Be free. Be love. Be heard. Be you.

My notes to you:

Body eating eliminating moving breathing properly
mind and emotions follow, deep purification followed by rejuvenation commences.
Start with body.

Space- a time and spot of your own to practice these things- can’t be abstract.


different techniques- got to do what’s harmonious for us and got to start somewhere,

Can’t be too abstract-

journaling, self portrait, sing your soul, dream yoga, the unseen world. What’s missing is the invitation to go there, down to where the seeds were left.

Rituals, vision quests. 3 days and night inside the magic circle. Alone, drinking water, praying for a vision. Spirit animal comes.

You are not alone. Listen to the ancient trees. Welcome the truth on this journey. Bathe in the moonlight. Be by yourself in the water. Let go. It doesn’t matter.

Remember to remember how far you’ve come. How long it’s been since we left the pin of light.

To come here. To be a flame on the dark ocean.

To ride wild waves, to hear the bottom of the ocean. To bring back the riches.

To the surface:

Who you are is what you do. And the circle keeps spinning itself out. Yoga is union of your mother and father within you. That’s the work. That’s the healing. Both of their love, God gave us life. This pain is about us, not them.

Healing means traveling through these memories, shamanism.

Sound therapy. Crystal bowls, crystal bodies, daggers and wands. Magical earth foods.

Touching her body of grass. Laying face down in the grass naked at midnight. Feeling her heartbeat into yours. Feeling her unconditional love under the cool moonlight. Whispering into the ground, listening to her guide you. Entering the pulse of her universe. Beneath the blanket of stars, inside the womb of night.

A giant white owl sits at the top of the tree watching, bats quietly glide through the dark. And we lay, surrendered. The fire smolders peacefully, the darkness drains from our body.

Softly birds sing, dawn approaches. We have been dreaming. And now we write and pick flowers. Now fruit falls for us to eat and share.

This is the doorway to heaven on earth. We ourselves are the portal. We become our highest love when we water the seeds that lie hidden.
Away from the chaos of manmade glamour. Back into her elemental immortal body of stars and plants.

Growing life means love is light.

All I ever knew was that she is within. That there is a river of white light that flows. That religion makes no difference. We are the religion. From inside we generate her cause.

Her cause is to flow.

The flow of the Mother Light is the cultivation of the highest love, which is you.

We must act with that faith, motivation and intention. Anything less makes her less bright.

There is a voice deep inside that knows what to do always. And we hear that voice everywhere if we listen. And the closer we get to the purity of her simple love, the louder the call to release her becomes.

Be free. Be love. Be heard. Be you.
Sharada Devi

5 thoughts on “Be free. Be love. Be heard. Be you.”

  1. I let my words go. and they came back in a fury of sound in my head. A still voice rising, crying. a beat of my own heart. Pulsing and pushing. my breath soothing and pulling, my unwilling body, to the brink of you.

    how long must this go before it is let in- my pain the signal that there is someone still in there, and will you let me be, your friend inside this cold ring of illusion. will you believe my fire that disappears for you?

  2. Sharada Devi,

    All I can say is…”yes, yes, yes, YES!”

    I am on this path…and I have noticed that it’s almost impossible to turn around and go back the other way. It has become so CLEAR, but that does not mean easy, because everything around us screams of materialism, instant gratification for things that don’t even matter. Since I started on this path…I really am very conscious most things I am doing/thinking. I used to do nearly everything without even thinking about what I was doing (unconscious eating, drinking, constantly purchasing crap I did not need, movie watching, etc.). BLEH…bleh….BLEHHHH!

    After eight years with the guy, it still feels weird to be single again…but it feels REALLY good….because it is all about practicing and preparing, daily, every day. I am Om Mani Padme Humming all day! While I am taking care of the animals and when I walk alone on the beach or forest I am singing or chanting it. It makes a difference, I know it does, even if it can’t be seen. The ocean and all the critters who can hear it….are touched by Avalokitesvara! Lord of the Sky! Lord of Compassion!

    Om Mani Padme Hum!

    Beautiful post, Sharada Devi!

    Love, Chandra Ma

  3. holy smoke to keep the mindful ghosts at bay
    invoking fictitious reverie
    cleansing the periphery
    but skirting the scouring of your very soul
    truth be told
    how many barren trees are no longer
    left alone to do their best blest death dance
    to sway in the breezes
    amidst the tropic of capricorn latitudes
    playing freely
    until the last days breath is seized away
    due only to a natural demise
    open up your eyes.
    who am i to tell a tale
    of far off climes
    accented with ancestral rhymes
    broken english
    unspoken promises
    empty minds
    searching for full hearts
    vagabond platitudes
    cracking the code
    Even Mona Lisa manages to forever
    maintain her mystery

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