999 not 666


To delude yourself that you don’t have to do something heroic is a fallacy. Family members do not have to agree, support or understand. Since you’re carrying the ancestral pain and confusion of seven generations back their mission is to instill their fear in you. You basically are walking in their footsteps, footprints left in time and space that you follow right back to the same old dilemma, the dilemma of 666. Earthbound, the hexagram of Saturn, the number of a man dropped to earth, a slave to gravity and a prisoner of his karma. The ancestors drive us very deeply back to our roots. And so the resolution we must have to understand and uproot our karmic tendencies so that we are not acting as unconscious puppets to the sin of man, meaning what binds the man, Saturn’s law, must be absolute. We are already imprisoned by time/space which makes consciousness seem limited and so we seek release through the senses, which are the creators of more karma. Liberation demands a tearing away from the known comforts and imaginary securities and that’s where heroic effort comes in. It’s going to be pretty impossible since most people don’t even take the first real steps to freedom, they delude themselves that staying stuck is ok and they’ll work it out their way. And I’m sure it’s all part of their growth timeline. But there does come a time in our evolution when we approach the crossroads. That’s when the enforcers of 666 step in and start whispering alternate routes in your ear, making you think it’s forward when it’s only looping. Fear indicates loss. Fear is the deep root no one wants to pull, it’s painful. It kills us, literally. It ends the game. It’s easier said than done, don’t get ahead of yourself. Only a super ego can let go of the ego. Super strong fearless ego= super healthy godlike consciousness. Most people have it all backwards and circulate with other people just like themselves even if it’s to chant mantras, do yoga, it doesn’t matter, that’s not the path. The path is ordinary. Wherever we must go to feel alone, abandoned, terrified, unloved, worthless, guilty, impotent, inept, inadequate, unprepared, defeated, deprived…then that’s perfect. That’s the spiritual location of discovery. And by this I do not mean in tamasic surroundings with tamasic people, including family members who are not yet able to start digging for freedom, I mean that these overwhelming feelings that are stirred due to right association with true spiritual beings, help you to enter your own darkness. Because until you do that, you’re only half, less than half, not even a quarter- of anybody worthwhile. You will have nothing to offer, including meekness, humility, or even basic friendship until you get ripened by the darker sun. This sun is inside, behind the sun you think actually brightens you. It’s a facade. Our earth sun is fake, propitiator of consciousness. Sirius, the Dog Star, is the real sunpower. The dark sun, the sun behind our “sun” holding all the spiritual awareness that is the light of God. Dog, God, backwards, behind the light. Get it right. This hiding place holds all the consciousness that ever existed, the spiritual heritage of who you really may be. It’s outside of 666, only entered by entering the sun between your eyes, the portal through intergalactic dimensions, the black hole which all genuine light commences from. This is the way, it’s not easy. It takes preparation beyond understanding to be given the key to unlock the portal in your human head. You should find your predecessor. Usually the biggest permanent snag is arrogance. Arrogance prohibits purification. Immaturity allows people to feel they can go it alone, they can be the one, they have all the answers, they are special. This, while ultimately true, isn’t true until much later but this immaturity causes irreversible arrogance which then undermines the cause and 666 becomes the legacy of that life, once again. It’s nothing new. And there’s no reason to panic, this is just what we’re up against, what we face. You will know when you get close because you will seek release from bondage in ways that are wild and disapproved of. You will leave the past, let everything go, lose yourself in devotion, quit role playing. Quit pleasing. You will do this because your devotion to your teacher will allow nothing less. Cutting, tearing, struggling is just the beginning. Comfort and ease have no place here and if you sustain these past their expiration date, all hell will break loose. I’ve seen these things happen, it’s part of human evolution. To leave the family tree. But first you must uproot the tree before it grows back…in your child and in you. Who are the same. We recreate nothing and nobody but ourselves again and again. Just at least stop lying to yourself thinking it’s not your fault, it’s all your fault. Taking responsibility is the beginning of the healing. Unplug your ears. It’s just the truth. Open your eyes to the real inside light. The sun behind the sun that illuminates all darkness and dries up the poisons in your soul’s heavy blood. Heavy with the weight of all those who came before you. You have their 666 lit up on your forehead only because they’ve claimed you as the new representative of their sin, karmic roots to grow that family tree even deeper and higher. You’re a target for the cause of man. Once you pierce the entry at the gate of liberation, the number drops and three nines will appear before you.  999 not 666. Sharada Devi


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  1. I started a master cleanse fast Tuesday night…I’m trying to unflatten my left foot…I loop a long rubber exercise band around my shoulder and wrap it around the front of my body…stepping into the other end of the loop with the opposite leg of the shoulder that the other end is looped through…then I walk in the hallway of my apartment building for five minutes…I do each side…I then step into the band with one leg and wrap it across the front of my pubic bone and around down the other thigh…this forces you to externally rotate the thigh bone when you step forward to help correct a mild knee valgus that I’ve developed in my left knee…I started walking tip toed too as I heard this can help with flat feet…I also stopped popping my knees inward…what does this have to do with anything…I don’t know…and not to keep bringing up the profane but I realized that jacking off for decades 2.6 times per day on average can potentially cause imbalances in the anterior oblique facia that connects from the upper back on the right…down to the left gluteal…wrapping around to the front of the left leg…I weighed 176.2 this morning but fasting will eventually cause weight gain…if you wanna call master cleansing fasting…I’m hoping to get so thin that I unravel myself by getting really small…and from the breaking up of interstitial tissue in my muscles…I set the thermostat to 78 degrees…I’m not looking forward to Christmas or New Years or the market being closed two mondays in a row…no porn…kind of goes without saying…but it probably won’t last because it never does…there are other things that I think about that I can’t talk about…ways around being ground down slowly and painfully…I don’t need any response as my posts are kind of weird without any real point and not really related to what you’re writing about…I’m going back into credit card debt because my spending is a little out of control…my bathroom is filthy because i havent cleaned it since before surgery because I’m not supposed to bend although I still do a little sometimes…would I ever meet you or a being like you in a future lifetime? I hope so…you are so lucky to not be very unhealthy…health is truly wealth…I have $xxxxx in a 401k…I’d gladly give it all up if my health could be fully restored…and guaranteed to feel good and function perfectly until the day of my death…it would be totally worth it…I haven’t had a haircut since August…poetry and prose of the soul this is not…more like prism prison prose…not holographic or enlightened or freed from the bondage of time within a blissful now that spins like a crystal type of prism…just analytical and somewhat linear mundane thinking…

    thanks for you know what…thanks for knowing…

    1. you’re so funny and unstoppable I don’t know what to do. Doing it Shane’s Way! OM MANI PADME HUM
      you’re welcome! I do always know…weird.

    2. Shane,
      What is a “master cleanse?” I was thinking of doing a fast..like just water, green teas. Even though I have cut way down on my eating and am eating healthier and lost some weight, I just think it would help unclog me. How many days are you cleansing? I was thinking of fasting for a day, every other day. Then lengthen it. Sometimes I wish I hated eating. It is one of my most favorite things…I love tasting things.
      How are you feeling now? Ever since I read a post you made I put your name in a prayer bowl on my altar. Just something I felt I needed to do.
      Love, ChandraMa

      1. Look on google.
        It’s lemon cayenne and maple syrup
        Shane is anti social FYI
        so it’s 10 days ideally but you
        can do 3 or 5 or 21 30 or 40

        Food is a big issue for most people that must be resolved The tongue is an addict, food talking etc “Control the tongue control the world” said Gandhi. It’s true, Kali knows too…😜

        1. Thank you. I also know that Bhagavan Das did a 10 day with spinach or some green concoction? I want to start with 3 upon the new year after my guests depart. I would love to, at some point, just not even think about it at all! My mother ate (eats) very little. My father would plan his meals out for each day (always cooking for my mother). She would often say “Oh dear, I think I forgot to eat.” My mother also never ever took ANY prescription drugs and rarely any over the counter drugs. I recall seeing some Tylenol in her bathroom closet that was seven years expired. She said “OH….I guess that is the last time I took one.” If she has a headache (or whatever) she said to “sit still, or take a rest/nap” or “get busy doing something enjoyable or take a walk out into the sun and fresh air!” It would be wonderful if we could just survive on sunshine/fresh air and water.

          1. Yes! I’m a fasting master! Well, I’ve done lots of fasting and very long ones too. Im a health fanatic and it’s because spiritual progress is a physical thing, the body is a vessel that must be honed to be the divine conduit. It’s physical. VERY IMPORTANT is the body’s ability to receive/transmit and blood must be light and pure…it’s too much to write but besides controlling the tongue it must be purified of all sorts of toxins. Probably won’t be til after the 1/1 though…the fasting.

  2. Things that Matter…
    Uprooting is the ONLY thing I could do to escape the tangled web they weave. Then in the darkness, only, have I sat, weeping at what never was…only what I thought it was….reality? not even close. My mind reels over and over again. 11 years ago I broke away….moved far away. It shifted family dynamics, lead to confusion and misunderstandings. I made NO explanation. My oldest brother kind of gets me sometimes. He swears he is not from this planet. He said when mom and dad would hug him when he was little…he felt he was an alien and did not know who they were or why they were hugging him. He said he will be going back to some mother land in the distant past (or something like that).
    I woke up at 2am because this large dog I am caring for nearly pushed me off the bed. I mean…she would not move…I had NO room to turn! I pushed her a bit and she started barking at me. I told her to cut it out…but she kept barking…WTF? Something just kicked in and I started crying. I felt so helpless. I wanted to sleep. She would not move! She did not stop barking when I cried. I was cold and I could not move. Then she wanted to play ball at 3am. So…fuck it…I decided to go outside in my bare feet, leaving her in. It was cold out…but I needed grounding. I buried my feet in the back yard dirt while she barked inside. I did not care. I was cold. I felt the earth in between my toes and all around my feet and it was okay. I cried some more and not sure what made me stop or even why I even started. The dog was unhappy, then I was unhappy, I guess, but I don’t really need to know….I just knew I had to plug in.
    Then I went to my house at 7am to do my morning devotionals…prayers, meditation, chanting Om Mani Padme Hum. It is really the only thing that seems to matter to me now.
    Thank you for this blog….this matters, too.

    1. That dog sounds possessed. It happens all the time! Your brother is probably from another star…there are groups that come earth every generation. We’re trying but it’s not easy!!!♥️🦋♥️
      crazy Dog Star.

  3. I walk alone…and I don’t even want so called “spiritual” people around me… I go to kirtans and meditation groups here and a Parmahansa Yogananda group here…but I go…then leave. I am not even into their after group “chat.” I just leave. I get invited to do charity work…which I have done a lot of…but am not into that either…it’s too “groupy” for me. I feel moved to do things around here when no one sees…..favors or donations that are anonymous….leaving things for various people I see in need. Also areas where trash lays…as I walk the dogs…we go to new locations so I can pick up more trash. Why is there so much trash laying around? I mean REALLY? you can’t just keep it in your car and dispense it when you get home? I want to get rid of my car. I want to get rid of all cars. I want to stop the airplanes from flying. Why do we constantly need to go somewhere? What is wrong with being RIGHT HERE? WHERE WE are? In the name of PROGRESS? That’s not MY PROGRESSION.

    1. That trash thing used to bother me beyond words, but now I ignore it all. No point in
      fighting a losing battle piece by piece.
      I do what I can and say what I can
      and think “I’ll be dead soon.” Indigo portal, the sound tunnel. Nothing else matters. These people are in a different dimension, that’s what’s happening, we’re separating. 5D.

      1. I want to make a beautiful intimate film about you called Indigo Away. I do…
        I know you say that you’ve been on camera enough…We don’t need another movie based on a true story -stage stuff, you know the world.

        I am thinking close-up.. Or just far enough. Though people may not be ready for heart-stopping.

        I am thinking of light, your smile, dark, enchanting eyes, presence and grace. Cant capture it on film, I know. It’s not like I went to college for it. Immature to imagine. I could channel magic like that.

        1. telepathy, inside the crystal dome
          eyes in the camera, I watch everything go,
          away, everyone but you, listens the bird
          to a song quietly seen. Making magic
          on screen. Film of enchantment. Indigo
          another world entered through another’s
          eyes. Inside of me, the words of me.
          Unspoken outside the crystal, seen in
          the red light. A mystic glowing, inside the crystal
          dome. Another home is known. Heart stopper.
          I saw all the words leave your body and float this way…a movie a camera and a vision.
          I do see you. But only you’d have to know
          how to edit that so it makes sense out loud….

          PS. Everything is captured on film. That’s why we never forget.

          1. Everything?
            All the glowing dust in the gone wind. Echo fills empty space

            The only thing harder than rock is the loss of rock. It’s hilarious. But the way through the rock is bright, molten loss. Molten loss. -why the rain cries. It comes from the steam we make.

          2. how do you lose rock?
            celibacy perhaps…
            otherwise what?
            This makes no sense,
            I thought we were making a film,
            now only steam?
            You always do that
            evaporate mid stream…

            I liked your other idea better
            but now it’s gone.

  4. stardust prayers for the forgotten
    dreaming of those who were never
    grieved for
    but silent angels
    quickly buried away
    thrown into
    hissing fires that
    crackle as turbulent
    storms rage

    reached into glowing heat
    to feel for smooth boned ashes
    finger tips flesh melts away
    returning to stardust
    no traces of what
    was or could be

    lost in
    grief and longing
    return me back
    to you, eternal star



    1. poor sweet Megan.
      “This little light of mine,
      I’m gonna let it shine,
      let it shine,
      let it shine.”
      And so the song goes…
      on and on and on.

      1. yes another addiction
        that endless
        looping looping
        but now looping along
        ghost highways
        searching for you
        as I have no light
        living in dead zone
        no glow
        dried up brittle soul

        baby parasite
        if I could reach my own
        nursery song rhymes
        won’t be the daily anthem

        keep crushing 💔

  5. In Your pale blush
    Sweet , quiet Moon
    Cosmos behind You
    Stars in bloom.

    Secretly admiring You
    A love no one knows
    My soul radiating in
    In Your candlelit glow.

    Let me stay here
    And bask in Your light
    Comfort surrounds Me
    In silky velvet night.

    In Your pale blush
    Sweet , quiet Moon
    The world in a hush
    Day comes too soon.

    Om Mani Padme Hum
    I hear Your heart say
    In the Motherlight…
    My lullaby. ❤️

    1. Thank you sweet butterfly Devi🦋🌸🦋
      See you soon in the kingdom of flowers

  6. As always, your words ring true. This one hits close to home in every way. I’ve stayed in the delusion that I’ll work it out.. meanwhile things have just totally come to a head with my family. I’m 27. I live in my van and deliver food. I go to the gym and use the sauna and steam room and have experienced many unexplainable timings. I don’t hang out with people. There was one guy I told you about once that saw through it all. It scared me but he did teach me so much. But I stay away from him because I don’t know why. Fear? He said I looked like a nerd and laughed at me. I knew he was right. It’s also true that he suffers(ed?) from some kind of schizophrenic stuff. Which scares me a bit. But still I stay stuck. I was living in oc while my insane parents in the desert. My impossibly narc dad is greedy for me. He wants me in ways that drive me to anger. He wants me to be him. I hate it. It makes me punch my dashboard. My arms hurts. He is a pervert, and I left his home and I see the ways that I have been perverted too. But still I don’t know how to walk the tight rope of talking to them. Giving them attention. I’ll tell my mom one thing and he very obviously receives the info and asks me questions playing the fool for different responses from me? I don’t know but it makes me very upset. I have this anger. I want to love. It’s hard. I’m seeing that love is like compassionate understanding (I know I’m so smart) but I can’t. Or maybe I’m kidding myself and I can.
    I had been wanting to leave and go north and try the bay. (I know you guys are up here and yes I have had fantasies of running into you. ) a couple of weeks ago I was just dreading more holidays, more role playing, more frustration that they just can’t understand all the fake including me all the projection from my brother that I’m going to hell and I have to play by his rules as the new family leader(weird). I see the triple numbers. I don’t know what they mean but I do take them as something.. I had another fleeting thought about going north and saw 666 a second later. I said f it, I’ll just go. Maybe something is pulling me there. Maybe.. just maybe I should go. So I did that night. I’ve been up here.. definitely better than down there but I’m still just totally lost.
    Even though I FaceTimed with all of them at their dinner and said that I would call today, I decided I just couldn’t and would send both of my parents a text. I did and my granddad is also currently in hospice so I know I have to go back down soon anyways. Still unsure.
    It’s like, it I ignore the double numbers when I think, “I should skip the meal tonight.” And get the food anyways, Why would I listen to you?
    Can I ask what you think anyways? Fast? Actually do it? Can I drink carbs?

    1. My sweetest friend, you sound sane and aware to me. If you want help, meaning growth oriented support. I will help you. Don’t be confused- just ignore the “signs” Ive been through that- it will drive you insane because they contradict – because it’s subconsciously manifesting- because there’s a lot of invisible forces you’re controlling without understanding how it works/ the duality and the perfection of one. 999. You can email me
      sharadadevi@bhagavandas.com if you want to see us.

      *And no offense but the family is obsolete at this point, they all are. It’s steep.

    1. The horse whispering goddess returns!
      I’ve been thinking about you,
      thought you left me,
      it’s nothing personal.
      Everyone leaves. You know that
      best of all, beautiful Lori ♥️

        1. In more ways than one I’m sure!
          Heartbreaker dream maker love taker
          Don’t you walk away from me! ♥️💔❤️
          don’t ask me how i know…💕💕💕

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