another rainbow is born



I see rainbows inside myself. I realize I am filled with sky, just like you. The heart light that shines on these tears, is where the rainbows are born. I have a lot. Of rainbows inside grown from tears. The tears we surrender to in love, the bright sunlit heart. God is the sun, behind the moon shining. The heart is the moon, not alone. She melts into the sun, this is hope.


The inspiration of a million lights, circulating the seven colors of the all that is. Letters and numbers. Points on the grid. The human body made of tears. We don’t know? Made of tears. Made from tears. Yes we are, haven’t you heard the great song in your head. “I won’t forget you. I won’t forget you.” But yes you did and you’re already here. Trying again, a new angle. Climbing to higher, dryer ground. It won’t work. The truth is in tears. Real human light comes from that. The sun shines into her, the moon and we know. And the rain of our heart starts to fall into the sky of our being and we let go. We let go. I let go, into the limitless sorrow of my loneliness and I let go into the fear of being nothing at all. And this storm is loud inside and dark inside. As the rain keeps falling, I control nothing.


The rain is the prayer that grows the rainbows of this. This promise that all will be resurrected in his light, her love. Both of us. Shining. When the sun moves she follows and nobody needs to know I’m here. My love is spiraling every color, every pain moved into joy. Every dark cloud, alive. Bright in me. The heart is the abode of the rainbows. They live there and they mean something big. The human body, human aura, human heart and mind space are nothing but the sounds of space that we give to the rain. Open sky.


Melting darkness into radiant being-ness. I don’t know anything. I follow the grace of my tears. We have only one way. The way of genuine touch. We touch ourselves inside by feeling where she, the moon. We call her Sita. Might be hiding. Afraid, alone. Abducted by fear. We find her. We cleanse her. We save our souls with the light of the sun. How we get there, deep within. Breathing into the space of her loneliness, touching her softly and listening closely to the sound of her beating heart calling to him. Ram, Ram. I am Hanuman. Because I need to be. I am the rainbow body that comes from the rapture of her return.


To him, him inside her. The union I surrender to, give my life to, the battle of angles and noises. I hear her. I listen for her tears, crying his name inside. Ram Ram. I hear her. For her I go into the dark place, sobbing. For her I can lift this dark world. For her I can bring the spring time and the dawn. For her Ram can aim and shoot to kill darkness. For Ram I can bring my soul to the light. I can be the breath of white flame. I can follow her rainbow.


What the world can see is the freedom of true love. My prayer is Ram. Not a religion. A meaning deeper than sound rules. A meaning deeper than God thoughts. A feeling as bright as the sun. This feeling of the rainbow once it appears, inside after the song. The love song of life. Do this for me. Find her. Find her in the radiance of her tears, yearning for his return. I must save my soul. She is Sita. I am Hanuman. Ram is the light that creates the rainbow because he killed anything and everything in the way of what I bring him. I brought him clues of darkness and evidence of pain. I brought him anything that concealed her. Anyone that brought her pain. I brought him the wind to move the black cloud. I brought him vision and he saw. Where to aim the arrow that ended the night.


Rising sun. My moon flower. Only the lonely can hear me cry out to you. Only those blinded by love know the rainbow of his caress over her golden face. I will be here when you need me, I will bring you the light as God brings the sorrow to know. Know deeply the hidden sound of the heart. Tears are rain. Rain brings flowers. Light brings love. The flower opens herself to him. Because of me, another rainbow is born.
Sharada Devi

13 thoughts on “another rainbow is born”

  1. this is absolutely beautiful…

    “nowhere to run to…nowhere to hide…
    sing the song or keep it inside…”

    – s. weiland

    1. you know I’ll always love you.
      since you go there like no one else,
      but I don’t misunderstand the plight
      or the mission. All for us, you
      speak the darkness rising. It’s only
      a matter of time until you see Sita,
      dear sunlight, don’t let go.
      Jai Hanuman☀️

      1. FROM SHANE:

        Thanks…I love you too…I know my first comment wasn’t the greatest…but I was moved by what you wrote and wanted to let you know…

        also, i talked to God last night…i said hey man i don’t know if i can do this…there is no point to any of this…and it sucks…i don’t want to be here…i said other things that i don’t remember…but God didn’t really speak back to me…i’m not afraid of going to hell…maybe i should be…but i’m not…i wish i could tell you the night i meet death, so you can pray for my soul…or maybe that isn’t necessary…maybe you would know if i did meet the One..because its so intense…but i’m scared you’ll tell on me because you don’t want the guilt of knowing it happens yes it does, to us all…you already know him don’t you…maybe you could have helped me go there or maybe you could have tried to stop me but you didn’t…you welcomed his fury…is it fury or do you feel a type of raging peace like the stormy ocean beneath the black cloud? anyway, they’ll probably put my name on a list so i can’t buy a new life or whatever…so i’ll be forced to jump out of a window or something to find you…which will suck even more if you aren’t there waiting…at least taking the dive is a relatively quick way to find out if you’ll catch me….and i’ll bleed out anyway one way or another and you’re already sort of bright and
        dead…death really is my friend like I said, i love you as the only life that shines despite the suffering and the no way out but through dilemma…anyway…sorry to bore you with this pitiful never ending sob story…i’ll delete everything…but the rainbow of my love…and the sun in my heart just for you. moon flower i hold with nothing but this. me suffering inside the silence of my soul…listening for you always. i am here, breathing for the sun.
        because i love her as you in me. Shane

  2. i am alive in every breath i take
    and in every breath you take
    we are one
    we exist
    without you
    or any other
    i am
    star dust
    a new awakening
    me, we
    Born of rainbow light
    implicit in the rafters
    between the blues
    and purple
    set in excellent motion
    in perpetuity
    instigating the onset of indigo
    Living in the rainbow light
    beckoned and beseeched to pursue the rainbow light
    i have given birth enveloped in the rainbow light
    witnessed birth swirled and encompassed
    in the depths and heights of the rainbow light
    there is nothing more abstract
    and yet (w)Holy tangible.
    i bathe in the mystic waters
    of this myriad colorant
    that reflects
    guides the vibratory way
    upward shot
    Ram’s sacred arrow
    lands and marks the spot
    the point of active onward
    the outer banks of infinity
    the farthest reaches
    into the magnificent unknown
    exquisite completeness
    “ there’s a place for us”
    our beyond the beyond

    ancient foot steps
    mark the way

    the path is clear
    the outcome
    most dear to the heart

    Jai Jai Hanuman !!!

    1. Thank you. Glad to hear you’re not too cold
      up in no man’s land. It’s a fall to get
      low, low enough to see the lowest of the low
      within me. Whoever you now are, calling truth and proclamation. It happens, it hurts, it’s nobody’s pain or fault but my own. There is no bypassing the great darkness of home. And I mean the home you
      still believe in, are caught in, a slave to
      most of all…and the other words are just ways to numb the light as it burns for tomorrow. Tomorrow is death. And in death,
      there is nothing to prove. So it’s all a big waste, the desperatiom to be seen or hidden.
      The truth hurts every time, you know. And you’re calling it birth, birth of who?
      Where did you come from- I guess your new name. As if we need a reminder or evidence.
      It’s pretty obvious to me how hard you try…

      1. hahaha…
        was enjoying some rainbow relating.
        I did give birth to my daughter while seeing rainbows.
        And did witness another woman give birth, in a room filled with rainbows.
        not sure how to interpret your words.
        Am i trying too hard?
        Was I sounding desperate?
        That’s not how I feel.
        It was fun to write again after having not for so long.
        Have been feeling warm and alive.
        I’m still who I’ve always been, a child of the Divine Mother
        A lover of God.
        Finding God in everyone and in all things.
        Not only threw away the rule book, but burned it up completely.
        What home am I a slave to?
        Wasn’t trying to prove anything.
        No proclamation.
        Just started writing and out it came.

        1. the eighth house. which is the shadow.
          your shadow home…where you cling, obsess, deny and squirm…where words and beliefs mean nothing, where death roams and watches.
          and if you saw it, it wouldn’t be hidden.
          and it doesn’t matter what you say to me.
          truth is looking at everything not just
          words like “divine mother” and “lover of god.” it’s just automatic, this talk of god.
          true transformation is not that, it’s deadly. Satya means truth. So what are you saying? you changed your name, you asked me to give it, so no one would know who you are, but who cares who you are. Since you’re in truth is that right, fearless? Even honest at all…anyway, nothing more to say-
          I waste words. it’s a bad habit.

          1. Maybe words aren’t wasted if they become a catalyst for transformation.
            So i re-read what you have said here. And see more clearly.
            If it didn’t bother me – which is a feeling of pain- ego cling –
            then i wouldn’t be motivated to understand and work on eliminating my flaws.
            Or work on the places that hold me back.
            What i wrote – just so much self-aggrandizement –
            trying to sound like i have something to say in a convoluted
            flowery way – maybe it is a superficial waste of time.
            It seemed right, in the moment. So i did not second guess.
            I attempt to live in truth, try to be fearless, want to be honest.
            Never wanting to numb the light.
            Recognizing my flaws while at the same time – loving myself.
            If i didn’t appreciate what you had to say. How you cut to the marrow.
            I would have just skulked away, feeling sorry for myself.
            But i am here to learn as much as i can about burning away what is redundant.
            Not wanting to sound like i am trying too hard.
            But truly being honest.

          2. That’s the warrior spirit.
            Jai Shri Radhe!!!
            Cuts to the bone,
            threads thru the heart.
            the sound of his flute,
            waging war on anything
            in the way…
            All for LOVE❤️

    1. hardcore butterfly transformation.
      Coming with us to guatamala!
      And so now I’ll call you Chandra Ma.
      Meaning shining moon mother. Of us all 🦋

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