bodhisattva bullshit


I just thought I’d post this letter I just received for those who feel enabling someone to act out is somehow the “bodhisattva way” first of all, you are not a bodhisattva you are a deluded egomaniac. To be a bodhisattva you must reach a certain level of spiritual maturity from which skillful means arise. Sentiment and lingo mean nothing- your actions mean everything. There is such a thing that arises from those imagining themselves to  be something they’re not- meaning a wise and compassionate person- it’s called idiot compassion- and you’re all afflicted with this self cherishing disease as long as you accommodate and coddle am old man who is an alcoholic hurting himself and therefore other- you give him an arena to do more harm than good- he needs to be stopped not supported so he might wake up before it’s too late, lock himself in a room and deal with his darkness. He doesn’t need to be on “stage” it wasn’t “commissioned” by his Guru. He uses the name of Neem Karoli Baba to work his career. He’s not in charge anymore. These demonic men have him in their clutches- BD has a problem which involves not being an actual person in his own right but a porous child who becomes whoever he is around. His persona hurts his genuine spiritual  development. So when you have him over, prop him up on stage, take pictures with him, watch him sing- you’re just an evil vampire sucking the soul out of a lost old man still trying to get his parents to love him- now in the form of NKB and the “divine mother” its classic psychological baggage and needs to  be addressed for what it is instead of cultivated. You do not help anyone by what you’re doing. No matter how sweet and reformed he seems- he needs help not support in hurting himself. You can’t go deep and that’s your problem. Worldly and deluded. I knew all about him all along. I helped him, gave him everything he needed to grow-  but he came to a karmic crossroads and he sank instead of rose. The doctor said his seizure was actually a psychotic break and he needed to see a psychologist. It was all the immoral behavior laced with demon worship coming back to him.  He was like the character out of the exorcism -writhing and speaking in tongues- screaming insanity- he was yelling so loud they had police outside his hospital door. They had to administer a drug to stop the psychosis- until they had to get 6 men to strap him down so he’d stop hurting himself . You now are a part of hurting this man, yourself and others- no matter what lies you tell yourself. He shouldn’t be driving- he had the seizure while he was driving and we got in a head on collision- he could have killed me and many others- this is serious. It was very traumatizing to me and he didn’t care. He was very hateful afterwards and blamed the doctors who did nothing but try to stop him from hurting himself- just like I’ve done. He takes responsibility for nothing, that’s his way. He makes you responsible for him and he kicks back, praises you and does what he wants. The doctor said he shouldn’t drink alcohol or caffeine and that’s now ALL he drinks. In Mount Shasta he was smoking pot even though it makes his lungs bleed and he throws up blood- he can barely breath his lung capacity is so low- these are FACTS- so he hurts himself and you enable him. You are a sick person inside yourself and you just can’t see the light no matter how you never stop preaching about it- He did NOT write that Facebook atonement letter at all- 100% did not write a word of it-  his demon helpers did in the form of human groupies. A bodhisattva is not seduced by externals but sees the depth of suffering below the cover up and does the thing that will benefit the most people no matter how it appears on the surface. Don’t write me emails justifying your support of his deadly game. It’s your wicked game, that’s the real truth. And while you sit around thinking I’m angry and unkind- I am actually the only bodhisattva you know- and I’m talking bodhisattva because you won’t shut up about it, as if you know – and it’s bullshit, mantra shit, all just sick shit- plus you better realize that porn isn’t innocent – especially man on man porn. Wake the fuck up.

He’s a serious woman abusing alcoholic no matter how it’s twisted -he knows no other way- he calls it mother worship but it’s just sad exploitation- and girls buy it because they think that he thinks they’re “special” and they’re a “goddess” it’s a ploy to get women under his control so they’ll add to him by either being his mother or his decoration – so if you loved him in the deepest way as I do- and you and truly valued women at all- you wouldn’t provide the means to make his activities possible. He needs to be alone without the projection. Your projection. He needs to heal in solitude. The glamour isn’t God, it’s the devil fucking you hard. My words are effective. I don’t lie and I write my own.

(letter from “A”)

“Blessings sister. I sent you a friend request. I cried today, thinking there is no one in this world who understands what I have been through. Just now I read your blog about Bhagavan Das and I thought here is one person who can understand me, and who I can understand. My story has a similar feel to yours. I was partnered with a man for 18 years who I believed it was my responsibility to “save” or save the world from him. He also is a dark wizard. Someone who “spiritual” people seemed to idolize in some way, because he was skilled at his craft of black magic. If there is one person I think can understand me to some degree it may be you. I have known Bhagavan Das since I was about 20. I knew him from The Ammachi ashram where I have been going since 1996. I remember hanging out with Bhagavan Das at a festival. I wanted to sing with him, I thought he was cool. He was drinking a lot of red wine and kissed me, uninvited. I remember the dark spells he attempted to throw my way. Didn’t work because I was already under the spell of the other dark magician, who owned me. I live in Santa Cruz. Bhagavan Das just came here to give a concert. Friends of mine spoke out saying we shouldn’t host someone who is known to victimize young women and who was recently thrown out of the Beloved festival due to allegations of such. That is what lead me to read your blog. I really hope you see this message and will contact me. As I said I cried to the Universe today, that no one can understand me. I feel that my prayer has been answered, reading your writing. Thank you ❤  love, A.

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What I do is as real as it gets.   Sharada Devi   


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  1. Does anyone see the light.
    Does anyone feel the rain.
    Does anyone hear the voice.
    Does anyone remember why.
    God, how I’ve tried to make this leave,
    face person body and fear. But here I am,
    God, do you see where I might have hid
    from my very own words and become my
    own shadow. And still I write my love to you
    in the midst of it all I stand as pure as the morning
    after the unforgettable storm.

    This is a test. This is only a test…
    of the emergency broadcast system.
    You don’t need to do anything at all.
    This is a test, this is only a test

  2. Hey my sister….I totally hear you ….all the way….We had signed up for the MT Shasta retreat and pulled out b/c BD would not be there. Mostly wanted to have his musical influence and supposed years of education in the indian culture/knowings…..I have always totally connected with your understandings and being a channel of the universal Truths….Deeply sorry to hear of this END to your relationship….No matter what…It is a hard hit….YOU ARE SHINING THRU….I see it…. I am sorry my sister we were not able to come to MT Shasta to meet you…..Keep it all going….YOU ARE THE ONE Rising from the ashes:)

    1. Dear Noel,
      Yes I remember you. Thank you for your words, I appreciate you telling me this, it helps!

  3. I wrote this the saturday that BD’s kirtan was to be cancelled in Santa Cruz.
    Then i got a case of the hesitation blues.
    Sometimes Krishna has got to slap you straight across the face
    to open up your eyes, so to speak…
    ⚡️💙 💠
    does a bodhisattva turn a blind eye
    how can you pretend you did not hear
    “what if you knew her and saw her”… suffering.
    if it acts like a rat
    do you think it is a rat
    does a rat change it’s stripes
    does Durga ride the tiger for no apparent reason
    the buddhists wipe themselves with one hand
    and the hindus do it with the other
    do they agree to disagree
    if someone says – look, this happened…
    is it ok to say, it’s not my business.
    the show must go on
    be there or be square
    can we talk the dharma but not walk it.
    Will the age of righteousness shine again
    Does Ram have to shoot an arrow through your third eye to make a point
    who knows the truth,
    is that an excuse?
    can i go out a a limb here and not be afraid of falling
    does forgiving and forgetting create more karma
    catch 22 – it’s pretty clear, even if you can’t find your glasses
    catch phrases and ancient rule books
    catch and release is still a fish on a hook
    when does it all become obsolete, and when does now actually become realized.
    spiritual bypassing
    I’ve heard you refer to it so many times
    i never really understood what you were saying.
    I looked it up
    i get it now.
    it’s like lemmings…

  4. Well Sharada Davi ……sounds like u could use a friend…..My Guru has me driving a School bus my head is shaved I have my favorite orange shirt on (I am totally attached to this shirt) This time when I pick the students up from school I will play the Maha Mantra to soport u. Peace be with you you in my prayers.

    1. I’ve missed you! Happy to know you’re driving the Krishna bus…Divine and dressed in orange! You’re so funny and sweet 😂💕

  5. tonight one of the coolest things that has happened in a long time, happened.
    thru my bathroom window
    the moon, shone
    i guess it was projection
    central casting
    What do I know.
    which is a word that has a double meaning,
    Projection, i mean.
    the mooooon was planting a very visual image on the bathroom floor
    I tried to take a photo of it
    but – well i guess you had to be there…
    ” She came in through the bathroom window… ”
    Hey Olivia – that’s for you – if you are reading.

  6. I missed you in Taos but I was able to sing Hanuman Chalisa at the NKB ashram! I sing two versions with guitar and they don’t normally allow guitars in the prayer room. Then I chanted and played harmonium for some of the 24 hour chanting. No plans to get on a stage like at Bhaktifest. I’ll stick to singing at temples or people’s homes. What a blessing!
    Jai Gurudev 🙏

      1. I hope wherever you are, you are doing well. There is still so much to process but I wanted to share one personal story about my experience at the ashram in Taos for Maharajji’s bhandara. Although I had bowed to Maharajji and Hanuman many times over the days there, it wasn’t until the last day of bhandara that I laid my head on Maharajji’s tukket. The smell of his blessed blanket brought back a very traumatic event in my life. I know that blanket, it used to surround me… that blanket was my strength, it was my courage, it was my protection, it saved my life. And then Maharajji told me that it wasn’t my blanket, it was Maharajji’s blanket that surrounded me throug that traumatic time. I actually lost that blanket, I don’t know where it went and I desperately wish I still had the blanket. And I now know I cannot even be attached to my lost blanket because it was always all Maharajji’s and it always surrounds me. Thank you so much Baba, I love you!

        Sri Sri Sri Baba Neem Karoli Sant Maharaj Ki Jai

  7. Comment:
    Dear Ma, I just wanted to say Hi and tell you I often think of you and the time I experienced with you –
    Exchanging a bow at Laughing Lotus many years ago, Being with you in Woodstock, dancing with you in Belmar, testifying at Yoga Maya NYC where you plucked me from the audience. I want you to be well and happy. I am grateful for all you’ve given me. I continue on my path – going deeper with Vajrasattva and my root Guru Ven. Bardor Rinpoche. Surrendering to Shiva and Ma, loving Hanuman.

    I watched some snippets of your videos last night before bed and want to tell you they struck a deep emotional chord in me….reminding me of many of the things you said a few years ago in consultation in Woodstock. There’s a lot in my life that helps me keep it all in check – my work life, householder life, artist life. It just keeps moving. I’m up early every morning with the Lord. There’s no other way for me. It’s wonderful!

    You look so lovely. I’m just stopping by to say Hi and say that I’m grateful! Please Ma, take good care of yourself and be well. Onward.


  8. She found herself faltering
    as might a branch in a breeze
    Mind scattering
    Face melting like Icarus
    in too much noonday sun
    her own inner diety
    will not be undone
    Breath catches
    while the waverings of the world
    work and weave their wanton ways
    This will not be a day of denial
    said she who turned
    and chose to walk against the grain
    With each step taken towards
    an alternate direction
    came a stronger sense of connection
    Or maybe it was merely letting go
    once again
    And what had been heard as frantic
    became the song of angels

  9. Sharada Devi you are in my heart It rare to find someone so grounded .You are a sister who walks the talk , a true practitioner ommm

  10. On July 18, 2018
    on the SITA RAM blog post
    You / Sharada Devi, wrote –
    ” After the Mount Shasta retreat I felt so sorry for his ( BD’s) debilitated condition I emailed him and told him I would take care of him the rest of his life- he wouldn’t have to do any more traveling or trash himself out with groupies- that I would put an end to his worldly stresses such as making money- and I would provide him food and shelter. I would find a way-  to contain him so the self destructive behavior could be minimized and he couldn’t create anymore unnecessary negative karma involving others- so that he could meditate and pray and find peace. I would clean and cook for him and support some genuine growth. He seemed like he was in need of an intervention- I had prayed he knew this- And then when he said, “not so fast, I need to talk to an astrologer first, my career is getting bigger than ever..” I knew he was possessed by a horrible thing and I was helpless to stop him. Had he said yes I would have done it for the Guru.”

    My comment was –
    I thought it was you who re-designed the website.
    Removing yourself and setting it up for BD. In his name.
    Why would he need to talk to an astrologer ? I thought he was one.
    Everyone is so anxious to get a piece of the kirtan pie. Swarming like flies. The moment you stepped aside.
    Ever since Bhaktifest started swelling like a mushroom cloud – I became a skeptic.
    I guess that makes me cynical…

    You responded –
    “Oh and no he’s not an astrologer he knows 90% of nothing about astrology – all he can do is read off of the Vedic Astro program in his computer. And bank on the persons projection- plus when in doubt- ass kiss, and tell them thy are special basically- works all the time- they all like it just fine.”

    So last night i went on FB to post a birthday greeting to a friend.
    And this post popped up on the feed – white letters on a purple background, with confetti –
    Bhagavan Das
    October 1

    WTF is going on???
    Vedic Astrology Readings with
    Bhagavan Das
    🌟 Bonnie Stewart for details 🌟

    so is it just me, or is this all taking on a very strange carnival side show vibe

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