beneath the lover’s secret 🌙

Sunshine comes from God. Moonshine pours from God’s lover…

lay my body beneath the sun and let me die. Death, my shining Beloved, will never let me go. Chop me to pieces and feed me to the circling shadow birds who perch upon the jagged mountain waiting to devour the useless, leaving nameless bones of me -clean and alone, a pile of yesterday on the top of the world. Surrendered to the jewel beyond a transient life where I am broken yet fitted, diffused yet exact, rimless yet buoyant. The union of chaos and symmetry. The oldest story in the book is the one written behind this disguise of clouds…and this precious book has never been opened or closed. Feed me back as letters to myself, write your name on me. Let me become the black flag’s wrath….

the black flag is waving in the crier’s heart…. I’m hiding myself from you there…kill me quietly before the dawn…and yet I will only pretend to leave you…

there is nothing left of me but what he held….the moon was beneath his feet yet somehow I hung stringless above the pyre of his bliss as the white crescent horns of dissolution, the backwards glance of the serpentine sway…

yellow sunlight tears of this god flow from the heart of my weeping child, blue moody eyes of gray held me until the dawn. Softly time lies cradled, wrapped inside my round and smooth skinned body. I once knew we had forever inside this pure world of whispers… “Are you still alive?” I heard you say. Lost inside a dreaming haunt, a lion tilting toward the moon. ” If looks could kill, I’d already be gone.” Translucent and dripping…roaring radiant light through the tunnel of my soul, pouring me into sunshine. I loved the black until I became the white. I drank the red until I became the gold. I ate the devil until I became his god. My love ends all endings. My love kills all death. I am a mystery that can’t be matched or seen or heard except by the lovers who become one another…the deep rapture, passionate and costly. I feed your roots, then I pull you out of me dripping seeds of earth and then I lift you exactly into exaltation. Silver stars and words we cannot begin to say…I understood you and your dissonant fury. I held your invisible hand and like a firey opal I enlivened your heavy, shaken corpse until you lit up like a stormy sky and exploded like thunder into me, hiding behind the fire on the dark side of the lover’s secret moon. I am the black hole rooted in the sun, pulling you through thread by thread back into my wordless, seamless domain of electrical storms and genius flashes. An orgasmic rushing hidden flame is raging behind her cool and regal throne. I hold a needle of crystal ice. The attraction of the lion to his dominion is the power of the wise. He is a throbbing black stone and she is a wet and empty star. He is the blazing sun enlightening his captive and she is the full moon overflowing with the secrets inherent in the night.

Sunshine comes from God. Moonshine pours from God’s lover….

But promises get cracked and broken just like hearts do when we forget that this world isn’t in that place we once knew…hard times pounding asphalt, smoking rubber, forging steel, making wars, words made of metal sounds, blinded, opaque eyes. behind the big wheel, so little but trying harder anyway…..why did you leave me? Steering, climbing, chewing. Grit and the ugly things we’ve seen and said…my world was huge and magical…counting the numbers, shaving off dirty ice, encasing the soulless in ironed clothes and a shifty searching gaze. Opportunity around every corner, making the grade, owning more land and like needing more things and crossing the seas and flying higher than the clouds….I make everything ok….inside the make believe tube you swallow poison and fumes and you’re hurting with a grimace and you’re expiring and you’ll turn sour soon. I’m always sweet and will never leave you….you became a liar when you left the tree and it stings and it clenches and it burns and it bites and it’s a shallow grave where you’ve buried her. And you’re standing on the edge of this precipice like a toilet before it’s flushed….do the right thing…I’ve seen your face behind the mask and I know where your smile is hiding, behind the sadistic and lamenting is the solar arc of glowing royalty. Lift up your eyes from the pavement and don’t pay for the plastic anymore. Look at me and remember how we laughed before we lied. How we did it all before we even tried…in the endless happy fields of light with marigolds and hummingbirds there was meaning in a stream that murmured, there was a message in the wind….He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. Our names are still carved in the tree…

because trees and promises really do live forever…

beneath the lover’s secret 🌙
Sharada Devi

7 thoughts on “beneath the lover’s secret 🌙”

    1. it’s the same as breaking an egg and watching it cook…that’s all.

      or when they said, “this is your mind (brain-whatever) on drugs….

      same thing- DONT worry…just cry.

      love is tears from the body’s sea of god…
      LOVE I said is a mirror of heartache and
      a crystal stream of yearning warmth.

      I think we can save the world. Refuge❤️

  1. some folks have joked with me about my save the world attitude. Guess i’d like to believe that on some level it already is

  2. Ah shucks…
    I just gotta get in here-
    is that ok?
    to say
    this one has found
    i don’t cry so much
    about me
    just about
    what stirs my soul
    what ever that means…
    a kindling of spirit
    the places where we all
    and connect
    that is where
    and when
    i cry
    not out of sorrow
    for me
    but more of
    a love connection
    places in the heart
    were we
    that is when the tears come
    these days

    But, yeah… i’m with you Sharada
    let’s make like a banana
    and split
    this joint…

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