this curse is nasty

I have this special power where I can brainwash people -even from a distance and basically bore into their mind until nothing is left inside of them but thoughts of Me. It’s happening now isn’t it?? be honest. Really though it’s an astrological configuration and I en-trance people to do my bidding- I’ve got my bitches hypnotized everywhere thinking of only me, totally enchanted and bewildered by my voice in their head- with nothing left inside but me and my ruthless and thorough seduction. You know I’m good at it right? That I know what you’re thinking and no one else does- that I understand you when no one else does- that I know exactly what you need to feel complete- etc etc etc-blah blah blah – DUH! It’s called s special power!

In fact, Bhagavan Das says I’m just like Wonder Woman – remember her? Or should I say remember him? (pre- Sharada Devi as they say) BD is certainly the product of my Wonder Woman power-  you’ve seen it- you know you have -in the videos we make he can barely get a word in- in daily life all he does is stare at me- praise me…I go, “Why do you keep staring at me it’s weird” (like I don’t know why- right) and with wide eyes he says (totally brainwashed- can’t think a thought of his own at this point), “I don’t know why. I just like looking at you. You’re beautiful.” And I go, “Well please stop it, it’s creepy.”
All the while inside his head I’m like,   “Good boy, keep looking. You know nothing exists in your world but Me. Good boy. Don’t look away. Worship. Serve. I am the universe etc etc…”
(you know the material)

So therefore, he really has nothing left to say but how all knowing, spiritual, perfect and wonderful I am. And when people come around I’m like ALL he will talk about- I say, “BD, stop it, you’re embarrassing me….” Right.  (“Good boy. Mommy is God remember. Nothing and no one but mommy. Only mommy is real…keep it up…good boy….”)
His eyes are so glassy now- you noticed right? Didn’t you think that was a little strange? Like what happened to the man behind the glasses? DUH, I happened. It’s called a special power and I have it. Truly it’s the stuff genuine cults are made of.

I basically have this disorder or astrological condition where my mind can’t separate itself from others minds- and nobody can block me out of their head- so that’s how I always know what you’re thinking and when you’re thinking about me- like right now as you read this- your head is basically my open playground. And also you know what they say, “An idle mind is you know who’s playground” I thought it only fair that I warn you- due to my compassionate nature and all- not that it would even matter- it’s too late now. I bored in and set up shop already. Sorry.

And so I’m like this mega- mania- superstar – omniscient – cadillac sweetheart in everyone’s mind- or I’m the scary she- devil-with a golden pitchfork…I love role playing…

However you slice it, however you feel, whatever you say or do- if you love me- if you hate me – it doesn’t matter- I did it. I’m the conductor of the currents in your mind- almost like electro- shock therapy- it’s horrible but it might work- you can’t NOT have Sharada Devi mommy in mind – can you? Like ALL the time. CAN YOU??? And you don’t even know why- DO YOU???  I know. Its rough- I’m like a lethal weapon- and too, I like a little variety and so I spin you right round baby right round like a record baby right round – round and round …you’re dizzy in love aren’t you….? I want your love….3….2….1…

And so this is why I don’t like anyone (besides my bitches of course) because I can read their minds and they are lukewarm and mediocre liars. I mean, I can only brainwash a willing participant and maybe it’s not just simply brainwashing but actually it’s hypnotizing. I’m a hypnotist. And you my friend, are WILLING- That’s why I talk like I do sometimes- really soft and rhythmic- I’m totally controlling your mind- and then I stare at you all intensely- I’m rounding you up -I’m seducing your soul. ‘Be mine. Be mine. Be mine. It’s like a rodeo and I’ve got this golden lasso (just like Wonder Woman)

No I didn’t get lessons or anything. I told you it’s a special power. I was born this way- another thing is, if I pull out- it’s going to hurt. You’re going to miss me – remember how I said men (and some women too) go mad around me and I didn’t know why- I lied-
I do know why – it’s like trying to get someone off of crack cocaine- it’s not easy- I’m the equivalent to crack if that makes all this easier to understand- a hard physical addiction- you’ll be jones-ing for me- you’ll beg me to get back inside- you’ll say, “Come back, I can’t think without you…”
…and you know what? You’re right.

And you’ll return to me all that I’ve intended you to- and you’ll tell me everything that I want to hear- and why is that? Because I told you to say it! This is so fun!  I do feel like I’m kind of breaking the law somehow though- like a peeping Tom or those guys who flash with raincoats on- or those guys who have really expensive binoculars who live in high rise apartments and watch the women undressing in the apartments across the way…

This curse is nasty I’ve got to say…

Sharada Devi

13 thoughts on “this curse is nasty”

  1. Stern look. (inside laughing!)
    ..let’s see where was I..
    O yes, Awaken! (:)))))
    sigh, I can give you blood, but only so much.. Only because I cannot get caught in your web, to awaken. Like, how funny. I was walkin my dog, last night and listening to people yelling and thinking “why do they get lost?” and it is totally because they want to.. and so I am like, well I will pray for their children. But it’s funny when u and I aren’t real; i feel like I am letting go of Rose (Titanic) and dropping into the hilarious abyss.

  2. Hhhmmmm….
    Ruthless eh?
    What should i make of that?
    Ok, what am i thinking right now?

    ( Of course i am relating this all to a flute and Gopis… )

    i get the staring thing
    especially when i am reading or reacting to these posts.
    just standing there staring …
    He just came in to stare and ended up dancing to the sound of the video.
    The golden lasso knows no bounds.
    i have been using the ” good boy! ” maneuver lately and it works really well.
    Now i have him sweeping the kitchen and cleaning the house today!

    perhaps i might aspire to break rank and rise from bitch to prote’ge’.

    1. you’re not my bitch- you’re my mother remember ?!!?❤️
      I like your writing….
      (and I like calling men my bitch because it
      makes them mad – and I’m always looking for a ride…I meant rise!!!) Hahahaha

    2. its not what YOU’RE thinking it’s what I’m
      making you think Your thinking!!!!!

      strike! come again…

  3. you cannot control SHAKTI, she will always have her way. AH….. the many moods of Kali, dark stormy sky then here comes the Sun, you were born to run. She knows your needs, she knows your deeds, what can you do but let go?

    All creation is her body of bliss, we fall into the void of her kiss. They are never two, HIM and HER. Her wild energy flows up the river Saraswati (Sharada Devi) in your back. She ties us up in desire and She always has the last laugh.

    So here we go down the rabbit hole falling one more time…… look and see it’s been in front of you all the time. There is a long road ahead of us, us the most fleeting of all.

    It’s Mother’s curse…… just another one of Kali’s moods. Crazy naked girl running free burning up the world, just lie down beneath her and once Her lotus foot touches your heart………..AHHHHHHH

    your peace is under kali’s feet.

    Kali, I am your eternal devotee,

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