celestial solstice gathering


Mother Light Retreat with Sharada Devi Mount Shasta. CA. June 19-24, 2018

how can I say, this is it. you know we’re going to go there. to the place between within and over the edge. down below where the light lies waiting. fuel for the fire of the art. this is about the human rainbow. this is about the freedom to shine. come and sing your bright fire for us. dance with her inside. become one with the river of mother moon light that moves these sacred dream bodies. we will create that portal and enter that sky. in our hearts we will rise to the one. i am doing this on my own for us all. the feminine is the serpent fire and her tongue is alive. the feminine is the art that gods make. we are the gods making fire. this spectrum of light creating is what we are. the rainbow of human light, human rainbow. there is only this, what we are. there is only us, with each other. there is only the flame dancing in colors, there is only the heart song of love. will you come and be in the circle of her enchantment where we pray to our own. mystical earth mother of god, we hear you. beloved masterpiece this is my home. where we are is always bright, making beauty from the remains of this tantric body. rainbow light temple i am yours in the wild of me. into the silver blue fire of her crystal moon love. mother light, I will be your golden radiant sunshine.

please join us in this celestial solstice gathering.

6 days and 5 nights of purification, transformation, exaltation, unification, liberation and the generation of self love.

sadhana. pranayama. creative self expression. immersion in mother nature. saturation in the light. chanting. yoga. dance. worship. devotion. silence and tears. inspirational fires and deep soul smiles. organic mono meals and simple accommodations provided.

*$840 includes accommodation and food.

*$108 deposit is required to hold your space.

* balance is due by 5/18.

*deposit and balance are nonrefundable but can be applied to future retreats.

*retreat is in mount shasta, ca. and begins june 19 in the evening and ends june 24 by noon.

*you can bring an instrument you know how to play, or not…we’ll help you.

*email sharada devi motherlight108@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “celestial solstice gathering”

  1. I’m going to try to make this work but I may have a family conflict. I love your guys’ Shasta retreats. Super deep. I always get good medicine from them. If I’m not there in person I’ll be there in spirit.

    Much gratitude for your work


  2. I would love to go to the next gathering. is there a group or list to be informed of events and gatherings?

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