because god eats everything

I was walking outside on the terrace this evening as the sun was setting. It is a beautiful hospital in Portland Oregon where I’m staying. The view of the city is captivating and the tram goes up and down the side of the mountain. I was walking as I do for many hours every day and toward the end of my walking this white barked tree called me towards her. She was a thin tree. Young and not that tall, but vibrant and kind nonetheless. So I walked over to her and stood there and waited to see what she wanted. Of course I need her more than she needs me. And I faced her silently and then I put my arms around her and rested my head on her trunk where two branches were meeting and I stood there telepathically connecting to her for several minutes. Trees don’t chit chat. They speak direct and solid. She loved me and gave me roots. She spiraled energy freely and generously up and down my body.
She brought me peace and calm. She told me we weren’t separate and that she was my mother.
I didn’t imagine this. It happened. She healed me and loved me and nobody even knows she’s there.
We just walk on by. She has so much to share and give and we just walk on by. Using her only if we need something like shade or firewood. What a waste of what this life could be. The magic of life is so all encompassing it’s enrapturing.

In life we need to walk. We need to keep walking and we need to notice everything along the way.
We notice, we honor, we appreciate, we integrate and we never stop walking. That’s what this life is about- momentum and how much can you gather to get you up that hill. It’s a big hill we climb and its steep and it’s life.
If we’re successful we’ll do it right and wisely with whatever hand we’re dealt. We’ll take the blinders off. We’ll make the right choices. We’ll be brave and original. We won’t wait around for a leader. In this way, we’ll find what we need along the way. We are a part of this passing through. We aren’t separate. The scenery both good and bad passes through with us as long as we keep going. And when we don’t we get stuck in the swamps of the mind mesh and start sinking in that quicksand of our deluded mind.

Deluded that you’re here to suffer. No. Suffering is what happens when you’re confused. You’re here to move the energy and learn from the teacher who comes in many forms. You’re here to see clearly and the truth can be harsh. But why judge or need it to go your way? You’re just on a walk remember?
And so what if it’s hard or lonely or painful? Stop falling off to the side of the road. Stop thinking of yourself so much and start thinking of what you can create with your obstacles that will help others to keep moving forward too.

It’s all a motivator and a cold splash in the face.
The doctors eyes. The nurses hands. The bile in the tube. The lab results. This is it.
The sunset. The talking tree. The lonely path back through the hospital doors. It was made just for me. Realizations gathered from experience are neither right nor wrong. They’re a template from which to move forward.

I walk as close to the edge of what this all means as tightly and as clearly as I can. I’m not intending to make you feel safe or better and I’m not trying to give you hope.

I give you the fruits that grow from my heart.
Sometimes bitter and sometimes sweet.
Because God eats everything and it’s just
Sharada Devi

11 thoughts on “because god eats everything”

    1. you’re adorable John.
      I’m cured and yet still human.
      too many weaknesses to count.
      doing better and it’s a love parade.
      don’t waste any time forgetting it’s true.
      sending mother light love to you🔆

  1. WELL HERE WE GO AGAIN, are you ready??? How will you die? Where will you be? Most americans die in the hospital with all the hungry ghost flying around on pain killers. It hurts to die, are you ready? Milarepa,the greatest saint this world has ever known, was afraid to die. But you’re not afraid are you?

    Better get down to get up. Stop living the lie and just tell the truth, that’s what the DEVI is saying. She is the tree, she grows deep and dark, down into the vast underground stream of the river.

    The buddha got the light and the word from the bodhi tree. He just sat down and made a vow that he would not move until the awakening came. The bright morning star of venus came up in the sky and he saw it for the first time and that was it.
    PHAT over and out, gone, gone, gone, gone beyond the beyond. Dakini wisdom SWAHA. So be it.

    She is here now in the hospital for you. She is your Mother, you have no other, so Give her the honour that she deserves. She writes you back, she speaks to you, what do you do for her? I hope you’re praying hard. Are you sending her donations to help her out? She put up this blog for you, to help you. Now it’s your chance to help her. Why are you so selfish and just want to suck the tit? You use and abuse her. She is only here in this phantom body for a short time, She is the great mother born in america for you. Wake up stupid. Click on donate and do it now, it’s for you. What goes around comes around as they say in the big house (prison)

    You are in the prision of your mind, you are stuck in your thoughts and think your projections are real. The end of america has come 2016. The streets are running with blood, the revolution is at hand. Look out the window of your eyes and see the floating snake. Ma Tara is the tree, she is the sea, the leaves of grass she gives to you, and now she floods the land with molten fire of her volcano yoni mouth.

    She will split the earth and bring the tidal wave to clear the deck. She sits up all night in her hospital bed, plastic tubes in her arms for you. Give her more than kiss ass words, like try a little harder. Donate.
    What are you waiting for? Get real for the time is at hand and deck is shuffled and you better pick a card before they all dissapear.
    the two of diamonds, bhagavan das

    1. I don’t know if you’re being authentic or just giving a hard car salesman type pitch..but I’ll send $5 🙂



      1. What are you talking about?
        By the time a person reaches adulthood
        as you have John, since you are 25 yrs old-
        there is such a thing called manners and respect. Maybe it’s best to think about
        how we say things before we say them to avoid being misunderstood. So we don’t seem
        obnoxious or offend people.
        I understand it’s how you communicate at times but maybe nobody has ever told you
        that it can seem a little off- so I’m telling you now.

  2. Dear Sharada Devi,

    Your words took my breath away.. And yet made me feel the fresh, stinging jab one’s breath gives on a wintry morning..

    Both at once.

    I humbly appreciate the way your spirit glows even amidst the tubes and drips of the hospital. The way you have made it so subtle and so invulnerable.

    Both at once.

    And I wonder at you. For the few times I had been to a hospital I felt something die within me. Like when I can’t breathe at night and grope for my inhaler, feeling pain shooting, bursting through my head and my spirit all shrivelled up. The way it does in the face of searing harshness and apathy from loved ones.

    Right then, the final gasp of “What if…?!” pierces deep within. What if all this is not the path, the way? What if this life is but one of thousand years’ distance from and so a thousand years’ walk towards Grace?!

    … the pain and ecstasy …

    Both at once.

    1. Dear Raj,
      Our human condition is one of contradiction.
      It’s a difficult trial we are in and especially until we are able to throw the rule/path book away and follow our own heart. You must learn to trust yourself as the foundation of your own special path in life. You can’t walk someone else’s road or path – you must make your own and trust yourself fearlessly in the face of all opposition. It takes work to get to the place, dont get me wrong. Everyone needs a teacher. But in this day and age you all need a teacher who tells you what I’m saying. It’s our calling. Throw the rules and regulations away and go in faith my friend. Sharada Devi🌓

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