Remember what Saint Issa said “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

    Be free of all clinging and grasping at empty thoughts so that they don’t stick to the screen of No Mind, The thunder bolt landed in the RAM of your laptop. Ride upon the same wind current of the flying monkey who is aware that HE IS Hanuman, Remember, it`s the lighning bolt that hit Sita and so SHE IS THE ONE that everyone’s calling
    “The Seventh SUN.”
    Heruka Baba Das

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