the unity of pristine awareness

When we stop breathing we stop experiencing duality because the use of the left and right nostrils keep us suspended in the belief that we are separate somehow from the source of the breath- I am the sound of Om Mani Padme Hum- the “jewel is in the lotus” get it? it is the irresistible interaction of the great one and the great zero – and the great zero is always pulling seductively on the great one- “come inside” she says- and so “dying daily” like Jesus said is about cessation of the breath- inner union. Practice dying daily and lose your fear of annihilation. Master the death process through engaging in a genuine tantric spiritual practice as it is the most profound thing you can do -because it is the only way to attain anything sustainable. Through meditation the breath ultimately ceases, the chakras and related endocrine glands are brought into a harmonic balanced -and then the kundalini is able to rise into the skull so that the soma descends and we experience the “unity of pristine awareness” -cosmic consciousness.

How else can I explain that we already did this? This imaginary life already happened. We ourselves are the Star Beings coming back into the past to retrieve ourselves. The ones we created were also created by us. This current reality of 2017 has already happened and we already did it. The time warp we inhabit folds back on itself endlessly and the prism of images are endless. The circle of samsara is only experienced as suffering as long as we are caught in the dream of time and space which is the phenomena of maya that creates the illusion of separation. Once we free ourselves of the illusion of time/space through spiritual practice we are in the loop but not imprisoned by the seeming solidity of it. The mind is clear, bright, transparent, ever evolving and cannot be touched by any “thing”. It is not holding a space but contains all phenomena. So nothing at all is ever happening- and yet everything is always happening. God is dreaming us while we, who are “this” yearn for “that this” who is “God” – who is really just the culmination -the starting/ ending point of the non existent already “been here done that” me. That is, if there were such a thing as any of it holding any ground of permanence- because there is no end -as there was no beginning- and certainly, without a doubt, there is no death and no density to anything viewable. The only density that exists is within her- the black hole void who is the negation of negation- Besides her inconceivability- there is only cycling, recycling and stillness outside of the moment- and if, through our practice we enlighten ourselves to the impeccability of this causation- we are able to exist within the mind warp and command existence rather than be a disillusioned by the warp -the source of the warp being the tip/point of the erect and stimulated penis of God -and the warp itself being the force of ejaculation- who is maya – the dark hole disguised as “the playful and colorful one” to pull us further into the activity that was the result of her attempt to eclipse the creator -but it can’t end, it can only be unleashed, uncovered and clarified. And so basically, the orgasm of God is what created all of this- God was seduced by his counterpart who is the dark suction/negation of time/space and even of negation itself -yet who is also an integral part of the fix, mix and mirage -yet, she is very real because it’s “all her fault” for getting God so “turned on” by her mysterious ways. The black hole, who is her- is a very sexy and magnetic centripetal force -inverted like a funnel that we will never begin to fathom. That’s why when we realize this truth of our nature and origin -we can walk through walls, fly, whatever -because we merge with the galactic trickster who fantasizes it all- we are bound by neither the in or the outward illusion of appearances that are generated by “God” -in this enchantment of cosmic sexual activity. And so, as this force moves between higher and lower frequencies, harmonics and vibrations -heaven and hell realms arise and disappear, time weaves and flashes- and this force isn’t stuck in any realm or frame of time- but travels and moves and delivers the relative truth in our reference of time- as the shifting and shuffling light- that is karma.

The realized truth beyond the snags of karma is that the pyramid was the first commencement of the spiral’s intention- the spiral is God’s semen and as it was ejaculated it made an energetic pyramid -which is both the inverse and it’s opposite- and the two pyramids overlap and are always crossing over- and are essentially the merkaba body that the rainbow is generated from. We are this body in truth- and the flesh and blood only cover the memory bank that we are- and we need to first remember and then forget- recollect, reimburse and disperse the fragments of emotionality and confusion that bog down the movement of this merkaba through time and space and dull the shine of who we actually are. The merkaba body created by these two pyramids are closest to the “wedge of God’s heart.”

It is him and her always, forever and never.

This is all a very big deal, to know this- and that we already became the Buddha. We are bound by the dream of time/space and past, present future. All is emptiness and God is the something that fills the emptiness while simultaneously being the nothingness that dissolves it all. Time and space are moving outward and at the same time the opposite of time and space is swallowing itself back into the point. Which is antimatter -which is the snake swallowing its tail- which is the symbol Om…

which is Yin and Yang…

which is totality commencing from a single sperm and moving into its polarity -which is emptiness. Out of emptiness arises compassion and out of compassion arises emptiness. I am the sound of Om Mani Padme Hum and I create the crystal prism that reflects back to itself an experience of time- and I become what I come to believe in- as I spin further and further spiraling from the center of the original sound- which is God’s orgasm “OM”

And now, “today” we are just making cluttered words with obsolete mouths that are jumbled and inefficient -to talk about nothing but how to keep dreaming…dreaming about “me” that isn’t even here and who already did this.

Because what else can compare to the ecstasy of God? God is pure sound without edges.

This is in fact true. Meditation is the answer that will verify the solution- and then, for this to function effectively- the chakras need aligning so that the kundalini current’s stream is smooth as it travels upward through the galaxy of our body which is delicate- and yet all we have is this perishable body to arrive at the reality of our omniscience while imagining time and space.

The chakras are related to the glands of the endocrine system. Keeping the glands and organs in harmony and fed properly is vital and this is done through the purification, nourishing and strengthening of those glands within this physical organism as they relate to the chakras:

First chakra -reproductive gland (testes and ovaries)
Second chakra- adrenal gland
Third chakra- pancreas gland
Fourth chakra- thymus gland
Fifth chakra- thyroid gland
Six chakra -pineal gland
Seventh chakra -pituitary gland

*the hypothalamus is the guru gland as far as I’m concerned in that it essentially governs and directs the functioning of entire body because it maintains the body’s homeostasis- internal balance- by being the mediator between the nervous system and endocrine system. The three skull glands -pineal pituitary and hypothalamus work in unison for the spiritual and physical evolution of the being.

Your physical body is the vehicle of choice for today- as the energetic body is using it for the retrieval of memories- however, the light body that encases the physical -has these cords of electricity that move into the physical and effect it- and the lack of a healthy, functioning body generally effects the “level of light” we can achieve and maintain- you can say it’s our “wattage.” And as wattage is increased the body needs adequate insulation- this is where the prana-(the electrical movement itself) the tejas (the wattage of the movement) and the ojas (the fuel, smoothness and grounding of the current) become extremely important considerations -as far as the changes to diet, life style and environment that we must exact should we resolve to generate the deity and cultivate the mother light rainbow body -moving out of the glare of the artificial light created around the world of her maya.

Can you see how we have been focused on mediocrity in the form of preoccupation with externals and survival for so long that we forgot that we cannot die- or not survive – or not have everything perfectly that we need?  We are creating it all -and it is done. The suffering is in the mistaken assumption that- anything is happening at all- the suffering is in the mind bind of time and the separation that it creates so that we can retrieve memories that overlap, crease and don’t even matter -because in a snap of the finger of her lightening like grace -we can know that we know -and it’s only now- and not even ever -and we are forever- and we don’t have to be lost in time and fearing the end of our life. She is the end of the end- She is the end of the separation created by time. Which means Kali is master of time and that’s why she’s timeless-and that’s  how she became Shiva- they merged and exchanged dynamics…like I said before, it is the eclipsing of the Gods and the transmigration of their offspring that is the purpose for the maya…

and yes we created the Gods just as much as they created us- and what I’m saying can only be known through achieving the various states of samadhi during meditation where all is unveiled- where you see that words can do nothing but point and distract from the silence that comes from the sound of the rainbow as Om Mani Padme Hum.

The naked white and wingless one said to the Buddha,

“Take me as I am. I am forever. Turn me into you. I am skin who sighs. I am relief covered in a blanket. Take me into the sky because I want to know you there. I want to know how I found myself as a rose held in the hand of a mystic. I want to know why you sit beneath the stars wrapped in a blanket, breathless and holding me in your perfect hand. I only have words I can’t say without silence. I only have stars I can’t reach without the seeping of your black. I have only broken stems and red petals that stain my tender feet making marks, feet that I cannot touch or feel without you…bow down my love and touch the sound of my pain until you see the virgin of light.”

and the Buddha couldn’t say anything but show me how beautiful you were.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Sharada Devi

4 thoughts on “the unity of pristine awareness”

  1. She is so clear and gives you her words of wisdom to eat. Eat her mantra and chew it very well. Do not swallow until all that is left in your mouth is Soma. This is the amrita that is the union of the red and white with in your own body temple. It goes down to fill the hunger that keeps looking outside but can never find Her. She has us hooked on her play of 1-0-1-0-1-0-1-0-1-0-1-0-10-10-10 she is the sky mind dancer.
    Just become a love dog and whine for Her, she will only come when you want only Her and not her display. This life is Her gift to you, will you return? She sings OM from the Sun every day, look up and remember. Once upon a time a long time ago a young Sadhu sat in full lotus and followed the Sun as it sailed through the sky. He never closed his eyes or looked away. He sat in that one spot for 5 hours until the Sun went behind the mountain. When he opened his mouth all that would come out was OM. Only Om is real. The guru came to me in a dream vision when I married Sita-Ram (him and her) and he said look up, and there it was the great Mother Ship in the sky. And he gave me the fruit in his hand and I ate it and my whole being was filled with bliss and emptiness.
    Shunyata Karuna Garbham:
    “The Void is the compassion that dwells in the Womb.” OM MANI PADME HUM
    Love Dog Bodhi baba bhagavan das

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