Beautiful Mother Doom

I would like to talk about the perception of beauty that embraces dissolution and that same perception of beauty that creates the illusion of separateness and mystical creativity that enables one to see the god ordained pattern of attraction in letting go and in sacrificing all to the fire of transmutation. Ketu maneuvers effectively through Rahu because of Rahu’s similar power of worldly appeal, attraction, seduction and the reinforcement of desire to that of a more earthbound Venus. Rahu though, unlike Venus, along with Saturn’s help, delivers our heaviest lessons to us through the unbreakable axis of unquenchable attraction/repulsion known as the lunar nodes- Rahu and Ketu- who deliver us both our divinity or our demise. Like I said, the hook with honey on the end…what’s your honey, whose your honey- is the question. We tend to chase Rahu and reject Ketu. The twist is that we can’t grasp our Rahu obsession with this world anymore than we can embrace the rejection we feel for the mysterious and strangely otherworldly allure of Ketu. We fall into Ketu as a type of familiar clutch due to the connection to the past -only to be flung from the past into Rahu, the future, who is the desire to become once again…and the wheel keeps on spinning on our imagined behalf…

and so we have a purpose because of our karma, but our destination is inevitably liberation sooner or later. Being spiritually inclined does not mean not considering appearance or attraction because Venus herself is the goddess of beauty and attraction, it is how we accomplish- magnetically by the power of attraction. That which is within, is of course, of the greatest  enduring validity- the beauty and clarity of a clear consciousness will make your eyes shine and attract circumstances- just as a pretty face might attract at least one date- personally I use the magic of Rahu to accomplish the message of Ketu because that’s my karma with which I do my dharma- Venusian appeal, it’s a mixed message…it’s a killer, and so I’m dangerous in a certain way- and so you’ve got to consider the the threat brought by the messenger…and the wrathful tone- and a lot of the background noise inherent in the delivery…I hope this makes sense to you…beauty can be a weapon used for good- like a beautifully decorated temple can conjure devotion much faster than a sterile, unattractive temple can…especially if it’s the “temple” that kills you. However, the substance must be as pure as a heavenly Venus to make the magic happen…

Kali is a tantric goddess and controls the planet Saturn who is the grim reaper and the lord of karma. Kali, once she has widowed herself and is older, wiser and even more unforgiving, becomes Dhumavati- Dhumavati is the goddess who functions as Ketu. Once Kali is energetically matured and profoundly focused on liberation- her scope narrows even further to seal the deal once and for all. She comes to you as Dhumavati and sometimes they come together. Amongst the ten Mahavidya, or tantric wisdom goddesses, it is said that Kali responds the most quickly, not however, because she is easy to please- but rather because she is like lightening- you call her earnestly, sincerely and with childlike devotion- and she strikes how and when she sees fit, not how you hope she will. When she strikes and shocks- like only she knows how, and she most certainly will, the day and hour nobody knows- she will test you and if you fail she will destroy you. Over and over again plundered by her motherly love. Taken down until you submit even if it means death. This is just the kindness of her transcendental nature- and so getting offended or defensive won’t change a thing.

Kali makes us face our past life karmas forcibly and without a weakening mercy. She is not the glamour of Rahu as most would like to believe that she is- because most people are deeply worldly and in denial of their behavioral contradictions. She is the stark incomprehensible beauty of the reality of Ketu- Ketu who is the real otherworldly shaman, aesthetic yogi, and magical sadhu- not Rahu, Rahu would be more like the rich and famous yogis posing in fancy postures with an impressive ashram and pictures of themselves lining the walls, and yet no substance beneath the appearance of it’s guise. Ketu is all substance and not self promoting, Ketu is reclusive, essential, exact, honest and should you be be assisted spiritually by the forces of Ketu, the remover of illusion, you will be cleansed and changed with no going back to before- as Ketu is ruthless in pulling out dead karmic teeth.

It’s all useless can’t you see?

“Tell that to my landlord”

It’s called the circle of samsara for a reason my friend…it’s not easy getting off the wheel and nobody said it would be. You always want it easy and that’s why you’re way too plump and can’t climb a hill very fast-huffing and puffing, wallet held tightly in your pocket and you’re thinking of food instead of God with every uphill step…

Dhumavati who is the embodiment of Ketu is a skeleton walking through the hospital halls completely stripped of any hope in this world, she resides in the densest of fogs and the eery, mysterious mist…and she takes everything away so you can see more clearly the unreality of maya’s glamour. She widows herself from attachment and she will do the same for you- she separates you from all your perfect lies, she negates your plan, she recoils from appearances, she never ever gives you what you want…unless you are a genuine yogi and you really want the heartbreaking truth- at which time you will reach her at the mountain peak of your devoted sadhana because she is the goddess who bestows ultimate samadhi and she is the goddess who grants liberation after death.

If you still think you want lots of money, luxuries and comfort and you happen to have a powerful astrological curse or connection- depending on your attitude- to these wrathful, yet all benevolent imo- forms of the goddesses- this implies that you are out of touch with your soul’s desire and working at counter purposes to yourself. Because of this misalignment you are likely to be given the gift of grief and loss over and over again- because you are confused and see this worldly loss as a valid loss. This material life is nothing but tragic loss- ending only in old age, decay, and futility- skin and bones do not make you real, undying devotion does.

So lose your delusion and panicky attempts and see that you are losing this life’s opportunity with every breath you waste grasping at lies of security and achievement- as long as you resist her immediate grace you will continue to needlessly suffer the wheel of samsara. Why go through the entire process of the circle of becoming pretending otherwise?

Kali and Dhumavati are the great compassionate wisdom goddesses who help you to save lifetimes of wasted time and effort in order to achieve something of actual value- instead of endlessly struggling to impress other disillusioned people who are also endlessly struggling. Nobody cares about you or your story- they care only about themselves and their story- and so in the end it’s just one deaf bubble popping itself on  other imaginary deaf bubbles over and over again- its super perverse really. Nobody cares, nobody listens, nobody notices anyone else- but only their effect on others as if that’s a gauge to their effectiveness- what? As you imagine what’s going on in their head about you? It’s crazy and insane-because bubbles are ignorant and selfish and nothing ever happens in a bubble but weird dreams and foolish fantasies over and over again. Stop being a dumb bubble and get out into her sea, lose your creepy self and be truly free…

“You should stop being stupid.” That’s Dhumavati’s only message to you. “You should stop being slave to fear.” is what Kali wants to say.

Ketu is a force which points to the dharma, liberation, unworldly pursuits. Saturn is time and therefore enforces the laws and rules of your game brought to you by Ketu. Kali is not a hot, sexy, tantric master dancing high on ecstasy at a rave, Kali is the essence of sexuality as transformation. Dhumavati is not an evil black widow who devours men and happiness, Dhumavati is the essence of surrender as liberation. Venus is not a supermodel, Venus is the essence of bhakti who tirelessly transforms all suffering on the path of the mystic into devotion and all pain of harsh realization into sweet and artful soul beauty…

and if you’re still in conflict over this spinning mirage of unfulfillable desires, don’t worry, that’s just Rahu’s worldly maya induced imagination, you’ll see the still light of shiva eventually- because there are higher frequencies generated by these goddesses that only the sublime devotee of the mother light can see and know. If the case is that you’re cool with the lesser projection then it would seem that the great goddess of liberation from samsaric misery hasn’t caused you a sufficient amount of loss and suffering just yet…don’t feel left out though, she will. She doesn’t ever forget anybody…

I wonder how much time you’ve got left to stop wasting time? The bardo is a bad dream, worse than this dream. Tests of fear beyond what you can imagine. It’s best to let Beautiful Mother Doom guide you out of your self imposed labyrinth of useless torture now while you have free will, its going to be much easier this way, otherwise things can get ugly and it hurts…

now back to her concept of beauty…

some woman commented on our youtube channel recently that all I cared about were my “looks” apparently I adjusted my sweater and looked into the camera or something…which, considering the depth of the video content and the fact that she remains a stranger behind a screen offering nothing but her idea that I am vain- on the surface seems a very shallow and uneventful evaluation, but it’s true that I will do these things- and so she’s right that if I see something off or out of balance as I deem it so, I will adjust it to a more beautifying perspective on my end- whether a sweater, a bad angle, a slanting picture, Bhagavan Das’s crooked eyebrows or a negative emotion- whatever- because as within so without- and also as without so within. What’s the basis of beauty beyond a soul well lit?

Balance and symmetry who is Shiva.

Well, while Kali may not be your typical harmless beauty she is the goddess of perfection of symmetry- so she engenders exactly what beauty is- and she creates it within you by balancing everything no matter how painful – om namah shivaya- she adjusts the measurement and angle of all things into harmony- because she regulates form via space through the vehicle and constant reminder of time. Creating aesthetically pleasing things, even as myself, a temple or a dinner plate- is what I do- and none to me is more or less spiritual, inspiring or relevant than the other. Appearances engender a mood and a mood directs a feeling into a thought with potency and this is why everything, anyone or any place I touch or effect- my main objective is always creating more beauty -beauty in all it’s divinity- who is Shiva to me, Shiva being the entirely spiritualized Saturn- who becomes absolute mastery and perfection of the Rainbow Body.

So what I’m saying is, adjust yourself and look into the camera of how your version of Kali is creating the attraction that you intend as a means to an end- and not merely turning yourself into a show piece at the expense of the rest. Negating your outside life or physical beauty is not the idea here, the idea is- where you pull from and what you intend because these qualities like charisma and beauty are your gift in that they magnetize your purpose to you…and they have the power, depending on your purity of intention, to transform experiences of suffering into a deeply felt truth of beauty’s magnificent scope- you become what you create and what you create becomes you. It is your choice to turn any and all things into artistic gifts of life, including yourself- but you must master what you magnetize and so presentation of your life and yourself is fundamentally important to be most effective- and not to be negated due to the more “spiritual” inner work- but instead prioritized- you should always feel and therefore appear beautiful and it’s a riddle isn’t it?

What I’m saying is- even if the women who criticized me and my “vanity” never understands or cares to understand what I said in the video because she judged me by my appearance -and even though once she did that, my words likely fell on deaf ears so that she could validate her assumption bubble of my self centered vanity -which is really just projection anyway- at least I know I cared enough to attempt to bring her the most pleasing picture I could offer just so she might be uplifted and inspired by the content which was and always is my intention, no matter how it comes across in the creation process- other people’s opinion will always exist- and for good reason- because it’s all her grace- we should remember the beauty even in that…I project and you project- endless cameras flashing making memories of her maya…

dissolution has many hands and words that follow- and liberation has only one requirement- absolute relentless devotion to the beauty of she who negates- not just creates- and so I wrote about this woman on youtube in order to present Dhumavati’s wisdom who once again is saying to me through this woman, “it’s a useless pursuit, keep trying but it will never work.”

Beautiful Mother Doom. Thank you. I love you.

That’s just my take on reality – I’ll still do it with rooms, foods, backyards, words, other people. I make beauty by erasing the bad angles. How to erase the bad angles? Look for beauty everywhere at all costs, even in the one who says, “I don’t think so.”

This is a clue in relation to astrology, liberation and the deities of this life’s mythic journey- and what we can do about it all so that we can be the victorious one. If you understand the  harnessing and alchemy of beauty’s essence then you will easily understand the depth of sadness brought to you by Dhumavati and you won’t hate Kali when your dog dies or you end up in the hospital. It’s your camera remember?

And also, clue two:

Lighting is everything.
Sharada Devi

15 thoughts on “Beautiful Mother Doom”

  1. When the snake like sperm touches the egg there is an explosion of light. You are born in light, this is the Mother Light. You are here on earth to tame your wild crazy monkey mind. Only your heart song is real, Mother Kali is calling you home in every moment. Look up and see the blue sky and pray to awaken from the dream of desire. Just tune in deeply to her words of wisdom and she will free you from the cage of mind. The little bird knows every thing, listen, listen……that’s IT. You can only Be Here Now because there’s no other place to be free in. The milky way loves you, dazzling darkness is the Mother Light. Every moment you are only alive in the NOW. We are all returning. The mind is Rahu the severed head, all your desires flow out the neck and go nowhere. Our life journey is joining back to the source which is Ketu, the smokey old lady who rides on a black crow. She is here Now before your eyes, the empty space between your thoughts. Drink in the light with your eyes but don’t focus on anything. Become your out breath and mix it with space. remember to remember, only God-in-us is real. Happy spring.
    Dhumavati das aka Bhagavan das

    1. He never gives up
      He never complains
      He never lets me feel bad
      He never defends himself
      He never forgets the mantra
      He never lets fear take hold
      He never lets this world fool him
      that God isn’t behind it all
      That his guru isn’t really the
      One causing him trouble
      He lives in constant thanks
      and since he sees everything
      and everyone as God,
      that is who you become
      by being near him.
      He works hard making love
      and improving his gaze
      Turquoise eyes like the sea
      she lives in him wildly
      and perfectly known.
      Who isn’t one? No one.
      He keeps telling you
      Now, because she is a flood.
      No matter where you live,
      there is no escaping her love.
      Through every wave and willow tree
      through every tumble weed and spider
      She’s there and he knows it.
      And I know because I watch him
      like a hungry hawk.

  2. I thank you for the places that you take me to
    the spaces within my being where thoughts that had not occurred to me
    have been awakened and brought stirring.
    You get inside me and make me find the reason to wonder why
    how to shift and be more aware.
    exploring the new and still deeply fathoming forgotten concepts.

    When you shift and turn and steady
    make right and ready
    focus and adjust
    it is just who you are
    and have always been
    from what i have seen.
    Taking the mundane and twisting it
    ever so slightly
    to the left or right of center
    creating perfection
    in the moment
    as usual
    you have a gift of making
    the mediocre

    So i thank you
    for another writing well worth reading.
    The beauty of words and knowledge
    more and more unfolding of the mother light
    casting out yet another beam
    of intrinsic insight.
    ☸️ 💚 🕉

    1. This is beautifully said and I thank you…

      mediocre is as mediocre does and
      beauty only sees itself.
      We only ever always see ourselves
      and why not make amends?
      Like Krishna said, “some see poison as nectar and some see nectar as poison.”
      Where Krishna is no matter how seemingly doomed or impoverished- is nectar and bliss and where Krishna isn’t- even in riches and fame is poison- though a stupid person would see it as nectar and keep drinking the toxic substance. Krishna IS Kali in male form. Krishna starts wars. Krishna is the Dark Lord for a reason- the reason is- is that love knows no bounds and sometimes leaving the lice on the person is the only way they can know they’re infested. God and Guru work in mysterious ways and none can know their grace- however, all can feel their love if they so choose. Perspective and attitude- humility surrender and devotion- are the sublime qualities of only the wisest and highest devotees of this LOVE. Her mercy is that she is the deepest love who dives into the deepest hell to show you what you’ve got. Funny how I keep saying this and some would still rather think it’s me. I’m not talking about me- I use myself as an example- the beautiful goddess of doom lives in everyone and drives the kundalini upward and out of this hell realm. What you see and feel along the way isn’t her and her awful appearance and wicked cruelty- it is yourself revealing yourself- sorry if the ugly is too ugly sometimes- but that’s just perspective mixed with fear instead of creative courage- and so out of her motherly love, to increase our awareness she lets herself be hated and just hopes you might catch a glimpse of Krishna in her jet black eyes. Where she’s always looking at him and blessing us all with her curses of mercy. She is our greatest blessing and without her we cannot ever approach the love that we are. I know you know because you’re attitude is good because you’ve been wise in your suffering and so see that bitterness and projection only makes the straightjacket tighter and Love and looking for beautiful love puts us right into the heart of Christ who is Krishna the beloved. There is no other road. Hare Krishna. Radhe is a snake who loved God enough to become Her. Make sense of the senseless through your beautiful hands and words and deeds and know my favorite words as always-
      KRISHNA SAID in the Bhagavad Gita:
      “And when he sees me in all and sees all in me- then I shall never leave him and he shall never leave me- and he, who in this onesness love loves me in all that he sees
      wherever this man may go, in truth he lives in me.”

      That’s exactly what I meant in beautiful Mother Doom. Exactly what Krishna is.
      And don’t you already know that it’s true?

      1. Yes, the knowing of that truth is precious. It’s the foundation of the all pervading internal heart temple.The reminding of truth, is a daily blessing. An affirmation – the changeless truth that the knowing of forever changes me. There is no going backwards once truth has been revealed. It fills me with a tremendous sense of joy to hear ( or read ) the telling of these sanatana dharmic truths. The day becomes saturated with more color – and enrichment.
        And when you write these posts – you are the messenger of the ways of truth. A cosmic emissary. Yes, it is funny that some would rather see it all as you and not the Goddess or ways of truth and light that you are the vehicle for. It is easier to personify the focus of devotion than to go deeper and strike the mother lode.

  3. I saw her in the rear view mirror, u went in to buy breakfast and she was…
    The crow cawing “doom, Doom, DOOM.”
    I just had a bhakti sandwich.

    1. Great writing so creative and love the imagery! I can always see it all through your eyes…cats and crows and all her things that prowl…in the rear view mirror at the crest of night.

      1. Right on. Lightening is awesome. They say when you are struck it can send you into and endless depression. I think i cant find the beauty because im up to my neck in black magic and other people`s cheap food. I can see the sadhana happening but i just dont get it. Im complaining because Its like the devotion took a back seat to my devotion

        1. Really? I got struck⚡️️ when I was 20 and maybe that’s why I was so down and out?!
          Devotion took a back seat to my commotion. .
          Black magic and cheap food is a sure recipe for a wicked disaster!

          Your words always find the beauty for me.

          🙃 hung man. Upside down smile. Again,
          looking forward and walking on the sky.
          Heavenly ground, you sunk again…
          What can I do but bounce back like
          a big ball of sunshine☀️

    1. yes electrocuted by her lightening.
      scary skin split open- clothes burned.
      flung into rocks…and nobody took me to hospital- they gave me a glass of wine I never drank. I couldn’t move for at least a week-muscles so sore and I found out later after the fact that your heart can just stop
      for days after the fact- but I lived and just went crazy instead hahsha⚡️️

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